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Sarah Hills is the daughter of Irene and Ted Hills and sister of Tony. Sarah is also the niece of Kathy Beale and cousin of Donna Ludlow, Ian Beale and Ben Mitchell. The character is portrayed by Daniela Denby-Ashe and made her first appearance on 7 September 1995.


Sarah arrives in Albert Square with her dad Ted Hills and brother Tony Hills. Over a dinner party with her family, Ted is forced to admit that his business is in trouble when a boy was killed after falling off scaffolding and the boy's family was harassing them.

Sarah is troublesome and begins shoplifting from various market stalls. This is noticed by Alistair Matthews, a shop manager and religious cult leader, who makes Sarah turn to religion to avoid being turned in to the police. Sarah soon finds God and attends regular meetings with Alistair's cult.

In 1997, Sarah has sex with Robbie Jackson but is ashamed of what she has done and runs away to live rough on the streets. This results in Sarah's father Ted attacking Robbie accusing him of raping her and landing him in hospital. When she returns home, her dad refuses to believe that Robbie didn't rape her and Sarah is shocked to learn what he did to Robbie. This prompts Sarah to move in with her auntie, Kathy Mitchell, her husband Phil Mitchell and her cousin, Ben Mitchell. Kathy tries to get Sarah and Ted to make up but Sarah is disgusted with her dad's violent behaviour. She reports her dad to the police for assaulting Robbie and Ted is arrested. When Sarah and Ted attempt to make amends, things go well until Sarah believes that Ted thinks he did the right thing.

Sarah becomes friends with the new local vicar, Alex Healy. She continues her religious faith after exposing Alistair.

Later, Sarah gets engaged to Joe Wicks. This is short-lived after Joe has sex with Mary Flaherty. Sarah begins another romance with Matthew Rose but ends when Sarah finds out that he only wants her for sex.

In October 1999, Sarah leaves Walford to attend university.

It has since been mentioned that Sarah reconciled with Joe several years later.

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