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Walford Town Football Club are an English football club based in Walford, East London.


On 27 October 1987, it was reported in the newspaper that the chairman had sold Walford Town FC to the developers after making false promises to the fans.

Club Identity[]

Nicknamed "The Wallies", the team have played their home games in blue and white shirts, traditionally in vertical stripes. 


Not much is known about the name or location of Walford Town's stadium, although Walford Towers can be seen in the background. It was first seen in 1993 when Aidan Brosnan was playing. It's also where The Queen Vic pub football team played their home games in 1995.

Supporters & Rivalries[]

Walford Town have a fan base predominantly from the local area with at least one established supporters group. 

Local resident Arthur Fowler was a lifelong supporter of the club and even owned an official matchday programme from a 1967 Cup Quarter Final which was signed by Eric Graham. Walford Town lost the match; however, Arthur said it was still a great game.

Fans of the club consider their main rival to be Millwall.

Previous Managers/Coaches[]

Former Players[]

Name Position Year Notes
Eric Graham Defender 1960's Played in the 1967 Cup Quarter Final which they lost.
Charlie Strong Wing-half 1960's Mentioned on 11 April 1995 and 7 December 1995.
Aidan Brosnan Forward (Apprentice Footballer) 1993 Forced to give up his football career following a knee injury.
Charlie Weeks Wing-half 1990's Mentioned on 31 January 1995.
Wayne Bassett Unknown 1990's Mentioned on 31 January 1995.
Nobby Daniels Unknown 1990's Mentioned on 31 January 1995.
Ellis Prince Unknown 2009 N/A






  • Meadow Park in Borehamwood (home of Boreham Wood F.C.) is used as the filming location for Walford Town F.C's stadium.