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Tessa Parker made her first appearance on 10 June 1986, and her last appearance on 10 July 1986. She is portrayed by Josephine Melville.


Tessa, is a college friend of Kelvin Carpenter and Harry Reynolds who first appears in June 1986. Both Harry and Tessa have radical Marxist beliefs and it isn't long before they manage to recruit Kelvin to the same way of thinking. Tessa soon discovers that she and Kelvin have more in common than their beliefs. She finds him attractive and they start dating.

Their romance quickly fades when Kelvin becomes more interested in pop music than overthrowing the Thatcher government. He sings with a group known as Dog Market and its successor, The Banned. Tessa secretly wants to be in the group but she has no musical talent and is refused membership. She quietly leaves Albert Square when Kelvin tells her it is time for them to "pack it in". Her last appearance is in July 1986.

List of appearances[]

  1. 10 June 1986
  2. 12 June 1986
  3. 17 June 1986
  4. 19 June 1986
  5. 24 June 1986
  6. 26 June 1986
  7. 1 July 1986
  8. 3 July 1986