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Tommy Alfred Charles Moon is the son of Michael Moon and Kat Mitchell, although he was adopted and raised by Kat's ex-husband and Michael's cousin Alfie Moon.

While Kat was married to Alfie, the pair briefly split up when Alfie was sent to prison for six months. Kat ended up sleeping with Alfie’s cousin Michael and became pregnant with a son. Despite this, Alfie choose to forgive Kat when the pair decided to give their marriage another go and Alfie wowed to raise the baby as his own. When baby Tommy was born, Michael didn't not want any involvement in his son's life and wasn't around, so Alfie adopted Tommy and signed his birth certificate; raising Tommy as his own son. Michael didn't play any fatherly role in Tommy's life and only took notice and cared for his daughter Scarlett Moon until his death. Tommy didn't have any idea that Alfie was not his biological father until September 2021 when Kat revealed that Scarlett was in fact Tommy's sister, not his cousin.



Tommy was born on 30th December 2010. Soon after his birth, his mother, Kat, is taken to hospital and leaves her father Charlie Slater to look after him. However, Charlie joins the party downstairs in The Queen Victoria public house, leaving Tommy sleeping peacefully in his crib. Meanwhile, Ronnie Branning discovers that her son, James Branning, who was born on the same day as Tommy, has died of sudden infant death syndrome and desperately tries to get help. When she hears Tommy crying, she sneaks into The Queen Victoria and decides to swap the children. Ronnie eventually regrets her actions but by the time she decides to swap them back, James has been found by Alfie. Meanwhile, Jack has returned to the country and meets Tommy, thinking he is James. When Kat sees the baby in the hospital, she refuses to believe it is Tommy as he looks different, but Alfie convinces her it is because he has died. When a midwife visits Ronnie, she is surprised at how quickly James's club foot appears to have gone. Ronnie is denied access to the funeral by Kat but goes anyway, hiding behind a tree. She later realises she has to put an end to the situation and takes Tommy back to Kat during the wake. Ronnie's attempts to explain that the baby is Tommy are all misunderstood and Kat demands that the baby be taken away from her.

Ronnie continues to care for Tommy but starts behaving erratically. She later returns to the hospital where she gave birth and meets her midwife, Diane McLean, and realises she has to give Tommy back to Kat immediately.

She tells Jack that the baby is not his son, and then explains to Kat what happened on the night James died. Kat refuses to believe it but takes Tommy, while Ronnie hands herself in to the police. Jack says an emotional goodbye and the next day as he hands Tommy over to social services. Alfie is interviewed by a social worker, but Kat leaves the hospital unable to cope. However, Jean Slater tells Kat that it is a miracle that Tommy is alive, so Kat returns to the hospital to be interviewed, and they are reunited with Tommy. Although Kat struggles to bond with Tommy at first and refuses to say his name, she soon adjusts and she and Alfie have Tommy christened; his godparents are Jean and Ian Beale.

When Alfie and Kat end their marriage, they share custody of Tommy. Michael tells Tommy that he is his real father, angering Alfie, though Tommy is still too young to understand and when Tommy mentions it to Kat, she says that it was just a bad dream and of course Alfie is his real dad. Tommy continues to grow up to believe Alfie is his biological father until September 2021.

Michael dies in November 2013 after being stabbed by his daughter’s mother Janine Butcher. Later that month Kat and Alfie reunite and go on to be a happy family.

In 2014, Kat gives birth to Tommy's twin brothers Bert and Ernie Moon. Kat is badly burnt in a fire and after she becomes depressed. Kat separates from Alfie again, which affects Tommy negatively. Kat eventually reunites with Alfie. They win a million pounds on a scratchcard and depart for a new life in Spain. Kat returns on Christmas Day to surprise her relative, Stacey, without Alfie and the children.

2018 to present[]

After Kat returns to Walford, it is later revealed that Alfie is still in Spain with the kids after an incident that happened while Kat was looking after them. She stays with Stacey Fowler, her husband, Martin Fowler and their kids, Lily Fowler, Arthur Fowler and Hope Fowler. It is revealed that Kat had sex with a Spanish man upstairs and left the kids playing downstairs, Tommy boiled the kettle and water accidentally went on Bert.

