The Den & Angie Years is a 1994 compilation of various EastEnders episodes focusing on Den and Angie Watts. It was written and directed by numerous writers and directors.


This VHS release contains numerous episodes from 1986 onwards stitched together to shows Den and Angie Watts time together throughout various years and some of their best storylines.


Main cast

Character Name: Actor/Actress Name:
Den Watts Leslie Grantham
Angie Watts Anita Dobson
Sharon Watts Letitia Dean
Jan Hammond Jane How
Kathy Beale Gillian Taylforth
Pete Beale Peter Dean
Dot Cotton June Brown
Ethel Skinner Gretchen Franklin
Simon Wicks Nick Berry
Lofty Holloway Tom Watt
Pauline Fowler Wendy Richard
Arthur Fowler Bill Treacher
Michelle Fowler Susan Tully
Mary Smith Linda Davidson
Naima Jeffery Shreela Ghosh
Drag Queen/John Fisher Dave Dale
Debbie Wilkins Shirley Cheriton
Marriage Guidance Counselor Beth Ellis
Psychiatrist Graeme Eton
Dario Chimisso Marino Mase
Pat Wicks Pam St. Clement
Tom Clements Donald Tandy
Colin Russell Michael Cashman
Barry Clark Gary Hailes
Frank Butcher Mike Reid
Ambulance Man Andrew Fettes
Ambulance Woman Gabrielle Cowbu
Nurse Isabel Lansdale
Pianist Ivor Raymonde
Pianist Barry Francis


Episode: Writer: Director:
19 May 1988 Jane Hollowood Jeremy Alcock
27 February 1986 Julia Schofield Mike Lloyd
Glen McCoy
Gilly Fraser
Michael Robartes
Peter Batt
Charlie Humphreys
25 December 1986 - Part 1 & Part 2 Tony Holland Julia Smith
Robin Allen
Liane Aukin


Scene: Description: Episode:
1 Pre title sequence
2 Opening titles
3 Pub – Celebration Angie tries to kiss Arthur and Den throws her over his shoulder. Episode 2 (21 February 1985)
4 Den and Angie in Kitchen
5 Fowler house Michelle told off for the way she dresses. Arthur calls her a tart.
6 Pub - Den wants the truth from Angie and they both admit cheating.
7 Sharon and Mitchell disuse old men whilst looking at record. Episode 52 (15 August 1985)
8 Pub- Den + Lofty hump, Michelle talks to Den.
9 Pub - Den and Angie Heart to Heart (Lucky Night)
10 Den talks on phone and Angie overhears.
11 Angie Drinks again, Angie tells Kathy Den is cheating again.
12 Den + Kathy why stay with her if you don't love her.
13 Sharon flirts with lofty. Episode 4 (28 February 1985)
14 Michelle and Pauline - Michelle is late by three weeks, Pauline Ironing.
15 Arthur + Michelle talk about Michelle's pregnancy
16 Laurdetee - Michelle uses the phone to contact Den. Episode 65 (1 October 1985)/ Episode 66 (3 October 1985)
17 Canal - Michelle + Den talk about what to do with her baby. Episode 66 (3 October 1985)
18 Pub - Drag act who takes a liking to Pete Episode 100 (30 January 1986)
19 Pub upstairs - Den + Angie argue about Jan. Episode 101 (4 February 1986)
20 Angie talks Jan about her and Den's affair. Episode 101 (4 February 1986)
21 Den and Jan walk down Bridge Street and Jan leaves.
22 Pub - Angie asks Den why he loves Jan more.
23 Lofty and Michelle - Lofty asks if Michelle would marry him.
24 Den and Michelle - both disuse the baby (1986).
25 Angie talks to Pauline about spliting up with Den but that she really loves him.
26 Michelle asks Lofty to marry him.
27 Den sells Lofty a ring.
28 Lofty and Michelle engagement
29 Michelle in labour.
30 Den pacing up and down outside of the pub.
31 Vicki born Episode 133 (27 May 1986)
32 Den visit Michelle and Vicki in hospital.
33 End closing sequence
34 Closing titles.




EastEnders Video - The Den & Angie Years (Opening Titles)

EastEnders Video - The Den & Angie Years (Opening Titles)

EastEnders Video - The Den & Angie Years (Closing Credits)

EastEnders Video - The Den & Angie Years (Closing Credits)

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