Tiffany's secret diary is the second book released by Kate Lock in her EastEnders book franchise. The book is very detailed on Tiffany's feelings towards the events she suffered from in Albert Square. The story begins when Tiffany found out she was pregnant in July 1996 and ended on Christmas Day 1998.

Cover blurb

I was gonna have such a bright, glamorous future - marry a rich bloke (preferably one with a yacht and houses all round the world), leave crummy old Walford far behind ...

At 19, fun-loving Tiffany's plans for the high life took a very different turn when she discovered she was pregnant. But who was the father? God, what a choice - a drug-dealer or a thug.

By 20, she was married to Grant Mitchell with a baby, Courtney. She had also been dumped and was facing divorce, while her husband carried on with the glamorous Lorraine. But Tiffany was determined to put a fight. There's only one way he's going to get Courtney. And that's by taking me back.

At 21, battered and then deserted, her happiness at being reconciled with Grant had turned to tears.  'Now I know what he's capable of, and it scares me ...' 

Then, at 22, she finally found the love she'd dreamt of, only to face the cruellest blow of all. Betrayed by my mother and my husband ...

There was only one way out, and that was to make a fresh start away from Albert Square. She entrusted her diary to her best friend Bianca, to make sure that, one day, Courtney would know the truth - from her mother's heart. 


Tiffany's secret diary follows the same storylines that we saw in EastEnders in the timeline of 1996-1998, but we get to see and understand something that we never in the show, what was really going on in Tiffany's mind. It's a diary entry, and very descriptive entries as well. For example, the book would state 18th July 1996 I woke up at ... and so on. 

It follows Tiffany's dark and unforgettable life, from the moment she found out she was pregnant to just days before she was killed. It also describes her feelings towards life in Albert Square. It features a lot of characters from the show and also features scenes that we never saw in the show.


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