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Sheena Mennell is a stripper who befriends Mary Smith. She made her first appearance on 15 October 1985. She is portrayed by Dulice Liecier.


When Sheena was of a similar age to Mary and struggling with money she became pregnant. Unlike Mary she has an abortion, a decision she later comes to regret. In order to make ends meet Sheena started stripping for a living, and occasionally 'entertaining' her clients for a bonus.


Sheena first arrives in Walford on 15 October after her taxi-cab breaks down on Bridge Street outside Al's Cafe. After asking Sue where she can get another cab from she suggest Al may be able to help and Mary, who is in the cafe at the time, escorts her over to Number 23.

Finding that Ali is out Mary invites Sheena into her flat for a drink whilst she waits. As they are talking Sheena tells Mary about her abortion and job stating that she can make upwards £150 a week. When Mary appears impressed by this Sheena convinced Mary to take up stripping and even gave her dancing lessons.

She left the Square in disgrace when one night, whilst babysitting, Annie Sue caught her 'entertaining' a client in Mary's flat with Annie nearby. When Mary found out about this she was horrified as it could have led to Annie being taken in to care. Mary severed all ties with Sheena and she was never seen again.

List of appearances[]

Note: (d) denotes a duff-duff.


  1. 15 October 1985 (d)
  2. 17 October 1985
  3. 22 October 1985
  4. 24 October 1985
  5. 5 November 1985
  6. 7 November 1985
  7. 12 November 1985
  8. 14 November 1985
  9. 26 November 1985