Square Dealz is the car lot that the people of Walford buy second hand cars from.


It was closed in 1983 by an unknown owner but re-opened by Pat Evans and Frank Butcher in 1989 and later Roy, and Barry Evans bought it in 1995 after Frank burnt it down the year before. Roy and Barry called it Evans & Son.

Later Pat bought it back and called it Pat Cabs. Kevin Wicks bought it, but when he died Pat got it back and called it PatCabs. Kevin Wicks bought it, but when he died Pat got it back. Nana Moon's fiancé Wilfred showed an interest in buying it, but it was later found out that he was scamming Pat. Since July 2004, "Adi, Ash, Ronny Ferreira, Tariq Larousi and Sasha Perkins ran it under the name Toucan Cars.

It was later sold it to Jack Branning who sold it to Janine Butcher who called it Janine Cars and then sold it to Archie Mitchell who called it Mitchell Executive Motors. When Archie was murdered he left it to his daughter Roxy Mitchell Who Killed Archie Mitchell? who later rents it to Max Branning and he plans to go into partnership with Bradley Branning but after Bradley dies, Max goes into partnership with his brother Jack, who later sells his shares to David Wicks who also buys the Free-hold off Roxy and replaces the Office then later leaves and takes his money out of the business. Phil Mitchell later cons Max into handing the business over to him.

In April 2016 Phil smashed up the car lot. It ceased trading. In September 2017, the car lot was gifted to Jay Brown by Phil. The following month, Weyland & Co bought it off Jay. After Fi Browning disowned her father after finding out that he was planning to build flats over Albert Square, she gifted it to Max Branning. In April 2018, Max re-opened the car lot 2 years after it had closed as Maximum Motors. In May 2019, it was revealed that Jay Mitchell still owns the land that Maximum Motors is on and therefore Max and Rainie were thrown out and Jay took over the business in partnership with Ben Mitchell

Former business names

Business name: Staff Business Ran by Land owned by
unknown discount tyre yard
?????? ????? ?????
Smith and Jameson Haulage
Chris Smith Chris Smith ?????
Walford Investments
???? ???????? ?????
Frank's Autos -
used car dealership
Frank Butcher

Pat Butcher

Ricky Butcher

David Wicks (Feb-Mar 1994)

Frank Butcher


Pat Butcher Pat Butcher
F&P Cabs (1993) Pat Evans

Clyde Tavernier (driver)

Dave (driver)

Pat Evans
Deals on Wheels
David Wicks

Ricky Butcher

David Wicks

Ricky Butcher (partner)

Pat Evans
Evans and Son
Roy Evans Barry Evans

Nathan Williams

Frank Butcher

Janine Butcher

Roy Evans Peggy Mitchell
Evans Executive Autos
Janine Butcher Janine Butcher Peggy Mitchell
Toucan Cars (2004-2005) Adi, Ash, Ronny Ferreira,
Tariq Larousi and Sasha Perkins
??????? Peggy Mitchell
Trueman's Motors
Patrick Trueman Patrick Trueman Phil Mitchell
Wicks and Son
Kevin Wicks Kevin Wicks Phil Mitchell
Getaway Motors
Kevin Wicks Kevin Wicks Phil Mitchell
Pat Cars
Pat Evans

Ricky Butcher

Pat Evans Jack Branning
Janine Cars
Janine Butcher Janine Butcher Jack Branning
Mitchell Executive Motors

Archie Mitchell

Roxy Mitchell

Janine Butcher

Darren Miller

Archie Mitchell
Branning and Son
Max & Bradley Branning
Darren Miller
MaxBradley Branning Roxy Mitchell
Branning Brothers (2011-2014) Max Branning

Jack Branning,

Darren Miller David Wicks

Max & Jack Branning,

later David Wicks (until he decided to rebrand)

Roxy Mitchell
Deals on Wheels (2014) Max Branning, David Wicks Max Branning David Wicks
Deals on Wheels (2014-2015) Charlie Cotton

Max Branning

Max Branning Max Branning
Deal on Wheels (2015-2016) Charlie Cotton, Fatboy, Lee Carter ???? Phil Mitchell (Later Weyland & Co)
Maximum Motors (2018-2019) Max Branning Jay Mitchell
Maximum Motors (2019) Max Branning

Rainie Branning

Max Branning
Square Dealz (2019 - present) Jay Mitchell, Ben Mitchell Jay Mitchell


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