Winter 2019 focused on the death of Harold Legg and the subsequent returns of Lofty Holloway and Mary Smith. It also included the introduction of two new members from the Ahmed family, Iqra and Habiba.

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Mitch's relationship with the Taylors

  • Mitch appears in the Square to do up Karen's bathroom, and tells a girl in his van to wait until he is done.
  • He and Karen flirt whilst he is doing up the bathroom
  • A drug dealer named Craig tries to rob the van, but Bailey hits him. Mitch hears the kerfuffle and runs outside to scare Craig off.
  • Mitch leaves Bailey outside the Queen Victoria pub to kick a football about, however she ends up breaking a window.
  • Mick rushes outside and grabs her, however Mitch comes running and grabs her off him.
  • Karen and Keegan come over, wondering what is going on, and Mick starts shouting at Karen. Keegan defends his mother.
  • Mitch explains to them that Bailey is the daughter of a friend. Linda comes over and tells Mick to leave it.
  • Mitch replaces the window.
  • Karen and Keegan realise that Mitch has put Kandice's old bathroom in as hers, but doesn't mind too much.
  • When Mick comes to the Taylors, Karen and Keegan tell him that Mitch is not coming back to their house.
  • Keegan and Mitch are brought closer together by their love for football.
  • One of the taps in Karen's new bathroom break, and she shouts on Mitch to fix it, however he runs away with Keegan and Mitch
  • Karen and Bailey become close after Mitch asks Karen to babysit her
  • Mitch inadvertently reveals to the Taylors that Bailey is his daughter; Keegan and Karen are outraged
  • Keegan later visits Bailey and takes a liking to her, however Karen is still bitter

Stuart & Dr. Legg

  • Dr. Legg attempts to tell Dot that Stuart stole the picture of his wife, however Stuart walks in and prevents the conversation from going any further.
  • Stuart tells Dr. Legg that he isn't going anywhere.
  • As Dot is telling Dr. Legg how good Stuart is, he tells her that he is evil and took a picture of his wife.
  • Dot confronts Stuart, however he denies taking the picture
  • After a deep conversation, Stuart admits and tells Dot he doesn't like the way he is
  • He returns the photo to Dr. Legg and apologises
  • Dr. Legg goes to visit the boys who defaced his parents' graves
  • They later spraypaint a swastika on his door out of spite
  • Stuart notices and desperately tries to wash it off the door
  • Dr. Legg turns up and sees Stuart trying to wash it off
  • Stuart insists it wasn't him, and Dr. Legg collapses
  • Sonia and Dot throw Stuart out
  • Stuart asks Dennis Rickman Jr. for footage from his drone which could prove he didn't paint the swastika
  • Dennis provides this, and Stuart clears his name and is let back in by Dot

Evie draws Tiffany into her drug dealing

  • Tiffany stays over at Bernadette's that night.
  • Tiffany leaves early after she receives a text from Evie, leaving Bernadette confused later.
  • Evie talks to Tiffany, and tells her not to get involved with Bernadette
  • Evie gives Tiffany some gifts, and Tiffany asks why she is doing this
  • When they get outside, Evie kisses Tiffany and tells her that is why she gave her the gifts.
  • Bernadette sees the kiss and appears upset
  • The following day, Tiffany goes into Ted's house and finds a young boy named Rat
  • Evie walks in and explains that he is one of her drug runners
  • Tiffany is shocked, and learns that Rat is about to go on another run. Evie warns her off going with him.
  • Evie goes to see a drug addict named Craig and tells him that he better pay his debts and pushes him down the stairs.
  • Tiffany meets him in the park and decides to go with him anyhow.
  • Evie sees them playing at the park, however they don't tell her what they are planning to do
  • Tiffany asks Bernadette to cover for her whilst she is gone
  • Evie walks by and Bernadette berates her for drawing Tiffany into her drug dealing. Evie is confused as she told Tiffany to lie low.
  • She walks off, angrily, to find Tiffany.
  • Evie manipulates Bernadette into going on the run with Tiffany.
  • At the train station, Rat sneaks the drugs out of Tiffany's handbag.
  • Whilst on the Tube, police arrive and search Tiffany as she has been reported for transporting drugs.
  • Her and Rat are both found to have nothing on them.
  • When they get off the train, Rat collapses.
  • The police arrive, and Tiffany and Bernadette give fake names to the police and return home.
  • Later, Evie takes Tiffany to the hospital where they discover Rat is fine.
  • Bernadette realises that Rat staged the collapse so Evie could have Bernadette arrested for carrying drugs.
  • Evie tells Bernadette if she ever crosses her again it will be the last thing she does.
  • Evie tells Tiffany to find her someone to replace Rat as the police now know him
  • Bernadette warns Tiffany about Evie, telling her that Evie set her up
  • Tiffany calls her a liar and accuses her of fancying Evie
  • This angers Bernadette, and Bernadette makes her leave
  • Dennis and Phil laugh at Evie in the cafe when she returns Phil's wallet
  • Tiffany returns to Evie and asks her for more time in her mission, but Evie slaps her and tells her to recruit Dennis.
  • Tiffany is very reluctant, however agrees to do it.
  • Tiffany manages to befriend Dennis easily. Evie is impressed with her.
  • Tiffany brings Dennis over to see Evie's gang, however he runs away at the sight of them as they had previously attacked him.
  • Tiffany says they are not the same anymore as Jagger was kicked out the gang.
  • Dennis ends up spending time with them, and Evie is satisfied with Tiffany's performance.

