Zaair Kazemi is the stillborn son of Kush Kazemi and Shabnam Masood.


Shabnam discovered she was pregnant by Kush in June 2015 after being attacked by a girl gang. In late August 2015, Shabnam confides in her father Masood Ahmed that she has not felt her baby move for a number of days. After an examination, Shabnam, Kush and Masood are all told that the baby has died in the womb. Shabnam is given a tablet that induces labour and returns home to go back to hospital the following day to give birth. She returns, and gives birth to a baby boy - who she names Zaair - and cries as she holds her baby. Later, Kush holds Zaair and tells him how proud he is of his son before leaving him with a nurse.


Zaair was born at 3:15 pm and weighed 3 pounds and 1 ounce.


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