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Sister Judith made her first appearance 30 April 2015. She is portrayed by Sandy McDade.


Sister Judith works in Saint Sebastian and looks after Sister Ruth and other retired Nuns, Kat Moon visits Saint Sebastian to talk about giving birth to Zoe Slater. When Kat leaves Sister Ruth along with Sister Judith go threw the old convent records and discovers that Kat gave birth to twins.

She re-appeared in January 2016, when she was looking for Kat who was giving her a donation for Saint Sebastian. Sister Judith mentioned that Sister Ruth could not come as she is ill and is bed bound.

List of appearances[]


  1. 30 April 2015
  2. 1 May 2015
  3. 22 May 2015


  1. 4 January 2016
  2. 5 January 2016