St. Bartholomew's Independent School is a private secondary school for ages 11-18.


St. Bartholomew's is a private boarding school that Ian Beale researches on the internet and then decides to sends his son Bobby to attend due to his behaviour. It's revealed that Ian paid £30,000 for Bobby Tuition Fee and he also donated £25,000 towards a new Science block. Ian revealed to afford this he is selling his restaurant Beales.


Head Teacher's Welcome

It is an honour to be the Headteacher of St. Bartholomew's Independant School - a school with a heritage dating back to 1729 and has a reputation as one of the leading educational environments in the country. Their commitment is to welcome, challenge and inspire each and every pupil to be the very best then can be, to push themselves and to stand tall as contributors to a global society. Confidence, Commitment and achievement are at the heart of everything we do. From the classrooms to the most of their talents within St. Bartholomew's and beyond

We nurture the individual and prepare them for the world Academic achievements are important and we expect our pupils to strive for high grades, it is also our duty to harness the potential in every pupil whether it is academic, creative, physical or otherwise.

We want boys to leave the school with an assured set of values: we want them to believe they can truly make a difference to society. We want our boys to leave the school with things that are going to matter to them for the rest of their lives. For the moment you drive through the gates and glimpse the stunning surrounds you will see that this is no ordinary school St. Bartholomew's is a unique learning environment and to be a student here, is to be part of something extraordinary.





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