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Over the years the Eastenders Title Card has changed, below is a collection of pictures throughout the shows history.

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Opening/Closing Credits[]

In 2004 the question was asked,  "How was the famous EastEnders credits map made?"
Answer: An aircraft flew over the East End of London at about 1000 feet taking photos in strips.


The first Eastenders title card - first shown during Episode 1 (19 February 1985) and used until 6 May 1993
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Blank Version

  • Note: You may notice that the picture is in a box shape, Eastenders episodes in the '80s and '90s were filmed in 4:3 and later changed to 16:9, that is today's filming standard.

  • Note: The font used for EastEnders is "Gloucester MT Extra Condensed". Between 1 November 1988 - 8 November 1988 the end credits seemed to be bold but were later changed back to their original design.

  • Episode count: 862 episodes


These titles were first shown during 11 May 1993 and used until 7 April 1994.
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  • Note: These opening titles were the only opening titles to feature the starting drum beat removed and varying music from the original.

  • Episode Count: 96 episodes


The original EastEnders theme was reinstated 11 April 1994, albeit a remixed version, as a consequence of the negative viewer feedback to the so-called Jazzy Theme. The graphics themselves, however, remained unchanged until 2 September 1999.
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  • Note: These titles put back the drum beat the start, which was previously taken away.

  • Episode Count: 966 episodes


These titles were first shown during 5 September 1999 and used until 4 September 2009.
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  • Note: In 1999 Eastenders switched from a filming ratio of 4:3 to 16:9, allowing for more picture to be seen on screen.  

  • Note: Also in 1999 the Millennium Dome was added.

  • Episode Count: 2,024 episodes


These titles were first shown during 7 September 2009. and used until 30 December 2011.
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  • Note: In 2010 Eastenders switched from Standard Definition (SD) to High Definition (HD) with the arrival of BBC One HD.  The First HD episode was shown 25 December 2010

  • Episode Count: 469 episodes (481 if counting hour-long episodes)

2012 - Present[]

The current title card was first shown 1 January 2012 (Pat Evans Death see Pats closing titles)
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  • Note: These new titles show the Olympic Park, including the stadium.  
  • Apart from this amendment, the titles remain unchanged to this day, and are the longest-used set of titles in the show's history, both in terms of episode count and tenure (years used).

Special Title Cards[]

Special End Credits[]

End of Year Credits[]

The End of Year Credits list all the Writers, Directors and Cast for that year.




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