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Easties sizza wicks 1990

Simon Wicks in 1990.

Since 1985 members of the Wicks family have been major characters in EastEnders. Here is a family tree.

Family Tree[]

Pete Beale
Pat Harris
Brian Wicks
John Wicks
Betty Wicks
Dean family
Carol Jackson
David Wicks
Lorraine Wicks
Cindy Beale
Simon Wicks
Kevin Wicks
Shirley Carter
Bianca Jackson
Joe Wicks
Karen Wicks
Abi Branning
Steven Beale
Jimbo Wicks
Carly Wicks
Shabnam Masood
Dean Wicks
Whitney Dean
Natasha Butcher
Liam Butcher
Tiffany Butcher-Baker
Keegan Butcher-Baker
Abi Branning Jr
Jimmy Wicks
Jade Green