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Tony Carpenter made his first appearance 28 February 1985, and his last appearance on 28 May 1987. He is portrayed by Oscar James.


Born in 1945 in Trinidad. Tony moved to London as a young man and settled in Walford. He set himself up as a handyman and builder. Tony and Hannah Carpenter had two children, Kelvin Carpenter in 1969 and Cassie Carpenter in 1975.



He was Trinidadian and was a good guy but could also be a bit of a hardman when needed. He was the father of Kelvin and Cassie and estranged husband of Hannah.

Tony lived at No 3 Albert Square and slowly converted the house into flats, selling them off as each was finished. He beat Nick Cotton up for making racial remarks against him and his family. In 1985 he was divorcing with his wife, Hannah, who lived separately with the children 'around the corner'. In 1986 Hannah turned up with her new lover Neville Agard, who Tony took action against for him hitting Cassie. Hannah and Tony later get back together but they soon realised their marriage was over and Hannah and Cassie leave Walford.

Tony soon gets tired of Walford and in May 1987 decides to return to Trinidad, leaving his son Kelvin to live in the last remaining flat. Tony has not returned to Albert Square since.


In December 1993, the Fowler family said that Tony had sent flowers to the funeral of old friend Pete Beale. Since then, Tony has not contacted anyone in the Square and has cut all ties.

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