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DC Sally Booth made her first appearance on 26 March 2013. She is portrayed by Sanchia McCormack.


Sally is the police officer who speaks to Bianca Butcher after Bianca reports her son Liam Butcher missing. Booth brings up a recent mugging that Liam was questioned about, but Bianca insists he was not involved and does not know the gang who committed the crime, and she leaves, thinking Booth is trying to get her to incriminate Liam. However, Bianca later tells Booth that Liam was involved in the mugging.

After Liam and the rest of the gang are arrested, Booth and her colleague DS Adrian Bain question Liam about his involvement. When Bianca's daughter Tiffany Butcher is given an MP3 player by one of the gang members and Liam receives death threats, Booth comes to their house and gets Tiffany to identify gang member, Ali.

She later return in April 2016 to arrest Jay Brown for his relationship with Linzi Bragg who is only aged 14.

She also returns in January 2023 when Lily Slater discovers she is pregnant at only twelve years old. She questions her mother, Stacey Slater, on if Lily has mentioned anyone that could have gotten her pregnant. She discusses the possibility that Lily was abused by someone older and maybe that she lives with them. When she talks to Lily, she mentions that her daughter almost always wears an Oodie like her and that she wouldn’t take the new one Sally got her for Christmas back with her. She later also interviews Ricky Mitchell about his relationship with Lily Slater.

List of appearances[]


  1. 26 March 2013
  2. 29 March 2013
  3. 23 April 2013


  1. 26 April 2016
  2. 27 April 2016


  1. 16 June 2017


  1. 2 January 2023
  2. 3 January 2023
  3. 9 January 2023
  4. 10 January 2023
  5. 26 January 2023