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Stacey Slater (previously Branning and Fowler) is the daughter of Brian and Jean Slater, sister of Sean, mother of Lily, Arthur and Hope. She is also the ex-wife of Bradley Branning and Martin Fowler.


Born on 8 November 1988 in Leytonstone, London, Stacey had a troubled childhood, due to her mother Jean suffering from bipolar disorder, and the death of her father, Brian, in 1999 when she was 11. Stacey struggled to cope with her mother's suicidal and erratic behaviour, resulting from her illness. For a long time, she was Jean's sole carer as her older brother, Sean, had disappeared, unable to cope with Jean's condition. Stacey had a former best friend called Abigail.


Stacey, age 15, arrives in Walford in November 2004, to live with her great-uncle Charlie Slater and adoptive grandmother Mo Harris after being thrown out by her mother, Jean. She causes trouble through her promiscuous and immoral behaviour, and is sent back home to Jean after she attempts to expose Sharon Watts and Dennis Rickman's affair. However, she then returns to the Slaters, eventually beginning to settle down when joined by her mother and older brother, Sean. It is revealed that Stacey had a troubled childhood, due to Jean's bipolar disorder and the death of her father when she was 11, after which Sean abandoned the family and left Stacey as Jean's sole carer. In 2005, Stacey befriends Ruby Allen and they later become best friends, despite falling out a few times. Their friendship ends completely in 2006, when Ruby encourages Sean to move away from his family and Walford for good, upsetting Stacey and Jean. Stacey also becomes heavily involved in the murder of Den Watts when she gives her cousin Zoe Slater a false alibi for his murder, landing an innocent Sam Mitchell in prison. Sam's family and Sharon pressure her into telling the truth, and eventually Den's wife Chrissie Watts is arrested for the murder.

Stacey begins working on the Slater family's market stall. She is upset when Ruby disappears, along with Johnny Allen, her father. Stacey, along with Deano Wicks, are asked by Jim and Dot Branning to take their grandson Bradley Branning under their wing and show him around Walford. That night, they go to the club, Scarlet's. Deano spikes Stacey's drink with ketamine, and she passes out in the Square. Bradley attempts to help her, but she comes round and thinks he is attacking her, so she punches him in the eye. Later, Bradley goes round to check she is okay after he is let off by the police.

Stacey agrees to go on dates with Bradley in order to fleece money off Jim and Charlie. He takes her to Fargo's, where she orders the most expensive thing on the menu to annoy him. It doesn't work and Stacey seethes when Bradley manages to get her to pay for half. Stacey discovers that Patrick Trueman and Pat Evans are having an affair, and she exposes them to Patrick's wife Yolande Trueman in front of the whole pub on Pauline Fowler and Joe Macer's wedding day. Stacey admits to Little Mo that she likes Bradley, and she yells at Demi Miller when she sees her chatting to Bradley, as she is jealous. Ruby returns to the Square, and Stacey is delighted, but Ruby is cold and distant, reducing Stacey to tears. She hits the bottle that evening, and flirts with Jake Moon, but Bradley takes her home and they kiss.

Jean comes out of the hospital, and Stacey is determined to leave behind her life in Walford and go back to living with her mother. She decides not to tell Bradley, since he upset her a few nights earlier. Jean, however, orders Stacey to stay on Albert Square, since it is her life. Bradley keeps asking Stacey to let him meet her mum, which she refuses, and intends to dump him, but he gets there first. The next day, he surprises Jean and Stacey buy turning up at Jean's flat and reconciles with Stacey. They later sleep together.

Stacey discovers she is pregnant with Bradley's baby, and Bradley decides he wants have an abortion since he doesn't want to risk turning into his dad and hurting Stacey and the baby the way Max hurt him and his mother. Stacey agrees to the abortion because she loves him, but they both regret the move. They begin to grow apart, and have a row on Stacey's 18th birthday.

