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Zayan Scott made his first appearance on 6 February 2017. He is portrayed by Alex Blake.


Zayan is a schoolboy who taunts Shakil Kazemi over his explicit photo. Zayan's words anger Shakil and they end up fighting, and Zayan leaves Shakil with cuts to his face.

In May 2018, after Shakil is stabbed and killed, Keegan Baker meets Zayan in secret. Keegan's half-brother, Keanu Taylor confronts Keegan over the meeting, saying that Zayan's half-brother, Lewis, stabbed someone the year before and is in prison, but Keegan reveals that Zayan is going to help track down the people who attacked Shakil so Keegan can take revenge. Zayan later gives Keegan information about Bruno, Shakil's killer.



  1. Episode 5436 (6 February 2017)


  1. Episode 5715 (29 May 2018)
  2. Episode 5717 (1 June 2018)

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