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Vincent Hubbard was the husband of Kim Fox and father of Pearl and Mica. In 2021, Phil Mitchell revealed that he had been killed by the hitmen of Aidan Maguire.


Born 11th December 1973 (His passport in 2018 says 1973) to young parents Henry and Claudette Hubbard. Phil Mitchell recalls in 15 May 2015 that he remembers Vincent "Snotty little brat. Round at our place once. Bawling his eyes out cos his old man was late picking him up." Vincent's father Henry Hubbard was friends with local publicans son Den Watts.

Vincent enrolled at Hendon Police College and stuck at it for a few months but was not cut out to be in the police, he gave up and became a bouncer on a few clubs and pubs.

He then got mixed in with the wrong crowd and started to money launder and sell drugs. One night clubs was a raided and Vincent was blamed. Vincent was arrested and looking at 6 years, he was cut a deal to inform on criminal activity to avoid jail time.


Vincent arrives in Albert Square having followed Phil Mitchell home, confronting him and Billy Mitchell about the whereabouts of Ronnie Mitchell, a former flame. Phil recognises Vincent and warns Billy that he's bad news. Billy reveals to Vincent that Ronnie is in a coma at Walford General Hospital following a car crash on New Year's Day and, upon visiting the hospital, leaves a white rose for Ronnie so she knows he's visited.

During the wedding reception of Ian and Jane Beale, Denise Fox mocks her sister Kim Fox's relationship with Vincent, her husband, as she goes into premature labour with his child. Vincent watches from afar as she is taken to hospital, and Kim later explains to Patrick Trueman that she ran away from Vincent after walking in on him covered in blood and, thus, chose not to tell him she was pregnant. She becomes wary when he tries to contact her again after witnessing her with their daughter, Pearl, and is scared when she finds someone has given Pearl a toy, instantly believing it was Vincent (though it is later revealed to be Denise). Kim tells Denise that Vincent never existed and Pearl was the result of a one-night stand, but later admits the truth and explains her experience when she went to tell him she was pregnant.

The following month, Vincent sends Ronnie a "get well soon" card after hearing she has awoken from her coma, and later visits her. He reminds her of the times they spent with each other when he owned a bar and attempts to romance her, but she quickly informs him that she is married to Charlie Cotton. He leaves, and Ronnie later explains to her sister, Roxy Mitchell, that she and Vincent were in a relationship before they left for Ibiza.

Vincent visits Kim, who reveals what she saw him getting up to at his flat and he explained that he was helping a victim of a mugging, giving her a news article stating he'd saved the man's life. Whilst in Albert Square, Vincent decides to pay a visit to his foster sister, Donna Yates, and reveals to her that he is Pearl's father, leaving her shocked as she did not see Kim as his type. He also confesses to her that he is close with Ronnie. Following their conversation, he decides he wants to repair his marriage with Kim for the sake of their baby, but is thrown when Ronnie requests him to find some way of preventing a drug dealer from testifying against her former grandmother-in-law Dot Branning during her murder trial, which he refuses. However, Ronnie reminds him that she still has the gun he gave her, so he lends her the favour.

Ronnie begins to repel Vincent and he begins visiting her more often in hospital, eventually revealing to her that he believes that it was Ronnie's cousin, Phil, who killed Carl White, when it was actually her. When Ronnie finds out he has got the wrong end of the stick, she asks Phil to confront him. Phil approaches Vincent, threatening to kill one of his family members if he doesn't leave Ronnie alone. However, Vincent punches him and warns him to back off. Vincent later visits Kim and pledges he wants to be a father to Pearl, but is interrupted when the police arrest him in connection to the assault of the drug dealer, and later convinces Kim to give him a false alibi for the encounter. Following this, Kim forces Vincent to promise her no more lies, and Donna is disheartened to find they have reunited, bitterly revealing to Kim that Vincent had dated Ronnie.

Vincent reunites with Kim having promised her that he and Ronnie are no longer together. He later approaches Phil after finding out he was the cause of his arrest and blackmails him, threatening to reveal Ronnie as Carl's murderer if he does not hand The Albert over to him. Phil's wife Sharon Mitchell disapproves of this, and she and Vincent are forced to share the business. Phil grows irritable about Vincent's involvement in the business and, when Vincent changes the name of The Albert to "Pearl's", Phil attacks him. Kim decides to end their marriage after seeing him covered in blood, but he soon is able to change her mind. Patrick is initially distrusting of Vincent, but they soon begin to bond slowly, especially after Vincent finds an old record Patrick recorded with his former band. Soon after, Vincent kisses Ronnie, but says it was only to show he still could.