Bradley calls time on his relationship with Stacey when she embarrasses him at a work party. She confides in his father Max Branning and they end up having sex. Subsequently, they begin an affair and Max agrees to divorce his wife, Tanya Branning. However, he has this on a halt as he learns that Tanya is pregnant with their son. He leaves Stacey and she reunites with Bradley, later marrying. Max propositions Stacey after the wedding ceremony and their brief kiss is recorded on Max's eldest daughter Lauren Branning's hidden video camera. Lauren gives a DVD of the recording to Bradley as a Christmas present, revealing the fling as he plays it to the family. Devastated, Tanya slaps Stacey and Bradley ends their marriage for six months.

Stacey begins to date Steven Beale, but she dumps him after finding out he kissed Christian Clarke. Bradley eventually decides to give their marriage another chance, suggesting that they start a family. Stacey is uncertain and secretly continues having birth control pills. She seduces Callum Monks. She immediately regrets cheating on Bradley. Although she attempts to reignite the spark in her marriage, Stacey splits with Bradley. She has a one-night stand with Callum, which leads to them dating. They split, however, over his harsh treatment of her mother.

Following the death of her friend Danielle Jones, Stacey begins behaving erratically. She steals money from her family, sleeps with various men on the go and becomes a heavy drinker. In the midst of her illness, she is devastated when Bradley asks her for a divorce. She is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but is non-compliant with her medication and becomes paranoid, experiencing hallucinations. Stacey starts sleeping with Ryan Malloy and is raped by Archie Mitchell. She believes that they are both planning to kill her. After attacking Archie with a broken glass and accusing her friends and family of planning to hurt her, Stacey is involuntarily committed to hospital, where she befriends Becca Swanson.

Upon her release, Bradley confesses his feelings for Stacey and they reconcile. Then Stacey discovers she is 3 months pregnant, so Bradley could not be the father. She tells Bradley that Archie raped her and must be the father. Archie is murdered that night by an unknown assailant. Stacey and Bradley agree to pretend the baby is theirs, and remarry on 18 February 2010. A jealous Becca reveals the rape to Archie's eldest daughter Ronnie Mitchell, who tells Stacey that Archie was infertile following cancer treatment. Becca informs the police that Bradley had a motive to kill Archie. He and Stacey attempt to flee Walford, but Bradley is caught by the police and falls to his death while trying to escape. A distraught Stacey confesses to Max that she killed Archie.

Stacey decides not to tell Ryan that he must be the father of her baby. He exhibits a romantic interest in her, which is later revealed to be part of a bet with his girlfriend Janine Butcher. Upset by this revelation, Stacey's waters break. Ryan stays with her as she gives birth to a daughter, whom she names Lily. When Ryan later rescues them from a fire at The Queen Victoria pub, Stacey admits that he is Lily's father. Ryan initially refuses to act as a parent to her, but bonds with her when Stacey and a jealous Janine are arrested for fighting during a night out. Janine's jealousy escalates to kidnapping Lily, but Ryan convinces her to return her. Stacey and Ryan grow closer, spending time together, and they passionately kiss. During this time, Lauren Branning discovers Stacey's guilt in Archie's murder and records a confession on her phone. Stacey attempts to flee to Palma, Majorca, but Ryan stops her, telling her he has feelings for her and wants to date her. They start an affair, but, unbeknownst to them, Janine finds out and poisons Ryan in revenge. Ryan is hospitalised and on his return, he convinces Janine he loves her but publicly declares his love for Stacey in The Queen Vic. Janine walks in as they are in a passionate embrace. She concedes defeat until Lauren, who still believes Max is emotionally involved with Stacey, gives Janine the recorded confession. The next day, Janine attempts to play the recording in front of customers in The Queen Vic, but it has been recorded over because Lauren warned Max. Janine says that Stacey killed Archie but no one believes her. Stacey leaves the pub in tears, followed by Ryan. She then breaks down and tells Ryan that Janine said the truth.

