Tramp the dog
Portrayed by Duffie
Introduced by Lorraine Newman
Gender Male Male
First Appearance 3 December 2013
Last Appearance 2 October 2014 (deceased)
19 February 2015 (flash-back)
Cause/Reason Death (Run Over By Abi Branning)
Duration 2013-15
Address 5 Albert Square
Status Deceased
Date of Death 27 September 2014
OwnersAbi Branning

Tramp was a dog owned by the Branning Family. Tramp first appeared in late 2013. Abi pleaded with a reluctant Max to let her keep the dog. Max, finally giving in, agreed that Abi could keep the dog, branding it a 'tramp from the street', leading to the dog being named 'Tramp'.


In early 2014, Tramp mates with the Carter family's bulldog, Lady Di , who ends up pregnant with his puppies. In April 2014, Lady Di gives birth to Tramp's puppies.

On 27th September 2014, Tramp was ran over and killed by a car that Abi was driving. After splitting up with Jay after planning to start a new life together in Bolton, Abi got into a car and tried to drive away from the Square. Filled with rage and not looking before pulling out, Abi killed Tramp.

Tramp appeared briefly one final time in the flash-back episode to Good Friday 2014, when Max's alibi was proven to be true as he did, in fact, take Tramp for a walk.


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