Samantha Leigh Martin (born 1985 in England) is a former actress who appeared as Vicki Fowler in EastEnders from 1988 to 1995.

One of Samantha's most controversial storylines and what worried the actress who portrayed her onscreen mum Susan Tully was in 1989, when Vicki, the character Samantha was currently playing at the time was diagnosed with meningitis and was to be hospitalised and placed in an incubator with tubes attached to her body. Tully worried how Samantha would react to seeing her crying, and Tully suggested that the BBC used a hospital room with minimal equipment and a consultant was present to make sure the BBC had the correct details and that Samantha wouldn't get too distressed. When Tully decided to quit the show in 1995, Samantha was written out also, and she has no other credited roles in television shows, theatre plays and films.

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