Alfie and Hayley's baby

  • Alfie begs Kat to be allowed eight more hours with Cherry. Kat agrees.
  • During this time, Alfie decides to run away with Cherry again, and at the end of the episode can be seen driving away with Cherry in tow.
  • He ends up blocked by an ambulance, and decides to return Cherry to Hayley. Once he does this, Hayley tells him he can never see the child again.
  • Bev turns up at Hayley's house.
  • Bev asks Hayley to come and live with her in a new flat with Cherry. Hayley refuses.
  • Bev drugs Hayley to get her to sleep and Jean returns to the house to find Bev walking outside with Cherry.
  • Jean sees Hayley on the couch, asleep, and thinks she has been drinking, however Hayley insists she was just sleeping.
  • Bev explains to Jean that they are going to see a flat.
  • Jean sees sleeping pills fall out of Bev's bag and accuses her of drugging Hayley, however Bev insists she only wanted to help Hayley sleep and had no malicious intent
  • Jean manages to convince Hayley that Bev drugged her to steal Cherry
  • Hayley makes Bev leave the house
  • Unbeknown to Jean and Hayley, Bev was genuine.
  • Hayley has been struggling to breastfeed Cherry, which upsets her
  • They go into the bathroom to give Cherry a bath. Hayley passes out on the toilet, after drinking vodka.
  • The other Slaters realise she is in there and Alfie breaks the door down. Alfie is shocked, and Kat warns him that he needs to step in.
  • Hayley's family tells her that she needs to be more careful. She snaps at them and brings up all their pasts.
  • Alfie and Kat tell Hayley that she should let them take the lead in parenting Cherry for a while.
  • Hayley eventually agrees.
  • Later, Hayley is struck by a minibus.
  • Keanu tells Kat that Hayley did this in attempted suicide
  • Kat manages to get Hayley to agree to let her and Alfie parent Cherry
  • Hayley discharges herself from the hospital
  • Stacey convinces her to return, and the Slaters wave her off

Dr. Legg's death

Ray's murder aftermath

  • After a short break, Hunter and Mel return to the Square
  • Mel notices Hunter is not coping very well
  • Hunter gets into a fight with Keanu that day, which worries Mel

Iqra and Habiba Ahmed's arrival

Rainie's health

  • Rainie falls over whilst carrying a cake inside to the house, but she recovers soon enough
  • She later collapses whilst baking a replacement cake whilst caring for Abi Branning Jr.
  • Max returns to find her on the floor
  • A paramedic checks her over, but Rainie insists she is fine.
  • Max declares her unfit for mothering, and tries to keep her upstairs in bed. Rainie refuses
  • At Abi's party, Rainie drops a glass as she is yet again feeling unwell.
  • Max comes in to berate her; after he leaves, she leaves the house, leaving the door open
  • This allows a drug dealer named Craig to steal £300 from their house
  • The next day, Rainie and Max make up after Max sees a photo album Rainie planned to give Abi for her birthday and they go to the doctor
  • Rainie tells Jack that the doctor told her she just needs rest.
  • Max allows her to be a hands-on mother to Abi.

