Walford East is a restaurant located in the heart of Albert Square which is owned by Ian Beale and Masood Ahmed. Initially the restaurant was called Ian Beale @ Le Square, however Ian was short of money and took a loan out from Janine Butcher, who renamed it to Scarlett's on the opening after her daughter. Ian re-named it Beales and ran it until February 2016, when he sold it to Costmart to pay for Bobby Beale's boarding school tuition fees.



In July 2013, Scarlett's employee Jean Slater remembers she has left her handbag at the restaurant. Jean, Shirley Carter and Bianca Butcher go back to the restaurant to look for her handbag. However, they are sidetracked when they find Ian's alcohol. Shirley knocks over a naked flame and cause the restaurant to catch fire. The fire is small and is put out quickly, however, due to the smoke, the restaurant's water sprinklers go off, flooding the restaurant.


When Jane Beale arrives back in Walford in 2014, she and Ian decide to become business partners. Jane begins planning to rebrand Scarlett's and proposes renaming the restaurant. The pair settle on 'BEALES' and the restaurant is soon renamed. A relaunch is planned to unveil the new look restaurant including a brand new interior. Beales closes after Steven Beale torches the restaurant in an attempt to kill Jane.

Walford East

In 2018, when Ian Beale and Masood become business partners, they decide to use Masood's idea of a 'fusion restaurant', and Masood decides to call it Walford East, which later becomes the official name of the restaurant. In 2019, Masood leaves Walford and sells his share of the business to Max Branning. Habiba and Iqra run the restaurant day-to-day once Masood departs.

Staff (Restaurant)

Current Staff

Name Position Year
Ian Beale Co-owner / Chef 2013-
Max Branning Co-owner 2019-
Iqra Ahmed Waitress 2019-
Bobby Beale Waiter 2020-

Former Staff

Name Postion  Year
Jean Slater Chef 2013
Abi Branning Waitress 2013
Poppy Meadow Waitress 2013
Jake Stone Sous Chef 2014
Peter Beale Waiter  2013-15
Lauren Branning Waitress 2013-15
Masood Ahmed Chef / Waiter 2014-2016
Fatboy Waiter 2014-2015
Steven Beale Manager 2016-2017
Hunter Owen Waiter 2018
Masood Ahmed Co-Owner/Chef 2018-2019
Habiba Ahmed Waitress 2019-2020

Previous uses 

Eddie's Antiques Emporium.

Signwriter and Screen Printer

In the mid 80's the location was occupied by a signwriters.

Moon and Sons Antiques Emporium

"Moon and Sons" was was an antiques emporium originally ran by Eddie Moon, Anthony Moon and Tyler Moon. When Anthony got into gambling problems with Derek Branning, he was forced out of the square. Thus leading to the closure of Moon and Sons.


Moon & Sons Antiques Emporium

Le Square



Walford East

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