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Sydney "Syd" Chambers made her first appearance 6 February 2009. She is portrayed by Nina Toussaint-White. She is the mother of Noah and former girlfriend of Bradley Branning.

Syd was a nurse who worked in the Walford area. She was also an aspiring musician with a quirky side. She's a tough cookie, but deep down she's ready to fall in love.


Syd and her collie dog, Sugar, come to Walford in February 2009 to return Gumbo, Bradley Branning's dog which had gone missing. Upon meeting Bradley, she accepts his offer of a cup of tea. She is later seen again in March when Bradley finally decides to call her. Later that evening, they spend time together at his home but are briefly interrupted by Stacey Slater. Liking the area, Syd decides to move into the flat above the bookmakers and begins dating Bradley. She finds herself attracted to him as he is different from the other men she has dated, and when Bradley confesses that he is unemployed, she admires his honesty and kisses him, starting their relationship.

However, she then disappears for some time, making Bradley worried that she is no longer interested. When she finally appears again, she insists that she has been busy with her job as a nurse. Bradley, however, remains unconvinced that Syd has feelings for him and, attempting to prove him wrong, she gives him a rose and they sleep together. Bradley is delighted by this but Syd breaks his heart when she finishes with him. After seeing a man leave her flat, Bradley decides to move to Edinburgh until Syd hears about it. She rushes to his house and begs him to reconsider, inviting him to her flat so she can explain her actions. Bradley relents and Syd introduces him to her deaf son Noah, informing him that the man he saw was her babysitter.

When Bradley is admitted to hospital, his father Max Branning urges Syd to visit him, but she refuses because she does not want to leave Noah. She changes her mind when Noah takes a shine to Bradley and asks about him.

In August, she receives a job offer in Canada. Excited, Noah announces that Bradley is coming with them, but Bradley is worried about leaving his family behind, particularly his grandfather, who has just returned from a nursing home. She is sad but understands his circumstances. Noah too is against the idea of moving to Canada as he has made friends in Walford. After arguing with Stacey, Bradley tells Syd that he will go to Canada with her and Noah. They leave on 9 October but return on 7 December to visit Bradley's mother, Rachel Branning, in hospital. However, Bradley tells Syd that he is still in love with Stacey and refuses to return to Canada. She tries but fails to convince him that Stacey is trying to split them up and that he cannot leave Noah. However, he insists he is staying in Walford and says goodbye to them after helping to put their luggage in the car. Heartbroken, she and Noah leave without Bradley.

Syd was not heard from again until February 2010 when her former roommate Amira Masood contacted her to inform her of Bradley's death.


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