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Tina Hopkins made her first appearance on 5 February 1987. She is portrayed by Eleanor Rhodes.


Tina is introduced as Ian Beale’s girlfriend in February 1987. Ian’s friend Kelvin Carpenter takes a shine to Tina and makes several passes at her, which she shuns.

Tina gets a job working at Naima Jeffery’s grocery store, the First Til Last, and by May 1987 she and Ian decide that they want to move in together. They manage to persuade Kelvin to rent them one of his father’s flats, and although their parents’ are against it, they move in with each other in July 1987.

Things do not go well for the couple. They find it difficult to pay the rent and when money goes missing from the cash register at Tina’s workplace, Naima accuses her of stealing it (it was actually one of Mary Smith’s wayward friends named Sandra). Tina eventually manages to clear her name with the help of Rod Norman, who sets a trap for the real thief.

Shortly after, Tina’s parents arrive in Walford on an impromptu visit from Ilford. They let themselves into Tina’s flat and are horrified to discover what a mess it is in. When they discover that Simon Wicks and Magda Czajkowski live next door in an adjoining room, they decide that Tina cannot remain living there. Despite Tina’s protests, they pack her bags and drag her back to Ilford to live with them in September 1987. Tina is not seen again.

On 3 May 2011, after Ian sees Jane Beale with her new boyfriend, Ian calls Tina and asks her to get lunch with him, however she declines.

List of appearances[]

  1. 5 February 1987
  2. 12 February 1987
  3. 21 April 1987
  4. 23 April 1987
  5. 14 May 1987
  6. 21 May 1987
  7. 2 June 1987
  8. 4 June 1987
  9. 9 June 1987
  10. 11 June 1987
  11. 23 June 1987
  12. 14 July 1987
  13. 28 July 1987
  14. 4 August 1987
  15. 6 August 1987
  16. 13 August 1987
  17. 3 September 1987
  18. 8 September 1987
  19. 10 September 1987