Shirley Cheriton (born 28 June 1955) is a British actress and performer, best known for her roles as Debbie Wilkins in the BBC soap opera EastEnders and her portrayal of Miss Prescott in the Are You Being Served? follow up, Grace & Favour.

Cheriton was born in London. Her EastEnders role ran from her arrival in the Square in March 1985 until her departure with DetectiveTerry Rich (Gary Whelan) in May 1987. Her character was Walford's original middle-class yuppie, as well as for her stormy relationship with the Scottish nurse, Andy O'Brien (Ross Davidson). Cheriton left her first husband for Davidson, but ended her relationship with Davidson, who was by then her fellow ex-Eastenders actor, via mobile phone after five years.[1]

Other television credits include Angels, in which she played Katy Betts/Smart in one of EastEnders creator Julia Smith's earlier projects and M.I.T.: Murder Investigation Team in 2003. She also appeared in at least one episode of The Cuckoo Waltz.

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