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Sukhwinder Kaur "Suki" Panesar is the mother of Kheerat, Jags, Ash and Vinny Panesar and the ex-wife of Nish Panesar, as well as being the grandmother of Tyrion Ahmed and the step-grandmother of Davinder Gulati and Avani Nandra-Hart. She is currently in a relationship with Eve Unwin, on and off since 2022. She made her first appearance on 27 January 2020.


Suki married Nish when she was eighteen and he was twenty four. Nish was always verbally abusive to Suki. Belittling and humiliating her, and controlling who Suki was allowed to see and where she went. Nish's family told Suki it was his normal behaviour. Suki states he controlled every inch of her life. Their children do not know what Nish was really like growing up. Suki was a teenage parent, with Kheerat being her oldest. Suki's mother left her a necklace which she lent to Honey Mitchell for the 'Pride of Walford' awards.


2020-2022: Cancer lie, Jags' death and family drama

Following the introduction of her children in 2019, it is revealed that Suki is supposedly terminally ill and wants to reunite with Ash, who left the family following Suki's disapproval of her sexuality and abortion. The character's stories focus on her estranged relationship with Ash and multiple secrets that are revealed in the family.

Suki forms a friendship with Jean Slater when the pair bond over their shared experiences with cancer, but it is revealed that she is lying about her illness in an attempt to gain her children's trust. Jean discovers the truth, and exposes Suki's lie to her children. Despite their initial disgust with what she has done, Suki persuades Kheerat, Jags and Vinny to forgive her, while Ash refuses to talk to her. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Suki purchases the local corner shop, the Minute Mart. When Vinny knocks Martin unconscious in the Minute Mart, she erases the CCTV footage, and tells the police that Jags attacked Martin, due to disapproving of his relationship with Habiba Ahmed.

In 2021, Jags died in jail and at first she blamed Vinny Panesar and snapped at him. After a while she felt like his death was her fault, and in turn she didn't eat for weeks. Honey Mitchell, her employee took notice and she formed a friendship with Suki, making her food as Honey didn't eat after throwing the cheating Adam Bateman out. Suki got annoyed at Kheerat as he skipped Jagvir's funeral to beat up Simon Atmore as he felt like Simon, who was in jail for the murder of Paul Coker, shouldn't get to walk free after Jags died.

2022: Sexuality struggles and Ranveer's death

After Struggling with Jags' death, Suki Kisses honey during a heart to heart. However, after this she denies all claims of it due to her internalised homophobia. This continues for months, until January 2022 her daughter, Ash, leaves Walford temporarily due to her mother not accepting of her sexuality. In February, Suki gets locked in a police van with Eve Unwin after a brief argument in the street. During this, Suki reveals that everything she does is for her kids, and that no matter how cruel she’s been, it’s because she loves them. When the Slater family use Kheerat’s key to use the bathroom of 5A Albert Square due to Suki not repairing their boiler, Suki evicts the family and intends to lease it to a new family.

When Ash returns, Suki is happy to see her daughter again, however when she finds out Ash is immigrating to Canada, she deletes the e-mail sent by the doctors surgery wanting to hire her as Suki is keen on getting Ash to work with Nina Gupta at the GP surgery she is planning on buying. To make up for this, Suki buys Ash a car, but later goes behind her back and registers Ash to complete her GP training with Nina. When Suki is told people are inside of No.31, she goes over there to check for squatters, with Ash and Eve following her. Ash states Suki has always controlled her, and wouldn't let her visit her father in prison. Once Ash has left, Suki confides in Eve that her husband, Nishandeep, was verbally abusive to her, controlling her life. When she's finished, Eve drops her glass of wine that Kheerat had left there that he had brought for Stacey, telling Suki she will clean it up and that she can go if she wants to.

On 30 June 2022, Suki invited Eve for dinner at Walford East as a thank you for keeping her and Ash civil the day before as it was the first time in a while Ash opened up to her. During the lunch, Suki tells Eve the only reason she pushes Ash is because she can see how good she can be and not because she doesn’t have faith in her. However, when Eve goes to tell her that she should tell her kids about Nish’s release, she loses her train of thought due to Suki’s leg touching hers. After dessert, Eve leaves and joins Stacey and Kheerat at the Vic and tells Stacey she has feelings for Suki, convincing Stacey not to tell Kheerat about Nish being released. Eve later visits Suki at home and the two share a drink with Eve telling Suki she feels a spark between them, and then kisses Suki on the cheek. Suki slaps Eve and demands she leaves.

The next day, Eve sees Suki walking through Bridge Street Market and is distracted from work, she then confides in Stacey about what happened, and once again asks Stacey not to tell Kheerat about his dad being released. Eve then jokes with Stacey about her and Kheerat sneaking around. Later when Stacey tries to kiss Kheerat in the Cafe, Kheerat pulls away as Suki walks in. Later, Suki organised a meeting with Nina, while Kheerat sits angrily in the kitchen over how him and Stacey cant be happy because of Suki. Later at the Cafe, Eve and Stacey take the kids for food, and Stacey admits that she is Kheerat’s dirty little secret. Eve follows Kheerat out the cafe and tells Kheerat that he should just tell his mum he is in a relationship with Stacey before the two completely lose all feelings for eachother. Suki later meets Nina in the Vic where she shows Suki the wedding ring Ranveer Gulati had got her and says she hopes Kheerat is as happy and lucky as Ranveer one day as he hasn't been so far. After this, Kheerat pulls Suki over to Eve and Stacey in the Vic, and admits to his relationship and confessed he regrets hiding it, asking Stacey if she wants him to beg, which Stacey jokingly says yes to. Suki then sees Kheerat and Stacey kiss.

On 5 July 2022, Suki sees Kheerat and Stacey kissing in the market. Stacey asks Kheerat if he knows anything about the romans as Arthur has a project, but he says no. When Kheerat approaches Suki, he’s expecting her to he be rude about the pair, but she gives him her blessing, but tells Kheerat Stacey comes with baggage and attempts to gaslight Kheerat into breaking up with her. Later when stocking the minute mart, Ash comes in to wind Suki up by telling Suki she’s not attending dinner as she’s going out to a lesbian bar, however Suki tells Ash she’s needed in the shop as she has a meeting, and tells her to start stock taking now, much to Ash’s annoyance. After this, Eve comes in and tells Suki she doesn’t want any bad blood between them, and Suki tells her she shouldn’t have don’t what she did, and Eve tells Suki she can’t even accept the fact a woman missed her. She tells Suki she doesn’t want their moment to ruin Kheerat and Stacey, and Suki tells eve she overstepped the line and that she doesn’t know her, but Eve tells Suki she doesn’t know herself. Suki then tells Eve that just because Stacey and Kheerat are together doesn’t mean they need to see each other as much as they do. However, Ash gets Kheerat to cover for her, and when Stacey comes in to get packing tape with the kids, she tells Kheerat that since Kat has split from Phil, they need somewhere new to live, and allows them to move back into 31 and assists Stacey and Eve in moving Pat Butcher’s bar into the house, annoying Suki.