In April 2020, during Kat's temporary exit, Tommy confides in his mum's boyfriend Kush Kazemi, telling him about his bullying at school. He tells Kush he often gets called names at school and he now hates his life. Tommy is also diagnosed with dyslexia. Due to this, Kush asks Isaac Baptiste to tutor Tommy outside of school and the two strike up a friendship. It is also said that Tommy, Bert and Ernie like to lock Cherry in cupboards for fun.

In late November, Tommy leaves Walford with Kat, Kush, Bert and Ernie but later returns in December.

In 2021 he returns and has trials with Epsley Town Football Club and is accepted. However, after the Mitchell house fire in September 2021, he is dropped from the team after breaking his leg while escaping the fire with Janine. Because if this, he becomes a victim of bullying by kids at Walford Primary School, such as Sid and Matty. In January 2022, they chase beat him up after he tells them about Phil teaching him how to box and he returns home badly beaten with a nose bleed and black eye. They later chase him into the derelict Argee Bhajee and begin threatening him with a pipe, however, his mothers boyfriend, Phil Mitchell finds him after his cousin, Lily Slater, tells him they were chasing him and scares them off by smashing the floor up with another pipe, after which he finds the rotting body of Tina Carter. Although Phil and Kat agree not to tell him what they find, Callum Highway accidentally reveals that it was a body Phil found. Tommy is horrified by it. Although Phil scared the bullies off, his arrest made them continue bullying him. When Jean steals Mitch Baker’s wages, Kat blames Tommy as he was asking for money earlier. Because of this, Tommy feels like he cannot talk to Kat about his bullying. This continues when he sees his bullied stealing from Billy Mitchell’s cash box and chases them off, however he gets the blame. After this, he hides a knife in his backpack incase the bullies try to attack him when he’s alone, Lily finds out but doesn’t tell anyone. Tommy later became Billy’s assistant to make it up to both him and Kat so they wouldn’t be angry at him anymore. When the bullies confront Tommy alone in the playground at night, Tommy threatens them with the knife, and attempts to walk off after putting it back in his bag. When he puts it away, Sid attempts to attack him, and tommy pushes him with his bag, stabbing him. Tommy flees the scene, and is later spoken to by the police, but gets away with minimal charges.

On 9 August 2022, Amy and Lily are teasing Tommy over his football skills when Martin comes over to give Lily some sunglasses for her holiday, and Lily is sad he isn't coming, but Martin says it's because he can't find cover for the stall and then hugs her, embarrassing Lily. Kim Fox and Howie Danes then come over, and the three agree that whatever Kim wants they're not doing, but when Amy sees that Kim wants the three to hang out with Denzel, Amy takes an interest, feeling attracted to him. Kim says that Howie and Denzel have been playing games too much so she needs Amy to play with Denzel for a bit, and Howie says she means hang out. The two then leave the kids and Lily says they're going to get it on, and Denzel is disgusted and asks if she had to make him picture that, making Amy force a laugh. Lily then suggests to Amy that she knows she fancies Denzel. Later at the playground, Denzel says that Walford is boring and Amy agrees with him, and then asks why he's here and Denzel tells her it's because his mum went to Ibiza with her “saddo” mates, and Amy tells her that her mum went there all the time. Lily then says they're going on holidays this afternoon and that Stacey keeps texting her to come and pack. Denzel then suggest getting something to eat, and when the kids put their money together they can't afford anything. Amy says she knows somewhere they can get all the food they want for free and asks the others if they’re in, and they all agree. The teens then go to Walford East, and Lily asks if it'll work, and Amy says if she's going to be a baby she can go home. Amy says it's a victimless crime as Bobby Beale can just cook more for the people that ordered, but Tommy says he isn't stealing and Denzel tells him to keep lookout. Amy then phones the delivery driver asking him to add ketchup to the order they're stealing, and then Amy, Lily and Denzel steal the burgers from the bike and are chased by Bobby, but they outrun him.