The next day, Christmas Day, Stacey tells Jean she killed Archie, so Jean takes Lily away from her. Ryan convinces Stacey to leave with him as Janine will call the police. Stacey lets Janine in and she attempts to set Stacey up by grabbing a knife, placing it into Stacey's hand and stabbing herself. Stacey runs out of the house and Janine convinces Jean to call the police. Stacey contemplates suicide but Max stops her and says he will help her to escape. Stacey convinces Jean that Janine has framed her. Ryan plans to run away with Stacey, but Stacey states that events have happened rapidly, and she is not sure whether she loves him. Stacey ends their romance. Ronnie and Roxy confront her, and Stacey confesses that she did kill Archie. Ronnie tells her to go, and Max drives her to the airport as the police arrive on the Square. At the airport, Max says he loves her and offers to leave with her, but she tells him she only ever loved Bradley. She and Lily then board a flight and leave the country. The next day, Kat Moon receives a phone call from Stacey, saying that her and Lily are safe and well in Mexico.


Kat sees Stacey walking into a salon, from the top deck of a bus. Kat finds out where she lives and visits, where she meets Lily and Stacey's boyfriend, Luke Riley. Luke believes that Stacey's name is "Jenny Smith" and is unaware of her criminal history. Stacey sees Kat leaving and confronts her in Albert Square. Kat later tells Luke "Jenny" is really Stacey so he ends the relationship. Stacey and Lily spend the night at Kat and Alfie's house and the following day, Kat visits Janine in prison to ask her to withdraw the statement she made accusing Stacey of stabbing her. Janine agrees so Stacey returns to Albert Square. Luke visits Stacey, but leaves, after discovering that she killed Archie. After listening to what Luke said, Stacey decides to clear Bradley's name and calls the police, telling them that she killed Archie. She is arrested and later sentenced to five years in prison. Stacey appeals her sentence after realising how much Lily is missing her, and is successful. Stacey returns to Walford, moving in with Kat and Alfie. Alfie commits arson, destroying the home and everything that belonged to Bradley. Stacey works for Dean Wicks at his salon, Blades, and they start dating. She and Lily move into Dean's flat and Stacey discovers that Alfie caused the fire. Stacey discovers that Dean raped Linda Carter, so ends the relationship and forces him to move out.

Stacey talks to Sean over video chat, and he tells her to look after a key. Stacey is worried about Kat and Alfie leaving, following their lottery win. She is roughed up by Dean, who asks her about his daughter with Shabnam Masood. Shabnam's on-off boyfriend Kush Kazemi rescues her; they kiss and she tells him that Shabnam had a daughter she abandoned. Kush's friend, Martin Fowler becomes her flatmate. Martin and Stacey date briefly before she realises she has feelings for Kush, despite his engagement to Shabnam. They kiss for a second time but they regret it. Stacey is jealous when Shabnam reveals she is pregnant, and Stacey reconciles with Martin. Jean returns and reveals that she is marrying Ollie Walters the next day. Jean sees the key and becomes angry, so Stacey is curious and tries to find what the key is for, to no avail; Jean pretends to flush the key down the toilet. Stacey discovers she is pregnant, but Martin asks her to get a termination, claiming that it is too soon in their relationship. She decides to keep the baby after a talk with Shabnam. Martin decides to stand by her.

Stacey is spooked when a man she does not know begins to follow her. Unbeknownst to Stacey, the man, Kyle Slater, also has a key like hers. When Stacey finds out Martin is planning to propose, she says she doesn't want to marry again. He later proposes that she become his "not-wife", so they are committed but not married, and she agrees. When Lee Carter fails to correctly fix a faulty electric socket, Stacey is electrocuted. She and her baby are fine, and she finds out she is having a boy. She forgives Lee, and tells Shabnam that she saw her dead father Brian when she was electrocuted. When Shabnam finds the baby scan Stacey is hiding, Stacey throws her out of the flat and tears up the scan photo. When Shabnam asks why Stacey is hiding the photo from Martin, Stacey admits he is not the father but the real father was a one-night stand before getting together with him. When Kush confronts her, she tells him that she thinks he could be the father. Kush's mother Carmel Kazemi notices Kush and Stacey talking, and realises that he could be the father of Stacey's baby. Kush and Stacey convince Carmel not to tell Shabnam or Martin. When Stacey later attends a church service and prays for her father, she sees Kyle, who then leaves suddenly without telling her who he is, causing her to become more suspicious.

