The Argee Bhajee was an Indian style food restaurant, run by the Masood family. 88-90 George Street was knocked into one building in 1986, when it became an Italian restaurant called Giuseppe's, run by the di Marco clan.George Palmer provided the finance for this Italian restaurant, but it was family head Rosa di Marco who pulled the apron strings.

When the di Marcos made the move to Leicester, Giuseppe's closed down. However, it was later resurrected as the garish Indian restaurant imaginatively named The Argee Bhajee and even had it own stall on Bridge Street called The Argee Bhajee To Go. It was owned by and operated by the Masood family. It was closed when the roof collapsed on Syed Masood and other party guest, however, it was then re-opened but ultimately closed again due to debt issues.

In 17 March 2015 Masood went to the bank to arrange a bank loan to buy the lease of The Argee Bhajee but the bank would not give him the loan. The building has remained derelict for a few years as of 2018.

Previous uses

Prior to 1998 when they were knocked through for Giuseppe's Italian Restaurant they were two separate properties.

88 George Street

Hills' Hardware (1995/6-1997)

A hardware store owned and operated by Ted Hills.

Walford Furnishing Warehouse. (1997/8)

A home furnishing store. (Unknown Owners) 

90 George Street

Kool for Kutz (1995)

Hair Salon co-owned by Della Alexander and Steve Elliott.

Barber's Shop (Unknown Name) (1995-1997)

Barber shop owned by Felix Kawalski.

By The Letter (1997)

A print shop owned by Annie and George Palmer as a cover for their illegal activities.

Pet Parlour (1997/8)

A shop that gave pets a pedicure. 

88-90 George Street

Giuseppe's (1998 - 2000)

Giuseppe's was an Italian restaurant that sold Italian cuisine, it was set up and ran by Rosa Di Marco, assisted by Beppe Di Marco and Gianni Di Marco.





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