On 18 July 2022, Suki offers Kheerat some breakfast but he says he’s having it with Stacey, and Suki jokingly says that some greasy eggs are so much better than food comes with love. She then asks Ash to help with putting together an advert for the receptionist role at the GP, but Ash refuses, saying that she needs to stop treating her sons partners like chew toys. Suki later invites Stacey around for dinner at hers so the two can get to know each other. Suki leaves when Eve walks in. Stacey tells Eve she believes that the only reason Suki invited her is so she can convince her that dating Kheerat isn’t in her interests. Stacey later shows up, however she brings the kids but later sends them away to get chips, leaving Suki and Stacey together until they return. When the kids return, Suki let’s them play on Vinny’s games consoles in his bedroom. When Kheerat returns home, he is shocked to see Stacey and when she goes to check the kids, Suki says she figured she should make an effort, with Kheerat saying it means a lot to him. When Kheerat finds Ben fighting in Peggy’s, he takes him home to get examined by Ash, with Suki being annoyed at him and when Kheerat says he’s taken something, Suki says it’s liberties. After seeing a photo of Jags, Ben reveals to Suki, Stacey and her kids that he called the protection off Jags leading to his death. When everyone says he’s lying, and Stacey says he’s making it up. Ben reveals it was payback for Kheerat having a secret relationship with Sharon Watts and saying Kheerat should’ve kept it in his pants, resulting in Kheerat punching him and strangling him when he’s on the floor, with Stacey, Vinny and Suki begging him to stop, however Ash encourages it telling Stacey he deserves it, however after this Suki reveals that Ben isn’t the reason for Jags' death, she is as she sent him to prison to cover for Vinny, filling all her kids with anger. Kheerat says the police were on to Vinny, but had nothing on him so she framed Jags' as she was dating Habiba. After this, Stacey and Suki beg Ash to check if Ben is still breathing, which he is. When Suki goes to her bedroom, Kheerat follows her in and Suki states that holding Kheerat, her first born, was magical, however Kheerat is still angry and tells Suki that he almost killed Ben as he’d betrayed them, and states that he was being punished for sleeping with someone he shouldn’t, and asks if the only reason Suki invited Stacey for lunch was to see if Kheerat needed teaching a lesson, and Suki replies that Ben isn’t worth going down for murder, with Kheerat calling her out for changing the conversation, saying she always does it. After this, Suki admits that Jags' blood is on her hands and that if she could take it all back she would do it in a heartbeat, with Kheerat replying she doesn’t have a heart. Suki then tells Kheerat that one day, she will have to answer for what he’s done, but not to him. When Suki leaves her room, Vinny says he thought it was his fault, and Suki says it is for robbing the club, wish Ash saying she’s sick in the head and threatening to call the police on her for perverting the course of justice, but Suki states that if she does, they’ll reopen the case and Vinny will be sent down. When Kheerat visits Stacey at no.31 after she takes Ben home, Stacey says they need their big brother, but Kheerat says he doesn’t think he can do it, but after a kids and words of encouragement from Stacey, Kheerat returns to 5A. When Kheerat returns to 5A, Vinny is confiding in Ash, stating that it’s because of him they can’t turn Suki in, but Kheerat says it’s down to Ben and Suki. Vinny suggests turning himself in and revealing how they lied, but Kheerat says that neither Vinny or Suki will go to prison, much to the annoyance of Ash and Vinny. Kheerat gives Vinny a glass of water and Suki leaves her room, saying she’ll never forgive herself for sending Jags to his grave, and that asking the kids to forgive her is selfish, and that all she’s ever wanted was to protect and look after them. She stated that raising a family on her own isn’t easy and she hasn’t always got things right. She says that the world is cruel and dangerous, and doing and knowing what the right thing are is hard. She says that she’s made mistakes, kept secrets and hurt the kids as the three kids are the most important thing in her life and that everything she’s done is out of love for them. She begs the kids to say something, with Kheerat responding that he believes her about the three of them being the most important, but reminding Suki there were four of them and that Jags was just the bottom of the pile and that she would do the same to any of them, telling Suki they’re done, leaving the flat and bringing Suki to tears.

That night, Kheerat stays on Stacey’s sofa, and Eve asks Stacey if Suki is okay, and Stacey says eve shouldn’t waste her time on Suki. At 5A, Suki receives a parcel containing the flyers for the GP surgery, and when Vinny leaves his room, Suki tells Vinny not to go hungry to spite her, saying that she needs to speak to Ash about the opening of the surgery and that him and Dotty are invited, saying tomorrow is a big deal for the family, but Vinny says today is a big day. Suki reveals she knows she hurt them, but wants to find a way for them to be a family again. However Vinny leaves. Later that day, Eve enters the minute mart, and Suki says she’s not doing change and that if Stacey can’t organise her float it’s her problem, and when Eve asks what Suki’s problem is, she says it’s Eve. Kheerat then storms into the shop, asking Suki why she sent him a picture of a flyer for the GP opening, saying that the idea of her doing a speech after what she did makes him feel sick. Suki asks to speak about it in private, but Kheerat says she’s embarrassed about throwing her son under the bus and saying that sending Jags to prison was a punishment for dating Habiba, saying that when she turned on Jags she didn’t lose one child, she lost them all before leaving the shop again. After this when Eve is covering for Suki in the shop, she closes the till before giving Shrimpy change and offers him an extra slice of bacon the next day to make up for it. When Suki comes back, Eve asks if what Kheerat said about Jags is true, saying that it’s harsh and puts her mummy issues in a whole new light, but she tells Suki to be careful how much blame she’s soaks up as she’s suffered too and that not all of it is her fault. Eve tells Suki she knows what guilt feels like when blaming yourself for someone’s death. Eve tells Suki she knew a girl that was on her own the day she died because of Eve, but says that it wasn’t her fault she died, reminding her that no matter what it wasn’t her that took Jags' life. Suki states the kids will never forgive her, and Eve says that she should surround herself by people who will and that she shouldn’t spend all day trying not to cry and waiting to be yelled at, Joking that it won’t just be the kids as Shrimpy will be back for his eight pence change. Eve tells Suki to get cover and come with her as she knows exactly what she needs.

Eve takes Suki to McKlunky’s and tells her it’s distraction therapy, helping Suki get through her issues, saying the kids just need time to remember how much that love their mum and she can’t rush that. Eve suggests inviting her to the opening so at least one friendly face is there and that she can spend the afternoon drinking and eating chips with Eve at McKlunky’s. Suki later  shows Eve the flyers for the surgery, and she says they look classy. Suki jokes that Eve shouldn’t get her dirty fingerprints on them, Eve then suggests McKlunky’s would do a good deal for the catering on the opening of the surgery, with Suki replying that an E. Coli breakout isn’t good publicity in the Walford Gazette. Suki then asks Eve who the girl who died  that she was talking about earlier was, and Eve reveals it was her Twin sister and that she both loved and hated her at the same time, saying she was amazing and did everything perfectly and looked amazing while doing it, with Suki jokingly replying that Eve lived in her shadow, she then says that Eve has her own style and confidence about her but she would never use the the word gorgeous. Eve tells Suki that her sister was the original “It girl” and she was the geek who locked herself in her room listening the thrash metal music so nobody would talk to her. Suki asks if Eve’s parents blamed her for her death, and Eve says they haven’t spoke in ages so she doesn’t know if her parents have forgiven her, but she says that it won’t be like that for Suki. Suki then changed the subject back to Metal music, saying she prefers her metal with a slower tempo, surprising Eve. Suki says she would only listen privately as her parents would be horrified and she always seemed their approval. Eve then says that it all makes sense that Suki is a metal fan, with Suki correcting her about being a secret metal fan, but Eve says it’s not secret anymore and that Suki should shout it from the rooftops. When walking home, Eve says she still can’t believe Suki is a metal head and that she should’ve taken them to a club. Eve offers to come inside with Suki incase the kids are there, if she shows Eve her record collection and Suki agrees to it. When inside, Eve says that if Suki ends up in court against her kids she’ll need to hand onto her records as some of them are expensive, she says she’ll need to fight tooth and nail for the speaker system too as if the kids aren’t around Suki should turn the tunes up and have a party. Suki then tells Eve she needs to leave before she does something stupid, and when asked to define stupid, Suki pushes Eve against the fridge and the two begin to kiss.

The next day, Suki prepares for the launch and talks to Honey, who says Suki must be proud as she remembers when they changed the market inspector sign to have her name, however Suki is distracted by Eve, who she sees walking past with Arthur. When Suki regains focus, she says that it’s an opportunity to mingle with important community members, however when Tom Cotton pulls up in a car outside the surgery, Suki tells him he has to move. Later, Suki shows Nina and Ranveer Gulati around the interior, and the two remark about how amazing it looks, with Suki saying it was a lot of work. Ranveer then offers Suki the opportunity to work on a project she has in Mumbai with Kheerat, he also asks if Kheerat is coming to which Suki says responds to by saying Kheerat will try as he is very busy. Ranveer replies by telling Suki his grandson could learn a lot from Kheerat and that he thought Suki would never be so devoted to someone as she was her husband, but then the kids came along. Eve then shows up, invited by Ash to help prepare, but Suki says everything is sorted so she won’t be needed, Ash then shows her around. Eve later confronts Suki in an office about why she invited her but won’t even look at her, saying that when she said she wanted to take it slow she didn’t mean she didn’t want it. Suki replies by saying she got distracted and that the only thing that matters is her family. The GP surgery opens and the opening is attended by Suki, Vinny, Eve, Nina, Vi Highway, Ranveer, Honey and Karen Taylor. Vi talks to Nina about how practical it is to have a new surgery on her doorstep as taking multiple busses at her age is a tiring nightmare and that the doctors at her surgery are awful. Vi asks Nina if she can ask for her every time, but Nina avoids the question by telling Suki it’s time for their speech. Nina thanks them all for coming and states that they look foward to bringing the community the care and attention it deserves before welcoming everyone to the surgery. Suki then thanks Vinny for coming despite what had happened during this week, but Vinny says he’s there for Ash.

