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Saint Sebastian's is a Nun care/retirement home, it was previously a Nun's convent.


St Sebastian's was set up as a Nun's convent in the 1920's, in the last 20 years (as of 2015) it has been restructured as a care home for elderly Nuns.

According to Sister Judith the reason for this is because although the Catholic schools are thriving no-one wants to take the veil.


Kats mum brought her to St Sebastian's as Kat was suppose to give birth at her Aunt Vi's house but she was out when Kat was having contractions. Kat had two twins 1 February 1984, one Female Zoe Slater and one unknown male.


St Sebastian's is first seen in episode dated 30 April & 1 May 2015, Kat Moon visits St Sebastian's to find out more about herself.


Retired Nuns[]