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Sasha Perkins made her first appearance on 8 July 2003, and her last appearance on 22 March 2005. She is portrayed by Jemma Walker.


Sasha is initially shown as Adi Ferreira's escort friend in 2003, whom he hires to pretend to be his girlfriend at a family wedding to impress his father, Dan Ferreira.

Sasha begins a relationship with Adi in 2004 and moves in with him and his family. She brings with her a pet snake called Lionel.

Sasha joins the Ferreira family mini-cab firm - they name the company Toucan Cars after her toucan slippers. By 2005, Sasha realises that Adi is not right for her. She has a one-night stand with Danny Moon and following this, she has another one-night stand with Billy Mitchell before leaving Walford.

Employment history[]

Occupation Years Active
Escort Prior to 2004 to 2004
Manager of Toucan Cars 2004-2005


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