Tramp was a dog owned by the Branning Family.

Tramp first appeared in late 2013. Abi pleaded with a reluctant Max to let her keep the dog. Max, finally giving in, agreed that Abi could keep the dog, branding it a 'tramp from the street', leading to the dog being named 'Tramp'.


In early 2014, Tramp mates with the Carter family's bulldog, Lady Di, who ends up pregnant with his puppies. In April 2014, Lady Di gives birth to Tramp's puppies.

On 27th September 2014, Tramp was ran over and killed by a car that Abi was driving. After splitting up with Jay after planning to start a new life together in Bolton, Abi got into a car and tried to drive away from the Square. Filled with rage and not looking before pulling out, Abi killed Tramp.

Tramp appeared briefly one final time in the flash-back episode to Good Friday 2014, when Max' alibi was proven to be true as he did, in fact, take Tramp for a walk.


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