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Zulekha Abbasi made her first appearance 26 May 2009, and her last appearance on 6 June 2012. She is portrayed by Lisa Shah.


Zulekha is one of Bushra's three "beautiful" daughters that Zainab Masood tries to set up her son Syed on a date with on 26 May 2009. She appears alongside her two sisters who are unnamed and uncredited.

She returns on 29 December 2009 before Syed's wedding to Amira Shah, for their Mehndi where she shows an interest in Syed's younger brother Tamwar Masood, writing a mobile number on his palm. Tamwar arranges a date but is surprised when Zulekha's friend Afia Khan turns up as Zulekha gave him Afia's number instead. On 13 January 2011, Zulekha turns up in Walford as a potential waitress for The Argee Bhajee restaurant that Zainab and Masood bought for Tamwar, but Tamwar realises that all the waitresses are actually potential wives.

She appears again on 1 April 2011 when Masood gets an eye test where she works. She tells Masood that Afia could get any man she wanted. This leads Masood to believe that Afia has lied that she has not been with anybody before Tamwar, and to Afia and Tamwar marrying in secret. Zulekha attends Afia and Tamwar's mangni (engagement party) and apologises to Afia.

She visits Afia and Tamwar again on 1 June 2012 and asks them if they will host a speed dating event at their restaurant. Tamwar refuses initially but Afia agrees to host the event. Zulekha attends the event on 6 June, and tells Afia about her travels abroad.

List of appearances[]


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  2. 29 December 2009


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  2. 1 January 2010 - Part 2


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