At some point, Suki hires Sarah to be the receptionist, but she is not seen at the opening. Later, Honey talks to Suki about how some people don’t understand the pressure of being a leader, and when Suki asks who the person opposite them is, Honey says it’s a journalist and she goes to talk to her, the journalist mentions how she wants to hear about Ash, but Suki shows her Ash instead. Ash and Suki show the journalist around the downstairs consulting rooms and mention there’s more upstairs, and the journalist asks Ash how long she’s been training to be a GP, with Ash saying she’s still a trainee. Suki says that Ash was a nurse at Walford General before, and the journalist asks if her lack of experience will effect the patients, with Ash assuring her it won’t and saying that she is trusted and respected in the community as they live local. The journalist then asks what people would think of the allegation that Ash aided in euthanising a patient, asking that if it’s true Ash explained to a grieving man how to end his dying wife’s pain. Suki tells her they don’t respond to unfounded allegations and Ash asks who she’s been speaking to, with the journalist saying she’s following a lead. Suki says she won’t be getting an answer and tells the journalist to leave. Suki asks Ash if it’s true, and Ash tells her that a nurse is trying to blackmail her for money and now he's gone to the press. Suki asks if it’s true, but Ash thinks she’s only worried because it’ll affect her reputation too, Ash then leaves, saying she’ll sort it. After this, Suki visits Eve at the Bap van, saying she needs help with the Ash situation, saying it’s serious. Eve then leaves to talk with Stacey. The ladies meet the journalist in the vic, threatening the journalist by exposing her old name and crimes of scamming the elderly, Eve tells her she can find more on her. The two threaten to send what they found to her boss, and the journalist agrees not to mention it in the article. Eve says to Suki she shouldn’t mess with Suki. Back at the surgery, Ash goes to tell Nina about the allegations, but Suki stops her by telling her the journalist isn’t an issue anymore, and Ash admits the reason she wanted to leave for Canada is because of the nurse trying to blackmail her. Suki says she doesn’t have to leave anymore, and apologises to Ash, but before Ash can reply she’s called away by Nina. Eve then turns up, and Suki apologises for being rude earlier, and Eve says she should’ve just said she wasn’t interested, and Suki says she never said that. Eve says that it doesn’t have to matter that she’s a woman, and that they can take it slow if Suki wants to. Eve suggests sticking around at the the end of the launch so they can talk, and Suki accepts. When Eve, Suki and Nina begin to clear up after the ceremony, Nina says she’s glad it has opened now so she can focus on her wedding to Ranveer, who then turns up, saying Ash was informing him of the six month plan for the clinic, Ash then says she’s planning on opening a clinic for the LGBTQ community, which annoys Ranveer as he doesn’t believe anyone should get special treatment, but Eve says the NHS has been providing specialised treatment to the LGBTQ community for years, saying that if he wants he can leave those patients to the bigots out there, joking that maybe they’ll offer them some conversion therapy. Ranveer attacks Eve by saying she’s one of those extreme liberals who thinks everyone should have the same opinion as her, with Eve saying that that is totally the same thing as supporting her community. Later when they’re alone inside, Eve and Suki almost kiss, but Suki says that Ranveer can never know, and that the two of them can’t be together because of what is expected from Suki. Suki says this is the way it is with her and it will always be like this, and Eve leaves, with Suki crying in the surgery.

On 28 July 2022, Suki visits Kheerat at the arches as he packs up after being brought out, saying it’s a good thing. Suki then invited Kheerat to her meeting with Ranveer later, saying if they do expand it will be a family decision, but Kheerat says they aren’t family anymore. Suki has her meeting with Ranveer at Walford East, at the same time Ash and Eve are having drinks. the two share drinks, with Eve saying she needs it. Ash calls Eve fit, and Eve returns the compliment, before making a toast to bring fit, free and single. Suki then walks in with Ranveer for her meeting, and Ash remarks that she’s like a rash. Eve suggest the two should go to the vic instead, but Ash says they aren’t going anywhere and they’ll have to deal with it. In their meeting, Ranveer recalls begging Nish to put a bid on a warehouse in Wapping, London. He then recalls Nish’s former saying, money in your hand is better than money in your mind. However, Suki keeps looking over at Eve in jealousy, Ranveer says that Suki is the one woman he wants to do business with, and the two share a toast to business, with Ranveer adding all the pleasures that come with it. After this, Eve says shes wants to leave, but Ash saying not to go because of them. Ash then tries to kiss Eve and admits she likes Eve, but Eve admits she doesn’t feel the same, saying she’s fallen for somebody and it’s complicated, saying she’s had to walk away from her and that she’s not completely over it. Eve then leaves and Ash stays there, embarrassed. Later, Suki finds Kheerat in the cafe and informs him that Ranveer is on board for the deal, saying it’s good for all of them, but Kheerat says not all of them, and says nothing will make up for what Suki did, so she should stop trying.

On 1 August 2022, Suki convinces Kheerat to come to a family dinner, saying they need to try and move forward, with Kheerat saying they need to accept she’s responsible for what happened to Jags. Kheerat says until she admits to it, he can’t believe another word that comes out of her mouth. Suki then sees Ben in the shop, and tells Kheerat he’s to blame. Kheerat then leaves, saying it’s too late for happy families. Kheerat later convinces Ash and Vinny to move out with him to 41 Albert Square, angering Suki. Suki says that 5A is the family home, but Kheerat tells her it isn’t anymore and that he knows the landlord, Masood Ahmed, and he’s signed the lease. Vinny is hesitant at leaving, but Kheerat reminds him Suki is the reason Jags is dead. Suki says that Jags would want them to stay together, with Ash being angry she’s using Jags as an excuse to make them stay. Vinny realised that Suki will never change and agrees to leave. Kheerat invites Dotty, but Suki says it’s only to make her be alone and they’ll throw her out soon, and that she’s the one who took her in and treated her like a daughter, but Vinny reminds her it was him who brought Dotty in when Suki was happy to see her sleeping rough. Dotty tried to make peace and say they don’t need to leave so suddenly and to try talk to Suki, but the kids don’t listen to her.  After this, Suki stands in the kitchen and begs the kids and Dotty to stay. Kheerat says he can’t live or work with Suki, and that he’s buying Suki out of the businesses, annoying Suki as she’d only have the minute mart. Suki attempts to talk to Vinny and Ash, but they ignore her. Kheerat suggests getting a bottle of wine and toasting it to their new home, and Jags. Kheerat says Suki doesn’t deserve to be a mother, and Suki snaps, saying she sent the wrong son to prison. The kids later leave, with Ash taking Suki’s records. Later, Suki finds Ben on Turpin Way after hearing his phone while she’s having a moment to herself at the Playground. Ben is dying from an overdose, however, Suki is unaware of this and just assumes he’s drunk, so leaves him when he asks for help due to what he did to Jags. Suki later goes to find Eve and asks her for a drink, and Eve says she needs to draw a line under whatever it was they had, Eve says they could’ve had something real. Suki says she just wanted someone to talk to, and Eve says she can’t be that person. Suki later goes to Peggy's and Chelsea says she looks like she’s had a long day, and when Chelsea tells Sam about what happened to Ben, she orders another drink. The next day, Suki watched Ash, Vinny and Kheerat go about their lives from outside the minute mart, and then sees Eve talking to Winston. A postman then asks her to sign for a letter, which she opens. It turns out to be a letter regarding the lease of the shop. Nina then comes to see Suki to talk her about a meeting the next day, asking to change the time of it. Suki pretends to know about it, and Nina says she won’t be there. Nina then leaves as she has multiple house calls, but she remarks it’s terrible news about Ben. Suki then visits Kheerat at 41, angry at him for not telling her about the meeting. Kheerat asks if she doesn’t like things being kept from her and people doing things behind her back. Kheerat admits he has another renovation contract in Mumbai that he will be overseeing, not her. Suki then reads her letter again in the shop, when the Baker brothers walk in, trying to get a discount. Suki tells them the prices that see are the prices they get. Felix asks how much they have, and Finlay says he didn’t count it. Felix says they should count it, but Finlay says that can’t as he put it in his bag, and Felix says he gave the bag to Kim without looking inside. Suki later tries to make Vinny convince Kheerat to help her with the Minute Mart lease going up. Vinny says Suki has always made her feel like she doesn’t count and leaves. The next day, Suki receives a phone call from Ranveer, hoping to bring the meeting ahead by an hour. Suki is hesitant as she’s still waiting for Kheerat, but plays it off that she still needs to hoover and make herself look nice. Suki later gets Kheerat to arrive and begins cooking dinner. When Ranveer arrives, Kheerat opens the door and Suki greets him by apologising for the mess, and Ranveer says Suki keeps a cleaner home than Nina, before remarking about what Suki’s cooking, saying he hopes it’s not shop brought. Ranveer then asks why the kids have moved across the square, Suki says it’s because she believes they need their independence. Ranveer then asks why Kheerat is pitching against her, and Suki says it’s as he wants to do things his way, and Ranveer remarks that it’ll be good experience for her to see how men do business. Ranveer’s son, Ravi Gulati, then arrives, and greets Suki as they have not seen each other in years. Suki then pitches to Ranveer, saying not only has she run many businesses and raised four amazing children, but Ranveer and Suki have the trust of a friendship aging back thirty years. Suki says that there is plenty of scope for his input too, with Kheerat saying that’s Suki saying she hasn’t figured it all out yet. Ravi then asks Kheerat where the mummy’s boy he used to know has gone, and Kheerat says he grew up, asking Ravi if he knows what that means. Ravi says he thought he did, before remarking that Kheerat is in his mums house, drinking his mums tea and stealing his mum’s business. Ranveer then asks to hear Kheerat’s pitch. Kheerat then reminds Ranveer about what they’ve done together in Mumbai before, And Ravi is dismissive, saying he remembers Kheerat as a mummy’s boy and a teacher pet, and Kheerat remembers him as the boy who was kicked out of school at fifteen, with Ravi reminding him he brought his own house at twenty three. Kheerat says he used his dads money, before Ravi reminds him that’s what he’s begging for right now. Ranveer then stops them, and says that Kheerat had an excellent pitch, but says Ravi makes a good point about why he’s pitching against Suki. Kheerat says a man has to stand on his own two feet, but Ranveer says Nish would expect Kheerat to stand by her, and goes with Suki’s pitch. Suki and Ranveer later have a meal at Walford East, and share a toast to their new partnership, with Ranveer saying it’s not all due to him, and Suki says she probably has Nina to thank to. Ranveer says she has her uses, but what Ranveer wants to talk about is how they can take their venture forward. Suki says there’s plenty’s they’ve not talked about, and Ranveer asks Suki to tell him more, before Kheerat and Stacey walk in. Kheerat confides in Stacey about losing the deal, and Suki then approaches, offering to join forces, but Kheerat says Suki has earned it. Ranveer then remarks that Suki is a strong woman, and that the kids should show her more respect, calling Kheerat a disappointment. Ranveer then says Suki should visit Mumbai soon, and Suki says they should sign the contract. Ranveer then says they shouldn’t be too hasty. Ranveer then begins making sexual advances towards Suki by claiming that there are details to work out, saying he needs to know how dedicated to the deal Suki is and what she will do to seal the deal, while touching her leg.