Stacey tells Martin she has a stalker, and when Jean and Ollie visit, she tells them too. Stacey realises that Jean knows who it is, and when she asks, Jean produces the key. Jean reveals the key is for Brian's safety deposit box in a bank. Stacey opens the box but it is empty, so when she confronts Jean, Jean reveals that Brian had another family with another woman, saying they planned to give Stacey the key when she turned 21 but after Brian's death, Sean stole it. Jean reveals that Kyle has been trying to contact her and Stacey through letters, making Stacey realise that Kyle is her half-brother. Kush tells Stacey that they must tell the truth to Shabnam and Martin about the paternity of Stacey's baby. Stacey gives birth at Lily's nativity play and Martin names the baby Arthur Fowler, after his father. When Kush holds the baby, his behaviour makes Shabnam realise that he could be Arthur's father. Shabnam confronts Stacey but she denies Kush is the father.

Kat visits Stacey for Christmas 2015 and discovers that Martin is not Arthur's father, urging Stacey to tell him the truth. As Stacey is about to do so, Kyle approaches her and formally introduces himself to her as her half-brother. After overhearing Kat talk to someone about a baby being stolen, Stacey fears for Arthur's safety and takes refuge in the church, where Dot Branning, who has been teaching her about Christianity, finds her and tells her the story of the Massacre of the Innocents, causing Stacey to believe that Arthur is in danger. Believing people are trying to harm Arthur, Stacey unsuccessfully attempts to baptise Arthur through Dot's sink. She discovers that Charlie has died, so flees and meets Kyle, asking him to run away with her. Martin calls her, claiming that Kyle is not who he says he is and Stacey accuses Kyle of being the devil. She takes a cab and sees a vision of Charlie driving it, and he convinces her to return home to Walford. During a storm she goes to the roof of The Queen Vic, saying that God is coming for Arthur. Martin finds her there and she tells him that Arthur was sent from God and now she is waiting for God to rescue them. Martin is forced to go along with this and convinces her to come home with him.

By the time of Charlie's funeral, Stacey is convinced that Martin is a demon who is working with the devil. Eventually, Martin convinces her that he is not a demon and that a hospital is the safest place for her and Arthur. However, she is then sectioned after refusing to voluntarily admit herself, because she will be separated from Arthur. Stacey tells the doctor she has been hearing God's voice since Arthur's birth at Christmas, so the doctor suspects she is suffering from postpartum psychosis. Martin apologises to her and promises to make things right, determined to find a way to bring her back together with Arthur. Shabnam soon realises that Stacey wants to see Arthur, so goes to Martin with the idea of getting Stacey and Arthur taken to a mother and baby care unit. When Shabnam decides to leave Walford, Stacey finally admits that Kush is Arthur's father, showing that she is starting to recover. Martin finds a mother and baby unit for Stacey in Essex, and takes her and Arthur there. Stacey writes Martin a letter revealing that Arthur is Kush's son, but decides not to send it, however a nurse finds it and gives it to Martin; Martin is heartbroken. Stacey begs for his forgiveness, but he goes to America, returning a few weeks later and they reunite. Stacey is allowed a home visit, where she meets Kyle again. He explains that he is transgender and he used to be her sister but is now her brother. Stacey accepts and supports him and allows him to stay at her and Martin's flat. Stacey says she no longer wants to be Martin's "not-wife" and proposes to him, which he accepts, and tells Kush he can be part of Arthur's life, but Kush later decides he does not want to be Arthur's role model. Stacey is discharged from the mother and baby unit.

