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PC Scott Beckley made his first appearance on 25 December 2013. He also appeared in E20 Series 3. He is portrayed by Richard Hurst.


On 25 December 2013, he arrests Janine Butcher for the murder of Michael Moon.

On 6 March 2014, He escorts Lola Pearce home after arresting her for shoplifting but lets Lola her off with a caution.

He then appears on 20 July 2015 at the Walford Police Station, visiting Ben Mitchell in his cell after he is arrested for the murder of Lucy Beale, mocking him when he realises that Ben has not eaten.

On 21 July 2015, he brings Ben a drink and explains that there has been a hold up, making Ben become impatient. Beckley makes a joke and leaves the cell.

On 1 February 2016, Beckley visits Denise Fox whilst looking for Jordan Johnson when he absconds from hospital after being assaulted by a gang. He only learns only form her that he does not live there anymore.

List of appearances[]


  1. 25 December 2013


  1. 6 March 2014


  1. 20 July 2015
  2. 21 July 2015


  1. 1 February 2016