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Walford Towers was an 18 storey tower block in Walford, situated outside of Albert Square. The tower block could be seen from Albert Square and is a short walk from there. Until 1993 PeteKathy and Ian Beale lived in a flat on the 14th floor and they often had guests visiting or staying, either family or friends. Before she moved to the Square, Dot Cotton also lived here. Walford Towers was due to be demolished in summer 2017, but it was delayed. The tower block no longer appears in the background, so it's assumed to be finally demolished, or is more likely to be behind the new blue building seen behind the car lot.

Pre 1985 History[]

Walford Towers was built in the early 1970s on a bombsite which once house terraced streets and a warehouse, and was completed in 1974. In 1974 the Beale family from nearby moved into a flat on the 14th floor.


By February 1985, the Beale family had lived in flat 14B on the 14th floor. Pete, Kathy and Ian Beale. Lou Beale came to stay for a while too. Angie Watts and her adoptive daughter, Sharon, also stayed briefly when her marriage begins to decline further with her husband, Den.

In 1988, Elizabeth Beale arrives in Walford with her father, Kenny. She stays with Pete and her aunt, Kathy, when her father returns to New Zealand. Pete, who is in a bad mood after arguing with Kathy, tells her to leave when she tries to bring a friend home to stay and she returns to New Zealand. Ian also flew the nest in 1988 when he married Cindy Williams. Pete and Kathy split up later that year and Kathy moved into a flat on Albert Square.

When Pete died in a car crash in May 1993, Aidan Brosnan and Mandy Salter squatted there. When Phil Mitchell took over the tenancy, he and brother Grant Mitchell evicted Aidan after he refused to move. Phil lived at the flat until February 1994 when he bought a flat in Albert Square.

In April 2017, it was mentioned by Denise Fox that the tower blocks were being demolished. In May 2017, Ted Murray and Joyce Murray are rehoused to Albert Square by the council from their flat in Walford Towers. In June 2017, the Taylor family (Karen Taylor, Keanu Taylor, Bernadette Taylor, Keegan Baker, Riley Taylor, Chatham Taylor) are also relocated from Walford Towers to Albert Square. The demolition of Walford Towers is later cancelled/postponed.

On 24 November 2017, Karen Taylor says she has been looking for her friend Sparky from the towers who is a man with a Van and bricks. Joyce Murray said she heard he was dead.

When EastEnders moved to their new set in 2022, Walford Towers disappeared. It's assumed that the demolition which was planned for 2017 finally went ahead; although, this has not been referenced on-screen, However, it’s possible it may just be obscured by a part of the new set. The real life building for Walford Towers is still intact however.


Current Residents[]

  • Unknown

Former Residents[]

Name Years Flat
Dot Cotton 19??-1986 ?
Charlie Cotton 19??-1986 ?
Nick Cotton 19??-1986 ?
Pete Beale 1974-1993 14B
Kathy Beale 1974-1988 14B
Ian Beale 1974-1988 14B
Lou Beale 1985 14B
Elizabeth Beale 1988 14B
Angie Watts 1986-1987 14B
Sharon Watts 1986-1987 14B
Phil Mitchell 1993-1994 14B
Nadia Mitchell 1993 14B
Bev Mills ????-2017 ?
Mr Clarke 19??-2017 79
Ted Murray and Joyce Murray 19??-2017 80 (15C)
Taylor Family 19??-2017 9C
Sparky ????-???? ?
Howie Danes ??-2022 14?

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