The next day, Nina approaches Suki when she’s opening the shop, and asks if she’d excited about her and Ranveer’s big deal, and Ranveer tells her he definitely is. Suki says she is too, but there’s still some details to work out. Nina says she needs to go to work, but reminds Ranveer to call Davinder Gulati, reminding him than he’ll waste the day otherwise. When Nina leaves, Ranveer reminds Suki the Mumbai is all her when she agrees to “iron out the details” and that they have a finite number of minutes left on the earth and that there’s no reason they shouldn’t mix business with pleasure. Ranveer then leaves. Later in the shop, Vinny comes in to buy Karen Taylor a jam ring, telling Suki she can’t manage to morning without them and that Suki is the only place that sells them. Vinny tells Suki it isn’t easy being on her own, and says he thought she would’ve been on cloud nine after taking Ranveer’s business away from Kheerat, and that money is the only thing that matters to her. Suki reminds Vinny everything she’s done is for the kids, before snapping and saying Kheerat can have the deal. Vinny says he thought Suki couldn’t afford the lease for the shop without the deal, and Suki says there are other ways to make money. Vinny says he’ll start her off and hands Suki a twenty pound note for the biscuits, telling her to keep the change. Suki later calls Yolande Trueman, trying to work out a reduced lease, but Yolande says she needs to speak to her boss. Suki then throws her phone across the shop, and Sharon Watts says she’ll scare the customers away if she does it. Sharon asks what’s wrong, but Suki tells her it’s nothing and that she should go. Sharon asks her if she wants to go for a tea and she accepts. At the Cafe, Suki says she’s sure Sharon has somewhere else to be, but Sharon assures her she doesn’t and says that if Suki needs to talk about what happened she’s all ears. Suki asks why Sharon is being nice to her as she’s never nice to Sharon, and Sharon jokes that she definitely wasn’t when she was with Kheerat. Sharon says she heard Suki is having trouble with the shop, and that lots of people are struggling, and says that the gym is doing okay thankfully. Suki says that her and Kheerat argued over a deal and now he’s taking half the businesses and that Ash and Vinny sided with him. Sharon says mixing family and business isn’t ideal and Suki says the lease on the shop has gone up and it’s due. Sharon suggests paying in instalments, but Suki says she already asked about that. Suki tells Sharon she’s seven grand short and if she doesn’t get it soon she’ll lose the shop. Suki tells Sharon that Jags was the peacekeeper and that it’s been hard since he died, saying everyone else has moved on, and Sharon understands how she feels due to her losing Dennis Rickman Jr, and Suki apologises for wallowing, but Sharon says it’s okay. Suki says Kheerat has taken all the contacts and Sharon remakes men are awful at business and only want to do business with other men, and that she has suppliers that still call her babe and ask to speak to her boss. Suki says she’s had to stand around and do nothing while people talk to Kheerat despite her teaching Kheerat everything he knows. Suki then hints to Sharon about her giving her the seven grand she needs. Later, Suki buys Sharon a drink at the vic and is seen by Nina, Ravi and Ranveer. Suki thanks Sharon for considering the idea, but then Phil arrives angry at Suki for leaving Ben to die from the overdose. Frankie asks the two not to fight as she’s on her own, and Phil calls Suki out, and Frankie asks Suki to explain herself. At a loss for words, Suki says it was dark. Sharon says she was feeling sorry for Suki, but Suki says Sharon wouldn’t care if Ben died as she’s heard the test he speaks to her, and Sharon says it’s no reason her kids turned against her and that Ben is still family. Suki reveals that Ben is the reason Jags died as they paid him to protect Jags in prison. Phil says it isn’t Ben’s fault and Suki says they’re even, but Phil says he hasn’t gotten started yet, and then Kheerat steps in, saying Phil wouldn’t hit a woman in public and reminding Phil that Ben is alive unlike Jags. Kheerat then makes Suki apologise to Phil, which she does, and Phil warns her that if she hurts his family again he’ll hurt hers. Suki thanks Kheerat and invites him for dinner, but Kheerat declines, still being angry at Suki.

