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Scarlett Patricia Butcher (previously Patricia and Scarlett Moon) is the daughter of Michael Moon and Janine Carter and half-sister of Tommy Moon.

Scarlett's name[]

Michael goes behind Janine's back and names their daughter Scarlett Patricia Moon. Scarlett was born 3 months premature and Janine wanted to call her Patricia or Margaret, presumably after her step-mothers, Peggy Mitchell and Pat Evans. Michael and Janine soon settled on the name Scarlett.


2012-2013: Premature birth, Michael Moon's death and living with Diane Butcher[]

Scarlett was born 11 weeks premature via Caesarean section on her parents' wedding day and had no heartbeat, so she was placed on a ventilator. Concerned with the baby's deteriorating health, her parents organise a christening for her at the hospital with her uncle, Ricky Butcher and Whitney Dean, as godparents. She is christened Patricia Moon after Janine's late step-mother, Pat Evans, but she starts to regret using the name Patricia and Michael registers the name Scarlett Moon. Janine and Michael bring Scarlett home on 7 August 2012 and Janine worries as there are no nurses to help her. Janine leaves Walford, leaving Scarlett in Michael's care

Michael struggles and asks Roxy Mitchell to look after his daughter and later hires Alice Branning as her nanny. Janine returns several months later and manipulates Michael into giving her custody, denying him access to Scarlett. Janine re-hires Alice. When Janine tells Michael she plans to change Scarlett's surname from Moon to Butcher, Michael strangles her so Janine takes out an injunction, stopping Michael from seeing Scarlett. Michael plans to murder Janine, telling Alice that they can take Scarlett and flee the country. However, Alice tells Janine and when she confronts him, Michael attacks her. Alice and Janine both stab Michael and he dies.

When initially questioned by the police, Janine blames Alice for everything so Alice is charged with murder and Janine is released without charge. Eventually the truth comes out and Janine is arrested for Michael's murder. Carol Jackson initially takes care of Scarlett but sends her to live with her aunt Diane Butcher.

2021-2023: Return, custody battle and departure[]

Eight years later, Scarlett reappears when her half-brother, Tommy Moon, contacts her online believing they are cousins and meets her in a local park, witnessed by Tommy's mother Kat Slater and Whitney Dean. Scarlett tells them that she is in a foster home which she hates and has asked Tommy if she could live with him. Kat declines and sends her back to the home but after revealing to Tommy that Scarlett is his half-sister and not his cousin as he initially believed she becomes determined to fight for her.

Janine reappears at Scarlett's court hearing which is postponed so that the judge can investigate Janine's alleged stable new life. During this interim, Scarlett runs away from her foster home and is hidden by Tommy at Phil Mitchell's house. Janine tracks Scarlett down there and tries to take her away from Walford but during the scuffle between Janine, Scarlett and Tommy a cardigan catches fire on the cooker and the house goes up in flames. All survive unharmed and at the subsequent court hearing Kat is given temporary custody of Scarlett after the judge has found out Janine's new life is a fabrication.

Janine has been trying hard to get her daughter back and has taken on a job at The Vic to earn money and prove that she can be a good mother. Janine has been determined to make this Christmas her best yet with daughter but Scarlett reveals that instead of spending Christmas Day with her mum she's going to be staying with Kat and the family, much to Janine's dismay.

On Christmas Day 2021, Janine hires a Santa sleigh in the Square, and invites Scarlett to see her in the square. Kat allows Scarlett to see Janine without knowing what she is planning. When Scarlett sees the sleigh and the pony Janine bought her, which she called Princess, she is overwhelmed with joy. Scarlett hugged her mother for the first time in years. However, Scarlett later overhears Janine saying to Mick she only did it to "win Christmas" and "get one over the Slaters."

After Janine has a car crash and puts Linda in hospital, Scarlett finds out that Janine framed Linda to make it look as though Linda was driving. She almost tells Mick but Janine stops her. Sometime later, she spots Janine in the back of a photo on the day of the crash. It is a photo of Frankie Lewis which was put up in the Vic, and in the background Janine dumps dirty clothes, implicating her in being involved in the car crash. Scarlett tries to protect her Mother so she hides it. However on Christmas Day, after a talk with Linda she decides to tell the truth about Janine causing the car crash and that she framed Linda for it. Janine attempts to run away with Scarlett but Scarlett refuses. Janine gets arrested and Ricky looks after Scarlett for the time being.

In January 2023, Ricky gains full time custody of Scarlett and takes her with him when he moves back to Germany.

Residence History[]

Address Years
27 Albert Square 2012-2013
31 Albert Square 2013, 2021
Diane Butcher's home 2013-prior to 2021
Various unknown care and foster homes Prior to 2021-2021
55 Victoria Road 2021-2022
25 Albert Square 2022, 2022-2023
46 Albert Square 2022
Düsseldorf, Germany 2023-

Background information[]

  • On 24 January 2022, Scarlett states her favourite flavour of crisps is Salt and Vinegar.

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