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Terence made their first appearance on 29 October 2001, and their last appearance on 31 December 2009.


Terence is a Lhasa Apso dog that is given to Janine Butcher as a 18th birthday gift from Billy Mitchell. She arrived in a flash sports car as Janine's . Things have gone downhill since then, but compared to Wellard, she is the glam dog of the Square.

They were seen on 24 December 2009 when Janine and Archie Mitchell walked into the Vic claiming they are moving in.

Terrence was then seen on 29 December 2009 when Janine tries to move in with her brother Ricky.


Janine Butcher named the dog after Terry Raymond as it shared the same characteristics as him: a little bit snappy, spoilt, always likes to get its own way; but lovable and affectionate when the mood takes it. Billy Mitchell says to Janine "just one little problem with that - that thing's a bitch". Janine responds saying "Exactly. It's perfect!".


Terence's gender is assumed to be non-binary. In August 2008, Pat refers to Terence as a she, but Morgan refers to Terence as a he in the same scene, and and although Pat corrects him, Morgan still refers to them as a he. However in January 2009, Janine refers to Terence as a she, but in December, Tiffany refers to them as a he, suggesting Terence is non-binary.

Real Life[]

In BBC news article in 2001, it was reported that the dogs real name is Caspar and belongs to Gill Raddings who also owned the three dogs that played Wellard: Kyte, Chancer and Zenna.

Terence was also played by a dog named "Jayridge Next Edition For Zaylon". Terence made her first on-screen appearance during the episode originally broadcast on 29 October 2001. The dog playing her is also named Terence.

In real life Terence's date of birth is 30 November 2000.

Critic Review[]

A BBC Online writer as being Albert Square's "glam dog". They list her "low points" as being abandoned by Janine Butcher, nearly being sold to Barry Evans and being put in a dog pound by Terry Raymond. Terry had taken the dog in but soon tired of her.