Later, when Suki is sitting on the bench, Eve approaches her and asks if she’s okay, Suki says she’s fine but says she thought Eve didn’t want to talk to her, and Eve says she just wanted to know if she was okay. Suki says she’s just got herself into a situation, and Eve says she’s sorry it’s come to this. Suki says that if she takes Ranveer’s deal the kids will hate her even more than they already do, but she’s got no choice, but Eve says there’s always a choice. Suki says only some people get a choice, and Eve tells her to stop moaning and do whatever she needs to do to find another solution. Eve says Suki is the most stubborn and infuriating person she’s ever met so she’s sure she’ll do whatever it takes. Eve then leaves, and Suki makes a phone call to Ranveer saying she’s been thinking about his offer. Ranveer later visits Suki when she’s stocking the shelves, saying he knows she wanted it, and Suki says she’s put a lot into the Mumbai plans and it would be a shame not to see it through. Ranveer says he’ll see her at his hotel in two hours, but Suki suggests they go to her flat instead, and Ranveer agrees to it. Suki says that hotels are soulless and Ranveer deserves an afternoon he’ll never forget. Ranveer then leaves. Later, Suki goes home to get ready, putting on a fancy pink dress and matching lipstick in her bedroom. She then goes to the kitchen and continues cooking dinner for her and Ranveer when Ranveer calls asking what the delay is. Suki says it’s as she wants everything to be perfect, however it’s actually due to her having to set up a camera to record Ranveer’s attempts at forcing her into sex. Before Ranveer arrives, Suki makes a prayer, but is interrupted by Ranveer knocking at the door. She answers and Ranveer says she looks sensational, Suki says she aims to please. Ranveer says that something smells good, and puts his hands around Suki’s chest, and Suki says she’s made them some food, and Ranveer remakes he had another appetite that needs satisfying first, with Suki saying there’s no rush as they have the whole place to themselves and all the time of the world, and Suki says she’ll take good care of Ranveer before telling him to sit down. Suki then brings over the two’s dinner, asking Ranveer if his beautiful new wife cooks, and Ranveer says nothing like what Suki does, but Suki reminds her he hasn’t tasted it yet. Ranveer takes a bite and says it’s delicious, and Suki takes a sip of wine. Ranveer tells Suki she puts Nina to shame in so many ways, but Suki says Nina is a triple threat as she’s a young, beautiful and intelligent doctor, saying that when he’s got that at home there’s no reason for him to want to spend time with the woman who owns the local corner shop. Ranveer says Suki is so much more than that, and Suki says there was a time she would have been flattered by his admiration a long time ago, but now she just sees it as a power trip, saying he doesn’t desire her. Ranveer takes Suki’s hand, saying he does, but Suki says he wants to own her. Ranveer says Suki is a beautiful and intelligent woman too and that he’s wanted her for years. Suki laughs and says he doesn’t need to try and romance her, and Ranveer says if she relaxes she might enjoy herself tonight, but Suki says she’ll definitely enjoy herself, but they’re both adults so they should acknowledge it’s a transaction, with Suki offering managing the development of his property in Mumbai, and asking what he wants in return. Ranveer says Suki knows what he wants, but Suki says she wants to hear him say it. Suki encourages him to say it, saying she likes powerful men who know what they want. Ranveer then says that he wants Suki in his bed. Suki asks that if she goes to bed with him if he’ll sign the contract, and Ranveer says that's the deal. Suki then takes the contract from the chair next to her, asking him to sign it to make it official. Ranveer says they can do it another time as Ravi has drawn up a copy of the contract, but Suki says she likes people to put pen to paper before she hands over the goods. Ranveer says they have a business agreement and a personal agreement and that they are different things. He tells Suki she wants it as much as he does and that there has been hers between them for years, but Suki reminds him that she has a husband, and that she’s an honourable woman, with Ranveer saying she’s honourable enough to exchange sex for a chunk of business, and Suki says that exchange only happens when he signs the contract. Ranveer is angered by this, and tells Suki that the exchange happens now. Suki stands up and tells Ranveer that her bedroom is through there and that Ranveer will get what he wants when he signs, and he does so, telling Suki they can go to the bedroom now and that he’ll rip them up if she doesn’t. Suki says it doesn’t matter if he rips them or not as she has all the proof she needs, revealing to Ranveer he’s on camera and that everything has been recorded. Ranveer then begs Suki to delete the video footage, saying she’s had her fun, but Suki tells him to take his copy of the contract and leave. Ranveer says everything he said was a joke, but Suki knows that he is lying to make himself look good on camera, reminding him about the last thing he said. Ranveer says he won’t be giving Suki the Mumbai deal after this, but Suki says if he doesn’t, he’ll be saying goodbye to his professional reputation, his standing in the community, his family and his marriage. Ranveer then accuses Suki of leading him on, but Suki says the video footage proves him wrong, and tells him to take the contract and get out. Ranveer leaves, but before he closes the door, he reversed back inside, saying he’s not going anywhere. Ranveer then smashed everything off of the mantelpiece of 5A, reminding Suki that her children show her no respect and that without him she is just the old woman who runs the corner shop, telling Suki she was right about it being about power, revealing he does want to own her and telling her she knows what he does with his possessions, anything he wants, and says he will get what he came for. Suki then grabs him close and knees him in the groin when Ranveer tries to rape her, before attempting to call Kheerat as she flees, but Ranveer pulls her back as she opens the door and throws her towards the floor. Suki kicks Ranveer again and attempts to get up, but Ranveer smacks her and she falls to the ground again. Ranveer then gets on top of Suki, saying it didn’t have to be like this, but Suki grabs a clock and smacks Ranveer over the head with it, knocking him unconscious, however Suki believes he is dead. Suki gets up off the floor, horrified that she has killed Ranveer as he lays on the floor. Then, Ravi walks in and sees the crime scene, asking Suki if she killed him. Suki says he can’t be dead, but Ravi asks how it happened and tells Suki to look at him as he’s lying there dead. Suki then explains what happened to Ravi, and breaks down into tears. Suki suggests calling an ambulance, but Ravi says it’s too late. Suki says they should call the police, but Ravi says they would blame the two of them. Suki begs Ravi for help, saying she could go to prison for this, and apologised to Ravi for murdering his father, saying she feels bad for Nina too, but Ravi reminds her that he wasn’t thinking of Nina when he pinned her down. Ravi says that anyone who’s capable of rape is no father of his, and Suki begins crying again again. Ravi asks Suki if he can trust her, and she says yes. Ravi tells her to leave the flat and leave the rest to him. Suki then leaves. When Suki leaves the flat, Eve finds her after leaving the Vic. Eve asks what happened to Suki, and she is unable to tell Eve the truth, saying she was mugged. Eve then takes Suki into the vic and asks for a first aid kit. Meanwhile, at the flat, Ravi begins to get ready to dispose of Ranveer’s body and gets the cleaning supplies out, and when he returns to the body, Ranveer gains consciousness and tells Ravi that Suki has it on camera. Ranveer grabs Ravi and asks him how he could try to dispose of his body, and tells Ravi not to call him his dad as he was never his dad. Ravi then hits Ranveer with the clock again and he dies from the blow to the head. Ravi is overwhelmed, but notices the camera Suki had set up. He then takes it down so he can erase the footage incriminating him later. Over at the Vic, Eve treats Suki, and says that Frankie says they can go upstairs, but Suki says it’s okay. Eve takes notice in Suki not reacting to the stinging of the wipe, and says that she really does never show emotions, joking she has to keep up the ice queen reputation. Eve asks who did it to her, but Suki says she doesn’t know as she was mugged. Eve asks if she wants to go to the police, but Suki says no. Eve asks Suki to talk to her, but Suki says it was just kids and she just needs to sit there on her own for a bit to gather her thoughts. Eve then leaves and tells Frankie what Suki said about it just being kids that mugged her, and Suki begins crying again. Suki sits on the stairs of the vic, and hears Billy say Suki should go to the police. Suki then leaves the Vic and is approached by Kheerat, who scares her. Kheerat asks what happened to her face and asks about the voicemail. Suki says she was mugged and it’s too late to start caring, and Kheerat says of course he cares and that Suki is his mum. Kheerat offers to walk Suki inside, but she declines. When Suki gets home, she asks Ravi where the body is, but he can’t answer as they hear Kheerat shouting after Suki. Ravi hides in Suki’s bedroom. Kheerat walks in and sees the mess and asks what happened, and Suki says she lost it and lashed out. Suki pushes Kheerat away, and he asks what the suitcase in the hallway on the floor, and Suki lies about it being her thinking about going away. Kheerat picks up the clock, alarming Suki and she says that none of it was her fault, which Kheerat assumed she means about Jags. Suki lies and says that is what she meant, saying there is someone else out there that’s the reason he is dead. Suki begins crying again, and Kheerat hugs her and she admits she never meant for anything to happen. Kheerat takes Suki to her bedroom, but before Kheerat takes her inside she tells him to get out, saying that he feels sorry for her now but nothing has changed and he still hates her. Kheerat then leaves and Suki begins crying again. Ravi exits the bedroom and sees her. Suki asks why Ravi put the body in a suitcase and he admits he had no ideas. When Suki asks what he’s going to do with the body, Ravi admits he has no idea and will probably dump it in the river. Suki asks what they’ll do about the clock, and Ravi says he’ll get rid of it too. Suki tells Ravi about the camera and he admits he found it, Suki says they can use it to prove it was self defence, but Ravi lied saying it looks incriminating. Ravi says he saw Ranveer destroy so many lives and he can’t so the same to Suki. Suki thanks Ravi for what he’s done and says that he's a Good man.

