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Thelma Bragg made her first appearance on 8 February 2016. She is portrayed by Lorraine Stanley. Thelma is the mother of Linzi Bragg, Rodney Bragg, and two other sons.


Thelma is a pub landlady who comes to The Queen Victoria when they host an event for "East London Lady Publicans". Thelma is already drunk, and flirts with Kush Kazemi. She offers Nancy Carter a job as assistant manager at her pub, the Rat and Ferret, and then leaves with her daughter, Linzi Bragg. After Nancy has a trial at Thelma's pub, Whitney Dean contacts Thelma and gets her boyfriend and Nancy's brother Lee Carter a trial as well. Thelma is impressed by his good looks and agrees to offer him the job. Thelma later collects Linzi from school after Linzi gets into a fight with Louise Mitchell and is angry with her.

Linzi's friend Bex Fowler tells Thelma that Linzi is in a relationship with an older man, so Thelma goes to The Queen Victoria, demanding to know who it is, as Linzi is fourteen. Bex says it is Jay Brown. Thelma confronts Jay as Linzi runs out, and everyone tells Thelma to go after her. Linzi accuses Thelma of being jealous, saying Jay has done nothing wrong, but Thelma calls the police and Jay is arrested. Thelma attends court when Jay pleads guilty and is sentenced to one hundred and fifty hours of unpaid work and must sign the Sex Offender Register for five years. Afterwards, Thelma collects Linzi and tells Sonia Fowler and Tina Carter what happened in court.

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  1. 8 February 2016
  2. 9 February 2016
  3. 11 February 2016
  4. 18 April 2016
  5. 19 April 2016
  6. 25 April 2016
  7. 26 April 2016
  8. 27 April 2016