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Sue Miller (née Wilson) made her first appearance 9 January 2001. She is portrayed by Sadie Shimmin and later Victoria Willing.


Sue is the adoptive mother of Sonia Jackson and Martin Fowler's daughter. Sonia gave birth to baby Chloe in 2000, but decided to give her daughter up for adoption. Chloe was placed with Sue and her husband Neil, a childless couple, though this was not seen on screen. Sue and Neil changed Chloe's name to Rebecca.

In 2002, Sonia kidnaps Rebecca while Neil and Sue are out. Sonia tells their babysitter that she is a family friend, and snatches Rebecca, taking her to Walford. Neil and Sue work this out and trace her. While Sonia barricades herself inside her house, the Millers give Dot Branning fifteen minutes to persuade Sonia to hand Rebecca over before they phone the police. Just before the Millers are about to call the police, Dot successfully persuades Sonia to hand Rebecca over.

Sonia reads in a newspaper in 2005 that Sue and Neil have died in a car crash, due to their car colliding with a van, however after the crash, the van driver actually survived, and wasn't injured at the scene of the car crash that killled both Neil and Sue Miller, This leads to Sonia gaining contact with Rebecca again.

List of appearances[]


  1. 9 January 2001
  2. 6 February 2001


  1. 19 March 2002
  2. 18 March 2002
  3. 7 May 2002
  4. 9 May 2002