The next day, Suki doesn't open the shop which angers Karen and Billy. Karen bangs on the shutters, however Suki is at home. Ravi then walks in, and Suki asks if it's done, and Suki says nobody’s going to find Ranveer. Ravi says that Suki shouldn't be drinking as she’s got a business to run, but Suki says she can't go outside. Ravi says he can get her through this, but Suki needs to act as if everything’s normal as people will start asking questions that they don't have the answers too and they’ll both end up inside. Ravi tells Suki to get changed and open the shop. Ravi later looks over the cctv footage when Ash and Vinny arrive to make sure she’s okay. Ash offers to look at Suki’s wounds, and suggests going to the police. Suki freezes and Ash asks what’s wrong, but Ravi walks in and says Suki is fine. Ash asks why he’s here and Ravi says she’s been with Suki since it’s happened as he didn’t want her to be alone. Ash tells Suki she can speak to her, and Suki tells Ash that she can’t and asks her and Vinny to leave. Ravi says it’s okay and that he’ll stay. The two then leave. Ravi reminds Suki she can’t ever tell them and tells Suki it’s time to open the shop. Ravi walks Suki to the shop, and she sees Eve in the distance. Karen and Billy see her and are frustrated, with Billy saying she’s saying you’re not even safe on your own doorstep. Suki tries to leave, but Ravi stops her, and Vinny sees him. He asks Ravi how she is and Ravi says she’s okay and he told her not to open up but she insisted. Kheerat then exits the cafe and the two share a look, and Kheerat then sees Ravi talking to Vinny. Kheerat then approaches him and Ravi says that someone has to be there for Suki. He then notices the restaurant is up for sale. Nina then approaches Suki and asks if she’s okay, Suki says she’s okay and Nina asks if Suki has spoken to Ranveer after their meeting as he didn’t come home. Suki lies and says it was a quick meeting and that Ranveer said something about going to Mumbai. Nina tells Suki that if she does hear from him to tell him Nina is looking for him. Suki then walks off, annoying Karen. Ravi then goes to the flat to see Suki, and she says she couldn’t open the shop and that they need to go to the police and she wants to see the recording as there has to be something proving it was self defence. Ravi reminds her there isn’t, but Suki says she can’t keep living like this and that she needs to tell the truth. Ravi tells Suki he deleted the footage as it was incriminating, telling her he’s done it to protect her and that everything he has done is to protect her. Ravi says the recording and Ranveer’s body is gone so now all she needs to do is be the Suki everyone knows and that it will all blow over. Ravi then says he has an idea that may help and suggests the two buy the restaurant. Suki says she can’t, but Ravi says he will make sure the Mumbai deal goes through and that all Suki’s assets are secure and that he was looking for a business to invest with with Ranveer before his death and that going into business with Suki would give him a reason to be around so he doesn’t have to abandon her like others have, saying he wants to be there for Suki like he was last night. Suki admits she doesn’t know what she would have done if Ravi wasn’t there, and says she wants him to stay and that they can make Kathy an offer about the restaurant. The two then go to the restaurant and Ravi does the talking, but Suki is the one who convinces Kathy to sell to them. The two then go to the Vic for drinks and Frankie asks if Suki has been to the police yet, and Suki says no. She then drops her glass and rushes out, bumping into Eve who asks if she’s okay. She says she’s fine, but Eve knows she isn’t and says she just wants to help her. Ravi then exits the pub and escorts her home, and Eve tells him to take good care of her. At the flat, Ravi pours a drink and says Suki should drink it, he then says Suki did well today and showed people the woman they’re expecting to see and if she does that for the next few days everything will be over soon. Back at the flat, Ravi tampers with the footage, deleting him killing Ranveer.

On 15 August 2022, Suki once again doesn’t open up the shop. At the flat, she makes herself a cup of tea, but when she turns around, she gets flashbacks to Ranveer after looking at the hallway where he died. Ash then walks in to check on Suki. Suki asks what she’s doing at the flat, and Ash says she was worried as the shops closed again, and asks how Suki is. She offers to take a look at the cut on Suki’s face as it may be infected, but Suki refuses, saying she wants to be alone. Ash later meets Nina in the cafe, asking her to examine Suki as she won’t let Ash, and she agrees to. Ravi then asks if it’s about Suki not opening the shop, and Ash says yes. Ravi says she’ll be back to herself in not time, but Ash says she feels its about more then a mugging. Nina and Ash then go to 5A, and Nina takes her blood pressure, with Suki saying she’s fine. Nina asks if Suki is stressed, and she says she wasn’t until the two ladies barged in. Nina asks if she resents having a daughter who cares for her. Nina asks Suki if she’s heard from Ranveer, but Suki says he’s Nina’s husband and it’s not his job to keep tabs on him. The doorbell then rings and Ash opens the door to Ravi. Nina prescribes Suki pills to help with her blood pressure, and Ash says that maybe opening the shop is the best thing to do, with Ravi agreeing. Nina finishes Suki’s prescription and leaves, and Ash tells Suki she will feel alot better when she gets back to work, she then leaves. Suki asks Ravi how she’s meant to act like everything is normal, and Ravi tells her that unless she wants to face a court house, she’ll find a way.

The next day, Suki once again doesn’t open the shop, however this time she is inside of the shop. Ravi calls her, telling her to let him in and she does so. Ravi asks why the door was locked, and Suki lied by saying she was restocking out back. Suki says she can’t keep doing this, but Ravi says she has to it she’ll be arrested. Ravi tells Suki to get a grip and follow his lead. Suki asks why Ravi is helping her, and Ravi says that his father wasn’t a good man and that he can’t let him destroy Suki’s life. Ravi then says they need to tell the kids they’re in business together and get the story straight, and Ravi says to leave it to him, he then leaves before flipping the shop sign to display open. Later at the restaurant, Suki thanks her kids for coming. Ravi then comes in, annoying Kheerat. Ravi then announces that Ranveer is staying in Mumbai for business and that him and Suki have brought the restaurant, fifty percent each. Ash asks why Suki is telling them, with Kheerat saying it’s to make them upset. Vinny says she wants the kids blessing, and Ash says that Suki was just pretending to be upset about the mugging, but Suki says that Ravi has been doing all the heavy lifting and that she has nothing to hide and that she doesn’t want anything from the kids. She then says her good fortune is her families good fortune too, and Kheerat wishes them the best of luck before saying he wants nothing to do with it and leaves, followed by Ash and Vinny. Suki says she knew it was a bad idea, and Ravi says the kids will come round.

On 29 August 2022, Kheerat visits Suki at the flat to discover Ravi and Davinder are moving in. Kheerat says he wants her to be careful and not be taken advantage of, and Suki tells Ravi that he’s been a great help while Kheerat was chasing Stacey around the country. She then tells him to leave. Suki later sees Eve in the cafe. Eve asks about Ravi moving in, and tells Eve that despite the tension between Ravi and Kheerat, Kheerat still loves her. The next day, Suki and Ravi talk about ideas for the restaurant. Suki reveals she’s still not sleeping well, and Ravi says she should go rest before the plan the relaunch party later. Kheerat later speaks to Suki before she meets Ravi, asking if she trusts him. Suki says he didn’t walk out on his mum, but Kheerat says Suki is playing with fire and she can get burnt as she knows what he was like as a child. Suki dismissed him and Kheerat leaves and wishes Suki good luck with her new business partner.

On 22 September 2022, Suki is handing out leaflets for the reopening of Walford East. Ash takes one to be civil, and Eve takes one and promises she’ll be there. Suki later struggles to prepare; and Ravi begins patronising her, and she tells him she’s close to abandoning the project. Eve then comes in, saying they got delivered something for them. Ravi excuses himself, and Eve says she didn’t know they were doing free food, and Eve says she’ll be first in line. She asks if Suki is okay, and Suki admits she’s sad about the kids not coming. Eve says she can talk to them, but Suki says she doesn’t want anyone who doesn’t want to be there to come. When Ravi comes out, Suki asks about people asking about Ranveer, but Ravi assures her nobody will ask. Suki says every time she’s opened a business, Kheerat has been there, but Ravi says Kheerat has moved on, and she needs to too. Suki later hammers the reopening banner up outside, with Ravi demanding she gives it to him. Kheerat sees the ordeal and walks off. Suki later panics when nobody shows up to the opening, and goes to leave, but Eve then arrives, saying she brought some friends and Vinny, Kheerat, Stacey and Ash walk in, making Suki happy. At the opening, Suki asks Kheerat what he thinks, saying it couldn’t have been easy coming, but kheerat says he couldn’t have the community thinking something was up. Suki then goes over to Ash and Vinny, saying she needs someone to run front of house, but the two dismiss her. Suki then overhears an associate talking about Ranveer to Kheerat, and Ravi interjects, dismissing his associates worries. Nina later arrives and talks to Kheerat about the opening, saying Ranveer would be proud, mentioning she hasn’t heard from him, alarming Suki and Ravi. Later, Suki thanks Kheerat for coming when he’s leaving, and Kheerat tells her there’s something going on between Ravi and Ranveer. Suki states she thought kheerat didn’t care about her, with Kheerat saying some people can’t be helped as he leaves.

