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Suki Kaur Panesar is the mother of Kheerat, Jags, Ash and Vinny Panesar, as well as being the grandmother of Tyrion Ahmed. She made her first appearance on 27 January 2020.


Suki was mentioned on-screen before her introduction, Suki is introduced as the mother of Kheerat Panesar, Jags Panesar, Vinny Panesar and Ash Kaur.


Following the introduction of her children in 2019, it is revealed that Suki is supposedly terminally ill and wants to reunite with Ash, who left the family following Suki's disapproval of her sexuality and abortion. The character's stories focus on her estranged relationship with Ash and multiple secrets that are revealed in the family.

Suki forms a friendship with Jean Slater when the pair bond over their shared experiences with cancer, but it is revealed that she is lying about her cancer in an attempt to gain her children's trust. Jean discovers the truth, and exposes Suki's lie to her children. Despite their initial disgust with what she has done, Suki persuades Kheerat, Jags and Vinny to forgive her, while Ash refuses to talk to her. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Suki purchases the local corner shop, the Minute Mart. When Vinny knocks Martin unconscious in the Minute Mart, she erases the CCTV footage, and tells the police that Jags attacked Martin, due to disapproving of his relationship with Habiba Ahmed.

In 2021, Jagvir Panesar died in jail and at first she blamed Vinny Panesar and snapped on him, after a while she felt like his death was her fault, in turn she didn’t eat for weeks. Honey Mitchell, her employee took notice and she formed a friendship with Suki and made her food as Honey didn’t eat after throwing Adam Bateman out. Suki got annoyed at Kheerat Panesar as he skipped Jagvir’s funeral to beat up Simon Atmore as he felt like Simon, who was in jail for the murder of Paul Coker shouldn’t get to walk free after Jags died.

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Connected Murders And Deaths

  1. Jags Panesar (24 June 2021) - Framed her son Jags for an assault on Martin Fowler, Jags was subsequently sent to prison where he was murdered by cell mates, Suki was grief stricken and blamed herself Jags' death.

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  • On 5 March 2020, Suki was credited as Suki Kaur instead of Panesar
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