Walford General Hospital is the nearest hospital for the residents of Walford. The Hospital is located on Elwell Road. Currently, Sonia is the only regular character working there.





Character Reason for admission Outcome Date Admitted
Jamie Mitchell Road traffic accident Death 25 December 2002
Tommy Clifford Kidney failure Death 23 April 2009
Jordan Johnson Head concussion Recovered 27 May 2010
Zainab Khan Overdose Recovered 23 September 2011
Lauren Branning Alcoholism Recovered 25 June 2013
Dexter Hartman Kidney donor Recovered 10 October 2013
Patrick Trueman Stroke Recovered July 2014
Carol Jackson Double Mastectomy Recovered July 2014
Jean Slater Suicide attempt Recovered August 2014
Kat Moon Birth of Bert and Ernie Moon. Recovered 8 August 2014
Kat Moon Burns caused by fire at 23 Albert Square Recovered September 2014
Ronnie Mitchell Car Crash and the birth of Matthew Mitchell-Cotton. Recovered 1 January 2015
Kim Fox-Hubbard Check up after her baby Pearl Fox was born premature. Recovered 23 February 2015
Stan Carter Cancer, stan was taken to hospital after he could not feel/move his legs. Death 18 March 2015
Kat Moon Suicide attempt, tried to take an overdose of tablets. Recovered April 2015
Linda Carter Birth of Oliver Carter, who was born premature. Recovered 15 May 2015
Shabnam Masood Beaten outside Walford Community Centre. Recovered 25/26 June 2015
Shabnam Masood Birth of Zaair Kazemi, who was stillborn. Recovered 28/31 August 2015
Ian Beale Hit by Car. Recovered 8 October 2015
Phil Mitchell Broken right leg, wrist and four cracked ribs. Recovered 27 October 2015
Stacey Branning Electrocution. Recovered 31 October 2015
Dennis Rickman Jnr Assault and Car Accident. Recovered 25 December 2015
Stacey Branning Bipolar Disorder. Recovered 2016
Roxy Mitchell Assault Recovered 4 May 2016
Jane Beale Assault by Bobby Beale. Recovering 23 May 2016
Les Coker Heart Attack Recovering 30 June 2016
Paul Coker Homophobic Attack. Deceased on arrival July 2016
Ben Mitchell Broken Arm Recovering 8 September 2016
Whitney Dean Baby Scan N/A 16 September 2016
Denise Fox Baby Scan N/A 16 September 2016
Louise Mitchell Burns after being pushed into lit candles at the prom


21st July 2017
Bex Fowler Brought to hospital after prom fire to support louise Recovered 21st July 2017
Stacey Fowler Birth of Hope Fowler/Pulmuary Enfusion Recovering 16th October 2017
Lauren Branning Fell of The Queen Victoria roof, compressed nerve. Recovering 25th December 2017
Abi Branning Fell of The Queen Victoria roof, declared Brain Dead. Death 25th December 2017
Keegan Baker Stabbed by gang. Recovering 24th May 2018
Shakil Kazemi Stabbed by gang, declared dead. Death 25th May 2018






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