Eve later follows Suki back to her flat, saying that earlier there was something she wanted to tell her, and that she won’t leave till Suki tells her. Eve assures Suki she can trust her, and Suki tries to confess to Eve that she killed Ranveer, still not knowing it was really Ravi that killed her. Suki tells Eve about everything that happened, such as Ranveer trying to use her for sex and attempting to rape her, however, Suki cannot bring herself to tell Eve. Suki goes to her bedroom, and Eve follows her, saying that she can say that Ranveer raped her. Suki says he didn’t rape her, but he tried to. Suki asks Eve if they can go out, and Eve asks where, but Suki says anywhere, not being able to cope With being in the same place Ranveer died. Eve calls Stacey, and there’s no reply so she takes Suki to the house. As the two are leaving, Suki gets a call from Ravi, and eve asks if it’s Ranveer, and Suki reassures her it isn’t. When the two get back to No.31, Alfie Moon is still at the table, and thinks it’s Jean Slater and Harvey Monroe. Eve asks him to give them some space, and he leaves the house. Eve makes Suki a coffee, and Eve says it’s never too late to get help, reminding Suki she’s the victim. Suki says she might not be the victim, but Eve says she is. Eve tells Suki she needs to go the police, and Suki says she can’t. Eve calms Suki down, saying it can be put right, but Suki says it can’t be put right, telling Eve to forget it. Suki gets up, and eve grabs her hand, getting up too. Suki tells Eve she has to do what’s right for her in this, not anyone else. Eve apologised for pushing Suki, saying she needs to deal with things whichever way she thinks is best, and that she will be there for Suki however she needs. Suki asks Eve if they can sit there, just the two of them, and eve pulls Suki in for a hug. Eve later takes Suki back to the flat, where Ravi asks if she’s ok and thanks Eve for looking after her. Eve tells Ravi Suki needed to talk, not sleep before leaving, saying she’ll check in again tomorrow. Ravi approaches Suki, demanding to know where she went and what they spoke about. Ravi and Suki have a brief argument before Davinder comes in to talk to Ravi about his game, and Ravi leaves.

The next day, Suki speaks to someone on the phone as Ravi comes in with presents to apologise and help her sleep. Ravi reveals he is struggling too and that he hasn’t told her before, and Suki says he doesn’t need to explain himself, but Ravi says he does and reveals he was scared that Suki could have blabbed to Eve and that he was scared of going to prison again, and he reveals to Suki he wasn’t in Dubai the last few years, but was in prison for a fight in a nightclub defending a girl who was assaulted. Suki is shocked, and quickly realises the risks he has taken for her could land her back inside, and Ravi apologised for snapping at her, saying he was trying to keep him being in prison a secret from Davinder, but he already knew. Suki says it must be why Davinder is playing up, revealing that the school rang and the head teacher is coming for a home visit. When Mr Morden  visits the flat, he reveals he still has concerns and Ravi introduces him to Suki. Mr Morden reveals that Davinder has been verbally abusive to staff and students. Mr Morden reveals that Davinder had touched Amy’s behind and that he has to consider his future at the school. Ravi then asks Suki to leave, and she does, saying Davinder is too smart for the school. Later at the shop, Vinny bombards Suki with questions about Ravi, and Suki says that he still deserves a second chance despite being inside, and Vinny leaves as Eve comes in. Eve jokes with Suki, saying she hasn’t come to get change for the van and that she’s here to check on Suki. Suki says there’s no need as she was just being dramatic the night before. Eve asks Suki not to fob her off, saying Ranveer has gone missing. Nina then comes in, and Eve says they were talking and that she thinks Suki is still struggling, but Suki says she’s fine. Nina says she’s on a quick break and wants some of the trail mix Suki said she was getting. When Suki gets home, she overhears Ravi and Davinder talking. She hears Davinder tell Ravi not to disturb him as he needs to play a game, but Ravi tells him he had a visit from Mr Morden and that he had to convince him not to throw him out, saying he’s only been there for three weeks. Davinder says Ravi hasn’t cared before. Ravi says he knows he’s been a bad dad, but Davinder can’t grow up like him, and that if he gets gets kicked out school his life will go downhill. Ravi says he knows it must be hard, moving house and schools, and that he must miss his papaji (his grandfather). Davinder says it’s true, but since it’s his birthday the next day, he’ll call. Ravi says that Ranveer never did birthdays, but Davinder says he did for him, recalling that he would come downstairs to a pile of presents, music playing and Ranveer dancing like an idiot. Ravi says he never even got a happy birthday, and Davinder says he only knows what he was like with him, saying he’s give him any type of birthday cake he wanted, he even got him a Warwick castle cake after he took Davinder there, with Davinder saying it was the best day, and it was also the day he was told Ravi wasn’t going to be there for a while. Davinder asks Ravi why he hasn’t heard anything, and Ravi reassured him Ranveer will be in touch, and if he doesn’t, he’s there and he can make Davinder’s birthday the best one yet, saying that he loves him, and he needs to start behaving. Davinder begins crying, and Ravi hugs him, with Suki looking on. Ravi tells Davinder to go clean his room and that he’ll cook them nuggets for dinner. Suki says she had no idea the two were so close, and Ravi quickly excuses himself.

The following day, Suki and Ravi decorate for Davinder’s birthday, just finishing as he gets in. Davinder asks if Ranveer phoned, and Ravi says no. Davinder yawns and Ravi says he needs to keep his energy up for dinner later. Davinder apologises and says that Suki was calling out in her sleep again, and Suki saying she needs to stop listening to true crime podcasts before bed Ravi sends Davinder to the shower and to get changed, and Ravi asks that since it’s his birthday if they should make it a family meal, telling Suki to get ready while he gets everyone. Davinder goes to the restaurant with Suki and Ravi, where Ravi says he added a Nugget burger to the menu just for him, and Davinder says he can’t order till his mates are here and that he can’t spend his birthday with a bunch of oldies. Nina, Vinny and Ash then arrive, all wishing him happy birthday. Suki asks Vinny about Kheerat, and he says he’ll try and come. Vinny hands him a card, and Nina gives him a present from her and Ranveer, making Davinder extremely happy that Ranveer remembered. The family recall old stories, such as when Ash got a jelly baby stuck up her nose, and then Kheerat arrives and sits next to Suki. When Kheerat asks about Davinder’s new watch, he says it was a gift from Nina and Ranveer, making Kheerat more suspicious that he hasn’t called as it is anime thirty in Mumbai. When Davinder’s friends arrive and go to another table with him, Kheerat says they should call it a day, but Suki says they should stay for one more and Ravi adds they should move past it. Ash says it’s not so easy, but Vinny says Jags would hate this as he never held a grudge, and Ash agrees. Nina asks them to stay for one more, but Suki says they can go, but they all decide to stay.

On 3 October 2022, while talking to Stacey, Eve sees Suki drop a box and rushes over to help, but Suki brushes her off. Eve then reveals to Stacey her and Suki had a kiss. The best day when Stacey is in the shop, Stacey tells Suki she knows about the kiss and tells her not to mess Eve about, saying she knows how she treats people and says that if she hurts eve she’ll tell everyone she likes kissing women on the side. Suki later talks with Stacey, asking what Eve told her, and asking if she told anyone else, and Stacey says she hasn’t before leaving.

