Tony Jordan (also known as Harry Holmes) is one of EastEnders most prominent writers, having written 173 episodes for the show. Jordan joined the writing team in 1989, where he remained until 2008, before returning to the show in 2018 to contribute a special script celebrating the return of Kat Moon. He did not begin writing until the age of 32, when he submitted a sample script to the BBC about the lives of market traders. The BBC rejected Jordan's sample script, but hired him as a writer on EastEnders regardless, due to his apparent life experience of London. Having actually lived in the North, Jordan kept up the pretense of being a Londoner for five years, afraid of what would happen if the producers discovered the truth. In 2008, Jordan was listed as the number one UK television screenwriter by Broadcast magazine.

Jordan helped to create popular characters Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) in 1990, as well as the Slater family in 2000, alongside the then executive producer, John Yorke. Some of Jordan's most notable scripts include Arthur Fowler and Ethel Skinner's death episodes, "Sharongate", the revelation of Zoe Slater being Kat Moon's daughter, Dot Branning's single-handed episode in 2008, and Kat Moon's return in 2018 - though this episode was written under Jordan's pseudonym: Harry Holmes.

In 2007, it was announced that Jordan would leave EastEnders to focus on the running of his independent new production company, Red Planet Pictures. Following his departure, Jordan focused on creating BBC police drama HolbyBlue. In November 2007, it was announced that Jordan would return to EastEnders once more, to write Dot's single-handed episode.

Episodes written by Tony Jordan


1989 (9 episodes)


1990 (13 episodes)

1991 (13 episodes)

1992 (15 episodes)

1993 (19 episodes)

1994 (20 episodes)

1995 (20 episodes)

1996 (8 episodes)

1997 (9 episodes)

1998 (2 episodes)

1999 (5 episodes)


2000 (3 episodes)

2001 (7 episodes)

2002 (12 episodes)

2003 (6 episodes)

2004 (3 episodes)

2005 (6 episodes)

2006 (1 episode)

2008 (1 episode)


2018 (1 episode)

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