After Ronnie and Vincent have sex, Ronnie tells Charlie that their marriage is over. When Charlie fights for custody of their son Matthew, he disappears after being confronted by Ronnie and Vincent. Kim becomes suspicious when Vincent spends long periods of time away from her, and Ronnie unintentionally arouses her suspicions while trying to assure her that she and Vincent are no longer together. Kim confronts Vincent, who later reveals to Kim that he has bought a new house for them and Pearl. Denise and Patrick believe it to be a way of keeping Kim quiet, and force him to leave. Kim misses Vincent, and although they initially agree to give each other some distance and share joint custody of Pearl, they rekindle their marriage and Kim moves in with him. Some time later, Roxy confronts Ronnie over Charlie's disappearance, so Ronnie calls Vincent to get Charlie to call Roxy, revealing that he is alive.

Ronnie is arrested for Carl's murder, but it emerges that the men who arrested her are not real police officers. Ronnie discovers that Vincent is working with the police as an informant, and used his contacts to stop her being arrested, and urges her to leave the country before she is arrested. Vincent reveals he is helping the police take down Phil, and Ronnie agrees to say nothing. When Kim finds Vincent has taken delivery of a large amount of drugs, Vincent tells her he is planning to plant them at Phil's house as revenge for Phil's father Eric killing his own father, Henry. Phil has Vincent beaten up by a group of thugs following which Vincent blackmails Ronnie with a recording he took of her confessing to killing Carl to make her go along with the plan, but at the last minute, Ronnie turns on him, destroys the recording, and tells Phil the truth.

A feud erupts between Phil and Vincent, culminating in Phil kidnapping Pearl and Vincent threatening to shoot the Mitchells. When Pearl is found at the community centre, Vincent pretends to end the hostilities, but attempts to strangle Phil in his home the following night. He is stopped by his friend Fatboy, so Vincent orders him to leave Walford in response. Ronnie tries to get rid of Vincent by hiring some men lock him in his car boot and have the car crushed, but Vincent is not driving the car so they get the wrong person. Assuming that Vincent's mother, Claudette Hubbard, is in the car, he attempts to rescue her but finds Fatboy's phone and necklace amongst some blood in the boot of the crushed car at the scrapyard. He tells Ronnie the car was empty and Claudette that their feud with the Mitchells killed Fatboy and they should end it now. However, this infuriates Claudette who then compares him to his father and accidentally lets slip that Henry did not die when she said he did. When Ronnie's mother Glenda Mitchell visits, she recognises Claudette and Vincent, and later tells Ronnie that Eric did not kill Henry because he was drunk that night and did not leave the house. Ronnie then blackmails Claudette with the information, so Claudette agrees to end the feud.

Vincent is suspicious when Claudette asks for money, and he later sees Claudette with an unconscious Gavin Sullivan. Claudette lies that Gavin was an intruder but after Gavin escapes, Vincent finds an old photograph with Gavin, Henry and Eric, and Vincent works out Gavin was blackmailing her and she killed Henry. She also reveals that she knew Vincent would be killed so sent Fatboy in his car. When she insults Henry, Vincent chokes Claudette, as Patrick arrives and stops him before learning the truth about Henry. As Patrick tries to call the police, Claudette tries to snatch the phone off him, but falls down the basement stairs, hitting her head on a brick. Patrick leaves to get help but when he returns, Vincent has buried Claudette underneath the basement, and tells Patrick to forget it happened or they will both be arrested for murder. However, unknown to Vincent and Patrick, it is revealed Claudette is alive when she arrives in hospital brought in by paramedics after she was found by the side of a road. When Patrick says he cannot cope with covering up Claudette's death, Vincent says he can go to Trinidad until things settle down. When Patrick sees Claudette in the Square, he tells Vincent she is alive. Vincent visits Donna, and she reveals that Claudette is there and has told her that he buried her.

Vincent reveals to Donna that Claudette killed Henry. He then tells her that Claudette caused Fatboy's death. Donna tells Vincent and Claudette to leave but Patrick arrives, confirming that Claudette killed Henry. Donna accuses Claudette of only fostering her as a way to ease her guilt, and Vincent tells her to leave or he will tell Gavin where she is. Patrick makes Vincent vow to protect his family and stop being involved in crime. Later, Vincent gives Donna Fatboy's necklace and she says they should stick together as he is the only family she now has.

Vincent walks in on Donna asking Kush Kazemi to father her baby and expresses his concerns. Donna then tells Vincent he is the only man she trusts and that she wants him to father her baby. Initially he is shocked by the idea and says no but after realising he can give Donna the thing she most wants in the world and can make her happy, he agrees, angering Kim. He convinces Kim, and Donna inseminates herself but does not get pregnant and soon after decides she needs to find a committed father. Later, Vincent realises that he misses Claudette and invites her to a family dinner and she promises that she has changed, but when Babe Smith is locked in a freezer overnight, Vincent wrongly thinks Claudette is the culprit. A few weeks later, Vincent discovers that Kim has caused him to have a parking fine. He then finds out that Kim never passed her driving test and bans her from driving until she does, deciding to teach her how to drive himself and Kim eventually passes her driving test. Vincent is distraught when he learns that Ronnie has died after drowning on her wedding day to Jack Branning and confides in Mick Carter about his feelings of her death.