On 5 October 2022, Vinny visits Suki and asks why they never visited their dad in prison. Suki asks why he’s asking now, and says he never had a relationship with him. Vinny asks if he was a good father, and Suki asks how he can be a good dad in prison. Vinny says he knows he did activities with his siblings and asks what he did with him. Suki says she can’t remember as Vinny leaves. Eve later visits Suki and assures her she can trust Stacey as she won’t stay anything. Eve then stay for Dinner. Eve compliments Suki’s cooking before the two are interrupted by Vinny’s return home and Suki tells Eve she has to hide in the bedroom, but Eve refuses and leaves. Vinny asks Suki to sit down, and he tells her he went to visit their father, saying he said she won’t let him come home. Suki is hurt by Vinny going to see him, and Vinny asks why she didn’t tell him Nish was getting released. Suki apologises, saying she should have, explaining that his siblings knew him growing up and idolised him, creating fake memories. Vinny never did, which was a relief for Suki. Suki says he has no right to want to come back and take his place in the family, saying life is better without him, asking Vinny if she can rely on him, with him saying yes. On 10 October 2022, Eve offers Suki a cup of tea as she passed the bap van, but she declines as she needs to talk to Kheerat. She tells Kheerat she has been speaking to Harpreet Gill about a project in Mumbai and she’s brought their meeting forward, offering it to Kheerat, but he declines and leaves. Later at the flat, Ravi offers to help Suki with the books as Kheerat abandoned her, but she says she’s okay. Ravi offers to come along later as women are harder to impress than man, with Suki saying they have higher standards. Vinny then arrives, asking to talk so Suki about something important, but she brushes him off. Vinny talks to Ravi in private revealing that Nish is going to be staying with him at No.41. Eve and Suki later see each other outside the shop, and Stacey tells Suki Eve is going on a date before Eve leaves. Stacey asks Suki for a word, and she says that was a sign the two are over, saying that Suki is going to let Eve move on. Suki arrives at her meeting with Harpreet with Ravi. Where the two ladies comment about how it’s been five years since they last saw each other. At the meeting, Harpreet sends Ravi to get drinks before asking how her time working with Ranveer went, saying she’s worked with him, knowing there’s two ways to work with him, either paying with money and being In debt or paying with sex, implying suki did the latter. This makes Suki uncomfortable, and she excuses herself. Eve later sees Suki uncomfortable outside the restaurant and goes to see her. Suki tries to tell her she’s fine, but eve doesn’t take it as an answer, so suki tells her what Harpreet is saying about Ranveer, and Eve days she has no right to be questioning Suki, and gives her the courage to continue her meeting. When Suki heads back inside, Harpreet says she has to leave, but Suki persuades her to stay. Suki convinces Harpreet that she blackmailed Ranveer into doing everything she wanted and going into hiding from embarrassment. Harpreet then says she needs Suki to come to Mumbai with her for a few weeks to supervise to deal, and the two agree to fly out tomorrow. Suki later visits Eve at No.31 to thank her for her advice earlier, telling her she got the deal, and telling her she needs some time before they become anything official, and the two share a kiss.

On 12 October 2022, Ash finds Suki in the pharmacy. Suki says Ash’s outfit is a leather relaxed for a GP, and Ash says she isn’t going to work and she doesn’t need her mums advice on what to wear. Suki tells Ash she’s going to Mumbai, but Ash brushes her off, saying ok and wishing her good luck a safe flight. On her way back home, Eve is serving serving Shrimpy on the bap van, Eve sees Suki going past and excuses herself to talk to her. Eve says they can still talk as people know their friends, but Suki says it’s still suspicious as Eve is the only person that gives her the time of day, and that apart from her nobody cares about the deal. She tells Eve about her interaction with Ash, saying she doesn’t care. Eve asks suki to meet her at the restaurant before she leaves and heads back to the van. Eve meets Suki at the restaurant, saying she looks stunning, with eve saying they should go back to her flat, but Ash and Vinny come in to wish Suki good luck. She asks them to join her for a drink, and they say yes, with Eve leaving them to it. Ash says she’s jealous she’s going to Mumbai, and after this Kheerat arrives. Vinny asks what the weather in Mumbai is like, with Kheerat saying it’s always hot. Vinny says there is a wet season, with Ash making a sarcastic comment. Suki says she should’ve taken them to Mumbai when they were younger. Ravi then comes over and antagonises Kheerat over the fact he’s hosting Stacey’s daughters birthday party. Suki tells Kheerat not to make a scene as it would ruin the family moment, and Kheerat then says they’re not a family anymore. Suki then leaves with Eve following her. Back at 5A, Suki has a go at Eve for getting involved and making the kids come. Eve says she did it as she’s her friend, and suki says she’s more than that and that people will find out soon. Eve says if she’s going to kick off she won’t bother next time, but Suki says she wants her to because she’s right, saying that the family is healing slowly now and one day she might have her family back. She asks Eve where she fits in, saying she can be very patient and that she won’t be able to hide how she feels, Eve says she won’t have to and the two begin kissing, and Suki leads Eve to the bedroom. When the two finish, Suki cries tears of joy, before Kheerat opens the door to the bedroom and sees the two naked in bed together. Suki is flustered and tells Kheerat it’s not what it looks like, before ordering both of them to leave. Eve apologies to Kheerat as he didn’t want to walk in on them, but Kheerat accuses her of only becoming close to Suki so she could sleep with her, but Eve says they have a connection. Suki then walks out, telling both of them to leave once again. Suki asks Eve not to make it hard for her and to leave, and Eve says that if she shuts her out there won’t be anything between them, and suki makes her leave. Suki gets a class of water and tells Kheerat everyone had a private life and that this was a one off and will never happen again, but Kheerat sees through the lies, saying he knows Eve loves her. He brings up the fact Suki cut Ash off as she was bisexual, calling her a hypocrite. Suki says she wasn’t the only one struggling with that, and Kheerat admits it was hard for him but he’s grown from it, saying it’s not the same for Suki as when she was shunning her daughter she knew she was somewhat like her. Kheerat asks if the shame she felt for Ash was the same shame she felt for herself, and Suki admits it was and she was ashamed that Ash made everything so public, and that she was trying to protect Ash from embarrassing herself and ruining the family reputation, saying that her and Eve was a private moment nobody needs to know about. Kheerat asks about Honey, and asks if it’s true. Suki denies it, but Kheerat sees through it and realises Honey protected Suki despite her treating Honey awfully. Kheerat asks Suki to be honest with him and herself, and asks her who she is, to which she replies she doesn’t know. Suki says it’s so different today as people can explore who they are, but Suki never could as she was expected to be a simple wife and a mother. Suki says it isn’t a part of her and she’s not been carrying it her whole life, and Kheerat asks if Suki ever loved Nish. Suki says yes, bur Kheerat says she left him to rot in jail. Suki tells Kheerat Nish isn’t the man he thinks he is. She says that after the honeymoon period, Nish was nasty to her, never letting her have a part in the businesses. When Suki tried to influence Nish, she became the master manipulator. He slowly grew jealous of Suki and began controlling her life, saying it was just like Chantelle Atkins' marriage, just without the physical abuse. Suki says she found a friendship through it all, and Nish eventually snapped and attacked and killed an innocent man, saying Nish lied about him breaking into the shop and threatening the family, leaving Kheerat stunned, and Kheerat leaves to take a phone call. Kheerat returns to say he needs to leave as Vinny needs help with the business, and Suki begs him to stay quiet. Suki gets her suitcase ready to leave for Mumbai, and Asks Kheerat how Vinny was, where he admits he didn’t say anything, u doesn’t know why he’s protecting her as all secrets come out eventually, adding that her cab is on the way. Suki says Mumbai isn’t a good idea, but Kheerat says he needs time away from her after learning about Nish, and tells her to go, and she does, leaving the square for Mumbai, sharing one last Glance with Eve before she leaves.

2022 to present: Nish's release, Affair with Eve, and losing her kids

After Eve breaks up with Girlfriend Tessa her and Suki plan to runaway together to Brighton, with both leaving their families behind. Wanting to be free of Nish, Suki writes a letter to Nish saying what she intends to do. Vinny says that he will love his mum whoever she is with.

Employment history

Occupation Years Active
Owner and manager of the Minute Mart 2020 to present
Landlord Unknown start date to present
Owner and manager of The King George Guest House 2021 to present
Owner and Manager of The Panesar House Surgery 2022 to present
Co owner of Walford East 2022 to present
Co owner of Unnamed call centre 2023 to present

Owned properties

Kill count

Connected murders and deaths

  1. Jags Panesar (24 June 2021) (indirectly caused) - Framed her son Jags for an assault on Martin Fowler; Jags was subsequently sent to prison where he was murdered by his cellmates. Suki was grief stricken and blamed herself for Jags' death.
  2. Ranveer Gulati (10 August 2022) (association) - After believing that she had killed Ranveer, she allowed Ravi Gulati to move the body. Ranveer was later shown to be alive but was finished off by Ravi, who then cut up his corpse and disposed of the remains in a near by river.
  3. Keanu Taylor (25 December 2023) (association) - When Keanu is killed by Linda Carter in defence of Sharon Watts. Suki helped cover up the crime by helping move his body to underneath the floor boards in the café.

Attempted murder victims

  1. Ranveer Gulati (9 August 2022) (defence) - Hit Ranveer over the head with a clock in self-defence after Ranveer attempted to rape and kill her.

Background information

  • On 5th March 2020, Suki was credited as Suki Kaur instead of Panesar.
    Suki's Credit as Kaur
  • In a tweet on 22nd February 2023, Balvinder Sopal stated that Suki’s “beehive” hairstyle has grown to become a symbol of power for her character.
    Suki beehive tweet
  • On 23 January 2024, it is stated that Suki is Vegetarian
  • The correct transliteration of her name is Sukhvinder as the Gumurkhi alphabet of the Punjabi language does not have a letter <w>.
  • Suki was absent from April 2024 due to Balvinder Sopal fracturing her foot and death of her mother.

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