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Thomas 'Rocky' Cotton (also Terry Cant) made his first appearance on 18 May 2021. He is portrayed by Brian Conley. He pretended to be the father of Sonia Jackson and grandfather of Bex Fowler, but is actually the son of Charlie Cotton and brother of Andrew and Nick Cotton.


Terry pretended to be the estranged father of Sonia Jackson and grandfather of Bex Fowler. He was in a relationship with Carol Branning prior to her meeting her next partner, Alan Jackson, whom Terry never met.


Prior to his first appearance, Terry is referenced by Sonia in June 2020 when she is shown to be looking for her father on genealogy websites, but she is unable to find any contact details. Terry arrives in Walford the following year and bumps into Rainie Highway after exiting Walford East Tube Station. He is later seen at Ruby’s nightclub where he first meets his daughter Sonia, who is unaware he is her father, comes in to shout at Dotty Cotton and accuses him of being a pervert.

He later appears in The Queen Victoria pub when Denise Fox and Tiffany Butcher-Baker are with Sonia. He reveals he is Sonia's father and starts a conversation with Jack Branning, Tiffany and Denise. After Sonia tells Terry that her mother, Carol, told her that he had walked out on them, Terry tells Sonia that he loved Carol and says they would have remained together, if it had not been for Carol's next partner Alan Jackson. Later, he notices Sonia leaving the Queen Vic and Sonia explains how he cannot expect to come into her life after so long and act like family. He promises to give her space and if she ever wants to get back in touch with him, then she can. On 21 September 2021 it's revealed that his real name is Tom Cotton and that he is pretending to be Sonia's father in a scheme with Dotty so both can obtain Dot Branning's inheritance that Sonia is in charge of.

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  • In Episode 6279 (27 May 2021) Terry mentioned he was 59 and a Sagittarius. Which means he was born in 1961 between 23 November- 21 December.