Sonny was the love affair of Angie Watts, they initially met when Angie took a short holiday to Spain following the issues of her ending up in the hospital with kidney failure and the pair embarked on an affair over there. Angie returned to the Square but was intending to run away to Spain to live with Sonny and run a bar over there. However, she committed Den to set up a new pub someplace out of Walford.

Den saw right through her plans though he prevailed to act clueless. On Sharon's flat warming party, Angie announced that she was leaving Walford to live with Sonny in Spain and the pair departed together in May 1988. However, later in the year, Sharon went over to Spain to visit her mother after her father had been sent to Dickens Hill Prison after being staged for The Dagmar fire by The Firm. Only for Sharon to find out that Angie had dropped Sonny and began a new life in the United States.

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