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Wendy Hewson made her first appearance on 17 April 2008 and returned on 7 July 2015. She is portrayed by Elizabeth Nestor.


Wendy has been mentioned numerous times by Jean Slater in the past. She stayed with Wendy and Wendy Simmons, when she needed to get away from Walford. The Wendy’s are originally from Swanage.



Both Wendy's were two friends of Jean Slater who along with Jean, interrupted Jean's daughter Stacey Branning and her boyfriend Steven Beale when they were trying to have a romantic evening. Jean could not remember Wendy Hewson's first name, despite being able to remember Wendy Simmons' first name.


Wendy and Wendy Simmons both appeared at Jean's wedding and gave Jean and Ollie Walters plants with the same name as Jean and Ollie as a wedding present. She tells Shirley Carter she suffers from Anxiety.

In 2022, Jean goes to stay with the Wendy’s after being discharged from hospital due to her bipolar.

On 10 February 2023, Eve Unwin tells Karen Taylor that Jean and Harvey Monroe have gone to stay with the Wendy's.