Mitch & Mick become football coaches

  • After berating Bailey the previous day for breaking a window at the Queen Victoria pub, Mick visits Mitch at Bailey's football club to make amends.
  • They find coach Caden in the changing rooms, refusing to go outside because of the abuse he gets from kids and parents.
  • Mitch encourages Mick to help out.
  • Mick and Mitch try and encourage Caden to continue coaching but he quits the team and tells them to run it.
  • They decide that they have to coach it, for the children's sake.
  • Mick is embarrassed by a football mother who easily sideswipes him.
  • Linda asks Mick to stop football coaching and work at the pub instead. This makes Mick angry.
  • Mick tells Linda about his experiences in prison and tells her that the worst thing was thinking that she had changed allegiance towards Stuart
  • Linda says that if she hadn't done what she had, then Ollie would've been left without a father
  • Mick realises she is right, and they kiss
  • Mick continues to coach the team, however does so reluctantly

Linda & Mick's martial turmoil

  • After Mick returns home from football coaching one day, Linda tells Mick that she needed him there but Mick says that the pub runs fine without him.
  • Linda asks Mick to stop football coaching and work at the pub instead. This makes Mick angry.
  • Linda later finds Mick with cuts on his knuckles
  • She cleans him up and they reconcile

Alfie's money issues

  • Alfie takes the Slaters to lunch at the Queen Vic, but his card is declined and he then receives a phone call and letter which make him worried.
  • A man named John Phillips, the father of one of Alfie's funeral plan customers, turns up at the Slater house.
  • He says the funeral home has never heard of Blue Moon Funerals (Alfie's company) and tells Alfie he's a scammer.
  • Alfie promises to sort it out.
  • Kat accuses Alfie of being a scammer.
  • He manipulates Ian into investing in the business, then tells Kat everything is fine.
  • Ian later has to pull out after a robbery at Beale's Plaice
  • Alfie convinces Phil to invest after showing him an expensive car he owns
  • Alfie dissapears with Phil's money and the car, only leaving Kat a text saying that he is in trouble
  • The police come round and tell Kat that his car has been found abandoned on a clifftop, and tell her to expect the worse
  • Phil turns up and tells Kat that Alfie's debts are now hers
  • Kat finds Ernie with a half note which says "Look in the.." on it. Kat asks Ernie where the other half of the note is, but Ernie says he ate it.
  • Kat turns the house upside down looking for what he wanted her to find.
  • Kat gives up, but finds the other half of the note under Ernie's foot later.
  • It says "wardrobe" on it.
  • She looks in the wardrobe, and finds thousands of pounds.

Keegan's downward spiral

  • Keegan buys drugs off Evie, however hesitates in taking them
  • Mitch discovers who Evie is and realises Keegan has been buying drugs
  • He rows Keegan and pours his drugs down on the floor

Denise & Kush turmoil

  • After Denise returns from holiday, she and Kush berate each other for not getting in touch whilst she was on holiday
  • They break up
  • Denise finds out later that day that she has been made redundant
  • She complains to Patrick, who helps her find job interviews

Louise & Keanu's relationship

  • Keanu and Louise sleep together in the Archers, however Keanu blocks her out because he loves Sharon, unbeknown to her
  • Louise berates Phil because she thinks he is scaring Keanu off
  • Phil tells Keegan to tell Louise and Keanu they have his blessing
  • Louise figures that Phil did this, and berates him again, before marching round to the Taylors' to apologise to Keegan and attempt to reconcile to Keanu
  • Keanu rejects her, and then Bronson excretes on her dress
  • Karen offers her a bath, and Louise sees this as an opportunity to seduce Keanu, and accepts
  • She comes out and speaks to Bernadette, and they become friends
  • Keanu later turns up at Phil's after he invited him to pizza, however Louise is embarrased and berates Phil again
  • After Phil leaves, Louise and Keanu kiss
  • After Keanu upsets Louise, Bex tells him to throw her a party in celebration of her passing her theory test
  • Him, Phil and Bex team up to throw a party
  • It is successful, and Louise and Keanu kiss
  • Sharon walks in and sees them kissing

Ruby & Jay's relationship

  • Jay asks Ruby out
  • They go to Masood & Ian's restaurant, however Billy intentionally comes and sabotages their date as he thinks Ruby is trouble
  • Jay is angry at Billy

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