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Walford is a fictional borough of East London in EastEnders. The name suggests a conflation of Walthamstow and Stratford, both real places in East London. Walford has a fictional London postal district, London E20, and a fictional tube station, Walford East, which is located on the EastEnders tube map in the position normally occupied by the real Bromley-by-Bow tube station.


Prior to 1985

Walford was once on the site of an old Saxon village. Walford was once in the historic county of Middlesex but as London grew it became a suburb of London by the mid 1800s. This development was recognised by the creation of the County of London in 1889 (in which Walford would presumably have lied.) All over, squares and streets sprung up. Walford was given an East London postcode. By about 1900 Walford had a population of about 100'000. A market was established in Bridge Street, Walford, underneath a railway arch. Notable streets as well as Bridge Street was Albert SquareTurpin Road and George Street. The borough gained 2 tube stations, Walford East Station and Walford West Station. Notable families was the Beales, Fowlers and Watts of Albert Square, one of the most prominent areas of the borough. The Queen Victoria public house opened in 1898 in Albert Square. This was one of many pubs in the area. Walford suffered a lot of bomb damage in WW2 and several Victorian streets were razed to the ground. After the war, blocks of flats were built and in the early 1970s, Walford Towers, a 16 storey towerblock. By this time, many people from all over the world moved to Britain and settled in London, including Walford. In 1965, the larger county Greater London replaced the County of London, and if Walford was not already in Co. London but had remained in Middlesex, it would at that point have become part of Greater London.

By the end of 1984, Walford was quite deprived but there was strong community spirit. Residents blamed the deprivation on the government, Lou Beale, of 45 Albert Square especially.



Walford has many amenities to serve the residents from the Bridge Street and Turpin Road markets to Walford General Hospital. The high street has many shops. There is Walford Garage and Walford FC football club.


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Location: Postcode:
Albert Square E20 6PQ
(Previously: E20 6RF)
Bridge Street E20 3JL
George Street E20 4RT
Elwell Road E20 7YU
Havemore Grove E20 6YT
Hurst Lane E20 7YY
Old Hare Street E20 9QA   
Russell Gardens E20 2NN
Turpin Road E20 2RA
(Previously: E20 4RT)
Victoria Road E20 5RT
Victoria Square E20 6PQ
(Seen in Walk-in Clinc 18/02/2015)
E20 5YT

Telephone Directory 


Business: Telephone Number:
The Argee Bhajee 020 7946 0988
Branning's Autos 020 7946 0002
Coker & Sons Funeral Directors 020 7946 0271
Gilly's Massage 020 7946 0644
Fashion Hair & Make-Up 020 7946 0083
Kim's Palace 020 7946 0855
Launderette 020 503 8026
Might have changed since 1985.
LB Lettings 0808 157 0645
Market Office 020 8293 6090
R&R 020 8503 9005
Walford Vets 020 7946 0155


Person: Landline Phone Number: Mobile Phone Number:
Ian Beale 07922601628
Jane Beale 07826431054
Lucy Beale 07700900874
Peter Beale 07599931820
Lauren Branning 07700900441
Dot Branning 020 79460398
Whitney Dean 07936536378
Denise Fox 07938314400
Vincent Hubbard 07503998486
Fatboy 07700900893
Carol Jackson 07847790860
Roxy Mitchell 07873377570
Sharon Mitchell 07501196538
Patrick Trueman 07864011093
Dean Wicks 07592146039
Sid 07523926055

Map of Walford

Walford Map BBC (2015).jpg



Bing Walford 3D Satellite Map

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