Southend-on-Sea (often abbreviated to just Southend) is a town and broader unitary authority area with borough status in southeastern Essex, England. It lies on the north side of the Thames Estuary, 40 miles east of central London.

Over New Year's Eve 1985 and New Year's Day 1986 the Fowler family visited Southend to track down Mark Fowler who had run away from home a couple of months before. He had sent Pauline a letter which had a Southend postmark on the envelope, leading Pauline, Arthur and Michelle to go there to try and find him. After searching the depths of the town, they finally found him working at a Go-Kart racing school with a girlfriend Ingrid in tow and her two children John & Melanie, who called Mark 'Dad'. On this trip it was also stated that Lou Beale adored Southend and often visited many years ago. A few months later Pete Beale told a long-winded tale about how his grandad nearly drowned while on holiday in Southend.

In August 2011, Shirley Carter and Heather Trott arranged a holiday to Southend in order to see George Michael perform live in tow they got Dot Branning and Fatboy as Dot wanted to visit her sister Rose Cotton. As they were departing Walford, they got a panicked Whitney Dean to join as she was trying to escape the hands of Rob Grayson. Whilst spending the week in Southend, Shirley and Heather discovered that George Michael wasn't actually performing live, Whitney was tracked down by Rob but managed to escape his arms as brother Ryan Malloy came to the rescue, and Rose returned to the Square with Dot with her son Andrew in tow.

In 2013, Alfie Moon and Roxy Mitchell were supposed to be getting married and made up the aisle but didn't go through with the ceremony as Alfie couldn't deny his love for Kat. As Kat was departing London with Tommy, Alfie tracked them down at Southend Airport and persuaded them to come back to the Square and start a new life with him.

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