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Wilfred Atkins made his first appearance on 4 March 2004. He is portrayed by Dudley Sutton.


Wilfred is Nana Moon's fiancée, whom she met on the bus to her holiday in Eastbourne. She brings him back to Walford in March 2004 to meet her grandsons Alfie and Spencer Moon. Alfie is cautious of Wilfred at first, thinking he is only interested in Nana's money, but Wilfred tells Alfie that he is rich and has fallen in love with Nana. Alfie's wife Kat Moon later agrees that Wilfred can move into The Queen Victoria pub when he and Nana are married.

Alfie is later enraged that Wilfred has not booked a honeymoon, and marched him to the travel agent's to book one. Wilfred later admires the war medals of Nana's late husband William Moon, then surprises Nana with the news that he has booked a honeymoon in the West Indies. Alfie welcomes him into the family. On his wedding day, Wilfred gets nervous and tries to run away, only to be caught by Alfie at Walford East station. He confides in Alfie that he is ill, and doesn't want Nana to become his nurse. Alfie agrees to let Wilfred leave, but when he hugs Wilfred he feels a sharp pain, and opens Wilfred's jacket to reveal William's medals.

Wilfred is exposed as a con artist. Alfie doesn't want to have to break the news to his grandmother, so he drags Wilfred back to the pub, where he confesses to stealing the medals. Nana reveals that she knew all along. Nana forgives Wilfred, but he flees Walford along with £30,000 that he has conned out of Pat Evans.

List of appearances[]

  1. 4 March 2004
  2. 5 March 2004
  3. 8 March 2004
  4. 11 March 2004
  5. 12 March 2004
  6. 15 March 2004
  7. 22 March 2004
  8. 25 March 2004
  9. 26 March 2004
  10. 2 April 2004
  11. 9 April 2004
  12. 26 April 2004
  13. 10 May 2004
  14. 27 May 2004
  15. 28 May 2004
  16. 31 May 2004
  17. 1 June 2004
  18. 3 June 2004