After being released, Stacey tries to talk to Masood but instead he rebuffs her apology, blaming her for Shabnam leaving. Carmel tries to persuade Masood to forgive her but instead gets angry when Masood does not show interest. Martin and Kyle think Stacey is putting too much pressure on herself when she invites Jean, Ollie and her cousin Belinda Peacock for a family dinner. During the dinner, Jean does not accept that Kyle is transgender and instead calls him a liar. Stacey later argues with Jean to accept and believe Kyle but instead Jean leaves. Belinda then reveals that Stacey and Martin may have to move out because Kat is due to stop paying their rent. Martin's attempts to make money fail, and he takes work away from home. While he is gone, Andy Flynn invites himself into Stacey's home and they become friendly; Stacey soon realises he is homeless. She also contacts Kyle's mother Alison Slater who visits, but she refuses to accept him. To help with Martin's money problems, Andy tells him he can help him steal some toilets that were delivered in error to the building site he is working on, which is the house next to Martin and Stacey's flat. Andy, Martin, Stacey and Kyle successfully steal them but fail to sell them. Belinda then moves in after leaving her husband Neville Peacock, and they are all forced to return the toilets when Belinda inadvertently tries to sell them back to Jack Branning, from whom they were stolen. Stacey and Martin then marry.

Stacey helps Belinda out at her new salon and Belinda is impressed with her. Martin's teenage daughter Bex Fowler confides in Stacey about her boyfriend Shakil Kazemi wanting sex with her and asks for advice. When Bex's mother and Martin's former wife Sonia Jackson leaves, Bex moves in with the Fowlers, leaving the flat overcrowded, so they move into Sonia's old house. Max returns to Walford after being wrongly imprisoned for murdering Lucy Beale , and Stacey is happy that he is back. Stacey is upset when Martin is involved in a bus crash but he recovers and agrees to having a baby with Stacey. Stacey and Martin decide to keep their distance from the Kazemis following Bex's bullying ordeal, caused by an explicit photo of Shakil being distributed from Bex's phone. Carmel is hurt with being excluded from Arthur's life and Stacey and Carmel fight when Carmel makes remarks about Stacey's mental health, so Stacey bans her from seeing Arthur. However, Max persuades Stacey to let Carmel be involved with Arthur. Stacey tells Martin that she is pregnant and they agree to seek medical advice because she is worried about her postpartum psychosis returning. In July 2017, Stacey goes for a job interview at The Queen Vic and is accepted as a barmaid there once again.

After a gas explosion in Albert Square, Martin panics when he cannot find Stacey and hits a police officer in confusion, resulting in two weeks imprisonment. Kush suffers a cardiac arrest and is diagnosed with Brugada Syndrome, which is hereditary, meaning Arthur could have it, so Stacey worries that Arthur could die. Carmel witnesses a stressed Stacey physically taking Lily upstairs and refuses to leave Stacey with Lily and Arthur. Following an ECG, it is confirmed that Arthur is at high risk at having Brugada Syndrome, but he cannot have an operation or tests due to his age. His parents are told about equipment that is not available on the NHS that can help Arthur, which Kush provides, angering Stacey as Martin asked Kush for the money. Arthur falls unconscious and Stacey and Martin are told that Arthur has swallowed Stacey's bipolar medication. Carmel is horrified when she finds bruises on Arthur's arms, and expresses her concerns to Kush that Stacey is unwell, while Stacey tells Martin's sister Michelle Fowler that he gained the bruises in hospital. However, Lily tells Carmel that Stacey was responsible, so Carmel reports this to social services, but tries to retract what she said after realising it was a mistake. Social services visit the family and place Arthur and Lily in Carmel's care until they have investigated. A doctor has no concerns about Arthur, so the children are returned to Stacey and Martin, though are subject to further home visits. Lily then tells Stacey and Martin that she caused Arthur's bruises. After speaking with Lily, social worker Fiona Payne tells Stacey and Martin that Lily feels pushed out with Arthur and is anxious about the new baby. Carmel admits that she called social services, enraging Stacey. After yelling at Carmel and Kush they are banned from seeing Arthur, Stacey suffers an eclamptic seizure and is rushed to the hospital, where she and Martin are told her baby will have to be delivered prematurely due to a lack of oxygen. The baby is delivered, though Martin is told that there are complications. Stacey does not want to see the baby at first but later does, and they name her Hope.

