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Solomon 'Sol' Levi is a character from E20 Series 2, portrayed by Tosin Cole.


Sol lived in East London with his mother and brother, helping to cope with his mothers depression and schizophrenia.

E20: Series 2[]

September 2010[]

Sol and Asher are both kicked out by their mother, and Asher finds them a place to live in Albert Square, moving in with Stevie Dickerson at 10A Turpin Road. While living with the pair of them Sol meets with Naz Mehmet, a girl he knew from school, but had never paid him attention before.

Sol and Asher spend time at the community center, working on their dance moves and auditioning to join Skolla's dance crew, both of them making it onto the team and having to rehearse their dance moves constantly.

After a party one night, Sol and Naz share a kiss, Sol discovering that it was only to help Naz hide from a mysterious taxi driver. The pair of them continue their flirtations, several times almost getting together until the taxi driver turns up at the flat, introducing himself as Ekin Beg, Naz's fiancee.

Key Episodes[]

E20 2.01 - Moves to 10a Turpin Road

E20 2.02 - First kiss with Naz

E20 2.04 - Finds out Naz is already engaged to be married.