Sean Maguire
Sean Maguire is a British actor and singer who portrayed Aidan Brosnan in EastEnders throughout 1993.

Sean is another of the East Enders who cut their teeth on Grange Hill. He played cute tearaway Tegs for three years before graduating to the neighbouring set of EastEnders. Playing Irish Aidan was easy for Sean, whose parents are both Irish - he didn't have any problems with the accent! Sean was taken aback by the attention he got from teenage girls and teen magazines, as he quickly became one of the most famous faces on TV.

His close relationship with co-star Nicola Stapleton sparked false rumours that the two were an item. While he was still in the show he formed the group BackUp with his brother and two cousins; he also developed a taste for the dangerous sports speedway which led to an accident where he smashed his ankle and was in a full-length cast for months.

His accident meant a hasty rewrite of pivotal Christmas episode to explain his absence, as well as lots of extra work for his colleagues. Sean recovered from his break to pursue a future with Back Up after leaving the soap and later went solo.

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