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Walford Community Centre is the local community centre for the area. It is situated on Turpin Way, Walford near the Playground and Walford Community Fridge. The centre was built in 1994 on waste ground behind the shops on Bridge Street where the old community hall previously stood on. The previous community hall was found to have been set on fire on 20 October 1992.


Good Queen Vic[]

Community Play (16 April 1998)

Good Queen Vic Community Play

The Good Queen Vic was a theatrical play held at the community centre on 16 April 1998.

The play, organised by Julie Haye, was announced following a school project that Clare Bates done about the history of Queen Victoria which revealed that she had once visited the The Queen Victoria Public House.

The story follows an ordinary family called the Fassett's who move from their slum dwellings to a house in Albert Square during the Victorian era and goes through the history of Walford, including Queen Victoria's (played by Pat Evans) visit to The Queen Vic. Along with the singing and dancing, a fashion parade took place after the play had ended and tributes to recently deceased residents, Debbie Bates and Arthur Fowler, were made at the end of the show.

Peggy Mitchell used the play to help raise money for a HIV/AIDS charity.

Walford Workout[]

Walford Workout

Walford Workout

Walford Council sold the community centre at a public auction in January 1999 and it was purchased by Annie Palmer who turned the premises into a gym called Walford Workout. Steve Owen also had a share in the business. When Annie left Walford to live in New Zealand, she sold her share to Grant Mitchell with Phil Mitchell agreeing to let Grant use Mitchell's Autos as collateral. On 23 August 2001, it's revealed that the gym is closing down and will revert back to Walford Community Centre.

Fat Blasters[]

Fat Blasters (15 June 2021 - Part 1)

Fat Blasters

Fat Blasters was a weekly weight class which started in the community centre on 22 July 2014 and was ran by Sonia Fowler. The class is now run by a lady called Angela.