When Max is rejected by his family and friends after it is revealed that he has been conning them out of their businesses so that the area can be redeveloped, Stacey is one of the few people to offer him support. Stacey hears from Lauren that Max has tried killing Ian Beale and tries calming him down, letting him stay with her and Martin, however, they nearly kiss. Martin is unconvinced that Max will not come between Stacey and their family, so asks Stacey to get Max to leave, which she does. Max tricks Stacey into returning home and tries to convince her there is still a spark between them. Stacey initially resists but gives in and they have sex. Stacey's phone is posted through the letter box and she finds it the next day. Max realises that Jane Beale has left messages for Stacey and deletes them. However, Tanya returns to take her daughters away as she has heard from Jane what Max has done, and reveals to Stacey that he killed Steven Beale and tried to kill Jane. Max denies this but later admits to Stacey that it is true but he had good reasons. Stacey rejects him, saying he will never changed and she wishes he had died instead of Bradley. Max contemplates suicide by jumping from the roof of the Vic but Lauren and Abi talk him down, however, Stacey watches as they fall and are severely injured. Martin sees Stacey and Max talking, and later tells Stacey they should continue as normal, pretending that nothing has happened, but Stacey admits to having sex with Max, saying they need to talk about it or their relationship will not have a chance. Martin refuses to talk to Stacey about it so it does not ruin Christmas for their children and that he will not accept blame for her actions. Stacey explains that she had sex with Max as she and Martin never have time for themselves and she is left to manage the house. Martin decides to make up with Stacey after speaking to Ted Murray, but Stacey leaves Walford with Lily, Arthur and Hope, choosing to live with Jean for a while.

Stacey returns and after accusations and arguments with Martin, Martin throws her out and exposes her affair, but Stacey gains entry to the house and has the locks changed. An unknown relative of Stacey's, Hayley Slater, starts taking photos of Martin and Stacey. Martin attempts to delete an email from Stacey's account about filing for divorce upon organising a childcare rota. When Martin is late returning Hope after being distracted by Hayley, Hayley whispers to Stacey who she is and Stacey does not want Hayley around her, but she later gets in touch with Hayley when she receives a letter accidentally from Martin's solicitor. When Martin spends time with Hayley, she encourages Martin to take the children out, disobeying Stacey's instructions. Hayley pretends to defend Martin in front of Stacey when she collects Arthur and Hope with police presence due to Martin not returning them. Later, Hayley visits Stacey and warns her not to soften towards Martin when she feels guilty as they are cousins and Slaters. Stacey is devastated when Mo returns to Walford with the news Kat is dead and she and Martin become intimate when he supports her through her grief. Friends suggest fundraising ideas for Kat's funeral, but Jean later arrives when a concerned Martin contacts her and tells Stacey that Kat has not died as she spoke to her earlier in the day, but Jean has no calls from Kat and Stacey puts it down to her not taking her bipolar medication. Stacey is furious when she figures out that Kat has not died and Mo used Kat dying as an excuse as she is in financial trouble. Kat returns to Walford and is confused that The Queen Vic is holding a benefit night for her and she is annoyed with Mo, but is forced to hide when Ian visits with the raised money. Annie Pritchard, the daughter of Terry, who is the man that Mo conned money out of, arrives to get the money back, but the family fool her into believing Mo has died. Kat, Stacey and Mo arrive at The Queen Vic when Mick is giving a speech about Kat and attempt to maintain that Mo made a mistake and a bar fight soon starts. When Annie returns, Jean pays Annie the money back, and Annie leaves. Jean decides to stay until she is paid back. Kat starts a cleaning business with Jean and Mo so they can pay Jean back. Stacey is displeased when Hayley returns and Martin discovers Stacey is related to Hayley when Stacey declares that she still loves him. After going out with Martin, Sonia arranges a break away for them, but changes her mind when she witnesses Martin comforting Stacey and instead insists that Martin reconcile with Stacey. Stacey and Martin's reunion becomes public knowledge when they are caught together in the shed at the allotments and later in Martin's van. Martin then moves back in with Stacey.

