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Stephanie 'Stevie' Dickinson is a character from E20 Series 2.

Pre Albert Square[]

Stevie began dating Olly Manthrope-Hall in roughly 2007, four years before their first appearance in E20. At some point in that four years they moved in together, living at 10A Turpin Road.

In E20[]

September 2010[]

Olly breaks up with Stevie in their flat in Turpin road, directly after the pair make love. A distraught Stevie chases him out into the street where she bumps into and meets Asher Levi, who happens to be looking for a place to live. Stevie invites him back to the flat, showing him around and inviting him to move in, somewhat surprised to learn that Asher's brother Sol Levi will be moving in with them as well. Stevie makes friends with Sol's friend Naz Mehmet and together the four of them go to a party to make Olly jealous, learning that Olly already has a new girlfriend - Pippa. On the way home a random Asian man she assumed was a suicide bomber gives her his coat and she becomes infatuated with him. She learns that he works for Masala Masood, and orders a curry from them, waiting in bed for the delivery, shocked to discover that it is a far younger boy who brings the curry. Naz helps in her quest to track him down, discovering that he is Masood Ahmed, and he runs the Masala Masood stall on the market. Stevie heads to the stall, asking for a job and flirting with Masood, who reluctantly agrees to let her have a job on the stall, until she flashes her breasts at him, backing out of the idea.

Key Episodes[]

E20 Series 2, Episode 01 - Breaks up with Olly

E20 Series 2, Episode 04 - Gets a job on the stall at Masala Masood