On 20 September 2022, Tommy Moon and Davinder Gulati tease Amy by throwing leaves at her on the way to school. Denzel sees this, and tells the two to leave her again. Davinder says that he’s just worried about what Frankie said and that it doesn’t matter as she’s just a teacher.

After a long feud with Samantha Keeble where she tried to destroy Phil's family, Phil finally manages to get evidence to get Samantha to back off with help from Keanu Taylor. Phil attends Peggy's with Kat for the new year's eve, Keanu also attends and begs Phil to reconsider letting him stay but Phil once again threatens Keanu and tells him that he has until midnight to leave or Karen Taylor will be burying another child. Keanu considers leaving but instead ends up telling Samantha about his and Phil's plan and the evidence he has given Phil. Samantha then visits Phil the next day and demands the evidence back, however a smug Phil refuses and tells Samantha she is finished. Samantha then has her henchmen kidnap Kat and Tommy as revenge. Phil confronts Keanu and threatens him but Keanu later helps Phil track Samantha down, however by the time Phil finds them Kat had accidentally shot Samantha. Samantha is still alive and Phil offers to take her to hospital so they can save her life if she agrees to get Billy off the hook and ends her vendetta with Phil once and for all. Samantha agrees and Phil orders Keanu to take her to the hospital, Keanu agrees to take her but only if Phil let's him move back to Walford, to which Phil reluctantly agrees.

On 30 May 2023, Tommy talks to Kat about Lola Pearce-Brown dying, saying him and his friends used to think she was pretty when they saw her dropping her daughter, Lexi Pearce, at school. Tommy reveals he can’t imagine her or Phil dying, and Kat hugs him, saying they’re not going anywhere. On 1 August 2023 Tommy overhears that Freddie Slater's real dad's name is Graham Foster, Tommy then reveals this to Freddie.

When Alfie is on shift at Heart Bet Phil brings Bert, Ernie and Tommy to Alfie and tells Alfie that Kat is away seeing Little Mo and he is out on business meetings so Alfie has to look after the kids. Freddie later shows up and thanks Tommy for telling him about Graham being his dad, Alfie overhears and argues with Tommy. Tommy then goes to the park with his friends and begins drinking vodka, Alfie later finds Tommy at the park and drags him away, Alfie later tells Phil about Tommy's antics. However Phil blames Alfie saying he doesn't discipline Tommy, Alfie attempts to make amends with Tommy but Tommy has seen a video online that his friends have posted of Alfie dragging him away from that park. A furious Tommy punches Alfie in the stomachs leaving Alfie wounded.

Alfie later has scans and discovers he has prostate cancer and over the coming months has operations to try and remove the cancer but they are unsuccessful, on 14 November 2023 Alfie finally tells Tommy about his cancer.

On 6 December 2023 Phil asks Tommy to go to Karen Taylor's house and check if she has stolen his money. Tommy goes to the house and tells the babysitter Felix Baker that he's their to see Bailey, Mackenzie and Mia, Tommy then finds Phil's money underneath Karen's bed but before Tommy can take it back Felix interrupts him, Tommy takes a couple of the notes and shows them to Phil.

Kat dumps Phil after finding out that he cheated on her with Emma Harding and moves into Stacey’s with Bert, Ernie and Tommy. Phil begs her multiple times to give him another chance but she says no.

Employment history[]

Occupation Years
Student at Walford Primary School 2015-2016, 2018-2022
Student at Walford High School 2022 to present
Footballer at Epsley Town Football Club 2021
Footballer at Walford Town Football Club 2022
Market Trader (Billy Mitchell’s apprentice) 2022 to present


Address Years
46 Albert Square 2010, 2011-2013
23 Albert Square 2012-2014
47B Albert Square (squat) 2014
43 Albert Square
Spain 2014-2015
3C Albert Square 2015-2016
31 Albert Square 2018-2021, 2022, 2024
55 Victoria Road 2021-2022, 2022-2024
91 George Street 2024 to present

Background information[]

  • Tommy's hair colour has been inconsistent over the years. It was brown when he was born, however it briefly changed to blond in 2017 for Kat & Alfie: Redwater as Tommy was recast for the special, before changing back to brown in 2018, until 2021, where it became blond again due to the character being recast.

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