Stacey reunites with her old friend Ruby at E20 and they attend Martin's school reunion. The next day, Ruby tells Stacey she had sex with two of Martin's friends but only said yes to one of them. Stacey convinces her she was raped and supports her as she reports it to the police. Stacey supports Ruby through her rape ordeal and eventually the men responsible for Ruby's rape are charged and sentenced to 10 years imprisonment. Unknown to Stacey, Jean has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and hides this from the family. Kat finds out and reveals this to Stacey. Stacey tries to support Jean, but she runs away, although she is later found and persuaded back to Walford. Jean decides to stay with Shirley Carter and her family at The Queen Vic, despite Stacey pleading with Jean to return home. Fearing that Jean's cancer will worsen, Stacey decides to contact Sean and tell him about Jean's cancer. Whilst picking up the children from school, Stacey discovers that Amy Mitchell is missing and unbeknownst to her, Sean has picked Amy up and returns her to Walford. Stacey confronts Sean at the pub and Sean is angry at Stacey for not telling him about Roxy's death. Sean goes missing and Stacey and Jean manage to trace him at a barn at the point of suicide. Sean reveals that he killed their father during an argument, but Stacey and Jean forgive him and manage to talk him out of suicide. Stacey falls out with Kat after she doesn’t tell her about Kush’s plans to go for joint custody of Arthur and disowns her as family, stealing £50,000 from Kat which belongs to Phil Mitchell, however she gives the money back after Phil threatens the family. A few weeks later Stacey spends a night at Max’s house after seeing him drunk and finds out that he is self harming, her friendship with Ruby then becomes strained after she starts a relationship with Max. After an argument with Martin, Stacey admits to him that she is jealous of Max and Ruby and so he walks out of the Queen Vic from her. Later on Kat and Martin get into a fight with Phil in his garage, leading to Phil attempting to strangle Martin. He is then hit over the head with a wrench, and it is revealed that Stacey is the culprit, as she did it to save Martin. He is left at the bottom of the pit, seemingly 'dead', fighting for his life. Stacey and Martin flee Walford with Lily and Hope to go on the run to evade potential arrest leaving behind Arthur who stays with Kush.

After Martin returns to the square, Ben started to blackmail him and told him that if Stacey returns he will kill her, Arthur, Lily and Hope. Therefore to keep her away, Martin met up with Stacey in secret and told her he can't be with her anymore because he had cheated on her with his ex-wife, Sonia. Stacey believed him and she told him that she was glad he did this to her as it made her see that Martin wasn't a good person like she thought he was. In spring 2020 Kush recieved a phone call back from Stacey who asks how Arthur and Jean are, however Kush fails to inform Stacey of Jean's mental breakdown.


After over a year away from Walford, Stacey returns to Albert Square on 21 September 2020, along with her daughters Lily and Hope Fowler. During lockdown in 2020, she was with two of her three children, Lily and Hope away from Walford and her family. Her son, Arthur, was in Walford with his father and Stacey's family. She had also broken up with her boyfriend, Jerome just before lockdown started. She also found out about her ex-husband's and best friend's relationship (Martin and Ruby) and stole Ruby's money. Ruby confronted her and Stacey came face to face with Martin. She allowed him to see his daughters and the two got to talking and Martin eventually told Stacey why he lied about cheating on her to keep her and the children safe. Martin and Ruby leave Albert Square to get married and when they return the following week, Stacey tells Martin that she still loves him and wants to get back together but Martin tells her it is bad timing and Ruby comes and announces that her and Martin got married. Stacey is mortified and still doesn't think Martin is happy with Ruby and won't give up on him. On Martin and Stacey's daughter's, Hope Fowler's, birthday party, Ruby stops Martin by going to the party because they hosted a wedding party in the club on the same day. Kat and Stacey decide to go to the wedding party to steal some expensive booze but as Stacey is in the office of the club, Martin and Ruby walk in wanting to have sex but Stacey quickly revealed her presence before anything can happen, leading to an argument between Stacey and Ruby. Ruby gets a mystery hooded figure to bother Stacey to get back at her for the stolen money and the hooded figure attacks Stacey. Kheerat Panesar finds Stacey on the ground after being attacked and brings her to his place. Stacey tells Kheerat about her late husband, Bradley and how she misses him and how Martin reminded her of him and how she will never stop loving him. Kheerat tells Stacey about his affair with Chantelle Atkins who recently died and Kheerat and Stacey sleep together but end up making it a one night thing. After Martin and Ruby's wedding bombshell, Stacey is desperate to get Martin back and at Christmas Martin gets his presents switched up and gives Stacey Ruby's present and Martin and Stacey ending up spending a lot of time together at Christmas and they share a kiss.