Kim plans a holiday in Spain when Vincent informs her of a friend who owns a villa. Despite initially being reluctant, Denise agrees to accompany them along with Kush, who she is now dating. Kush's mother Carmel Kazemi also gets involved in the holiday. Carmel begins dating Max Branning, who has recently been released from prison after being wrongly convicted of Lucy Beale’s murder. Carmel invites Max on the holiday who agrees. But Max is secretly planning revenge on the community and just as they are all about to leave, the police turn up and arrest Vincent after they find cocaine in his car, which Max has seemingly deposited. However, Vincent manages to hush the matter up, but the arrest means that he is unable to go on holiday with Kim.

Phil is surprised to find Vincent meeting up with his old friend Aidan Maguire. Aidan reveals that Vincent is part of a mysterious job that Aidan is leading. Phil joins them, though he is not keen on Vincent's involvement as he is a former police informant. Kim finds out that she is pregnant with her second child. However, when she suffers a miscarriage, Vincent tries to back out of the job but changes his mind when Aidan threatens to harm Pearl. Phil and Vincent are unimpressed to learn that Aidan has also hired Mick and Keanu Taylor. But they are forced to go along with it by Aidan.

On the day of the job, Vincent is cornered by Aidan and it is revealed that Aidan was actually seeking revenge on Vincent as his grassing to the police led to Aidan's brother killing himself. Just as about to Aidan is about to kill Vincent, Phil stops him. The men are later horrified to discover that the money they were going to get as a result of the job has gone missing. They dig up a coffin in a graveyard to find the money, but the coffin is empty. Aidan later tells Vincent that he wants money from him, so Vincent chooses to sell The Albert. He comes clean to Kim about Aidan's demands and the fact that they are broke. Kim is horrified to discover that Vincent has missed a mortgage payment and Aidan tells him he wants The Albert sold by the next day. Although Jack shows interest, Vincent is forced to refuse as Jack needs more time to go through with the sale. Fearing that he cannot keep up with Aidan's demands, Vincent leaves a note for Kim and abandons their house.

Pearl finds Vincent's note and draws on it; Kim does not see Vincent's message but she displays Pearl's drawing on the fridge. With no buyer forthcoming, Aidan tells Vincent to sell him the Albert for £1; Vincent reluctantly agrees. Vincent tells Kim that the bar is sold, then secretly cuts up his credit cards to stop Kim spending, as she now believes their debt problems are solved. Phil then scares Aidan away from Walford.

Kim confronts Vincent over a letter saying they will be evicted due to not paying the mortgage. Vincent plans to sell his car but it is damaged in a hit-and-run; he visits a police officer saying he will exchange information on the heist for money. The officer says there has been no report of a heist but Luke Browning's body has been found and tells Vincent to find evidence that Phil was involved. Vincent is unable to do so. He then meets another police officer, who says if Vincent tells the police everything he knows about Aidan, he and his family can go into witness protection. However, he is told he needs to leave immediately, as Aidan has found out Vincent spoke to the police from Phil, who saw them talking. Vincent tries to convince Kim that they can leave immediately but she is against it and convinces him to stay. Vincent enters the car with the police officer to tell him he is not leaving, but the officer is corrupt and an ally of Aidan. The car speeds off as Phil watches on, making a phone call telling them to only scare Vincent. The car comes to a stop and the officer points a gun at Vincent. Vincent accepts what is about to happen but his fate is left unknown. After this, Kim finds the note from Vincent and thinks he has left her.

Over three years later, Kim overhears a call for a taxi from someone called Vince Hubbard. Thinking that Vincent is nearby, Kim comes across a children's entertainer who identifies himself as Vince. Kim is rattled when she notices that he has the same wallet that Vincent had owned with his initials inscribed on it. Kim vows to find out what really happened to Vincent. Meanwhile, Phil reveals to Denise that Aidan did in fact have Vincent killed and he warns Denise to stop Kim from digging for more information about Vincent, as it could lead to fatal consequences. Vince reveals to Kim and Denise that he is actually called Howard Danes, and he has been posing as Vince to build a better life for himself. Howard says he used to work as a security guard at a site, and three years prior, he saw three men arrive on the site, but only two went back alive. Howard then retrieved the wallet from the remains of the crime. A distraught Kim then works out that the murder Howard saw was that of Vincent.

Kill count[]

Attempted murder victims[]

1.Phil Mitchell (22/23 December 2015) (×2) - Tried to strangle a drunk Phil who had kidnapped his Daughter and was holding him at Gunpoint but Phil's family stop Vincent, The next day Vincent sneaks up on a drunk Phil and tries to strangle him again with rope but is interrupted by Arthur Chubb.

3. Claudette Hubbard (8 March 2016) - Tried to strangle her after discovering she had killed his Dad but is stopped by Patrick Trueman.

4. Aidan Maguire (4 January 2018) - Tries to kill Aidan with a spade, Aidan is also trying to kill him with his walking stick but both men are stopped by Phil Mitchell.

Background information[]

  • As of 2023, five years after Vincent's death his body has still not been found.

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