Terrenece is a Lhasa Apso dog that is given to Janine Butcher as a 18th birthday gift from Billy Mitchell. Terrence was originally played by a dog named "Jayridge Next Edition For Zaylon". Terrence made her first on-screen appearance during the episode originally broadcast on 29 October 2001. The dog playing her is also named Terrence.

A BBC Online writer as being Albert Square's "glam dog". They list her "low points" as being abandoned by Janine Butcher, nearly being sold to Barry Evans and being put in a dog pound by Terry Raymond. Terry had taken the dog in but soon tired of her.

Terrence arrived in a flash sports car as Janine's . Things have gone downhill since then, but compared to Wellard, she is the glam dog of the Square.

Real Life

In real life Terrence's Date of birth is 30 November 2000.


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