On New Year's Day 2021, Ruby pays Kush to run away with Arthur to get back at Stacey and so that Martin might want a baby with her if his son was missing; however, this doesn't work how Ruby expected because Stacey and Martin get closer as they are desperate to find their missing son. Kush eventually returns Arthur to Stacey when Whitney persuades him to come back. Martin, unaware that Ruby set up the kidnapping, gets closer with Ruby and she eventually blurts out she is pregnant, whereas she is actually lying. He doesn't seem pleased at first, but when he speaks with Sharon Beale he realises it is what he wants. Stacey is still adamant that it was Ruby who set it up but Martin doesn't believe her.

On 18 February 2021, Stacey found out that Ruby set up Arthur's kidnapping and that she was responsible for Martin's attack. Stacey also believed that Ruby was faking her pregnancy and she confronted her about it and made her take a pregnancy test to prove it. However, much to Stacey and Ruby's shock, the test came back positive. Following an argument with Ruby Allen, her friend fell down the stairs and told everyone she lost the baby but viewers know she lost the baby the day before. She blamed Stacey for the miscarriage and Martin told Stacey that he has no more feelings for her and that the kiss at Christmas was a mistake. He ends their relationship once and for all, leaving Stacey devastated. Ruby and Martin call the police and report Stacey for assault. Devastated and angry, Stacey tries to prove her innocence to the police but Ruby deletes the CCTV footage showing Stacey not pushing Ruby. However, the police finds a different angle from another camera that looks like Stacey pushed her. Stacey is charged for assault and is looking at 12 months in prison. Jean begs Ruby to drop the charges by telling her that she has cancer again and that this time it is terminal. She tells Ruby that she needs her daughter with her during her final months and Ruby agrees to drop the charges. During a clinic appointment after her miscarriage, Ruby is told she may have endometriosis and that she may be infertile. Upset, Ruby tells Jean that she isn't dropping the charges after all. Jean tells Stacey that Ruby won't let it go, so Stacey prepares to tell her children that she is going to prison. Martin suggests that he is there when she tells their daughter, Lily, and she agrees. After telling Lily, Stacey storms out in tears with Martin running after her to comfort her. Ruby sees Martin looking for Stacey and tells him to come home, but he argues with her and continues to look for her. Ruby sees Stacey crying behind some bins and doesn't tell Martin and walks off. Stacey left the Square once again on 1 April 2021 when she learns her fate after pleading guilty to get a shorter sentence. Before she leaves, she has a final showdown with her ex-husband, Martin, and tells him she knows he still loves her.

Future plans

After her exit on 1 April 2021, Stacey will return sometime in October 2021.

Kill Count

1. Archie Mitchell (December 2009) - Hit him over the head with the cast of Queen Victoria in The Vic after Bradley Branning found out Archie raped her.

Total: 1

First and Last Lines

First line (1 November 2004): "I don’t believe this, my ticket‘s gone, I swear I bought one, this really weird bloke came and sat next to me, he kept staring at me really funny, he must have gone in my pocket" (spoken to the Ticket Man at Walford East Station)

Last line (25 December 2010): "Bye Max" (spoken to Max Branning before she goes on the run with Lily)

Last line (2 August 2019) before her break: "Well do you want to go now, I'll wait?" (spoken to Martin Fowler before they go on the run together)

First line (21 September 2020): "Oi is this a private barney or can we all pile in?" (spoken to Ruby Allen and Kat Slater as she returned)

Last line (1 April 2021) before her break: "I love you too mum" (spoken to Jean Slater before going to prison)

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