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Sallie "Sal" Martin (née Thomas) was the daughter of Harry and Lilly Thomas, sister of Peggy Mitchell and aunt of Phil, Grant and Sam Mitchell. She was also the wife of Harold Martin and mother of Loretta and Lenny Martin. She made her first appearance on 21 March 1996. She was portrayed by Anna Karen.


Sallie Thomas was born in East London, on the 17th December 1939, to Harry and Lilian Thomas. Sal has a younger sister, Peggy Mitchell, born in 1942, they were extremely close as children.

When Sal got older, she met her husband Harold Martin and they had a son Lenny Martin and daughter Loretta Martin together.

Aunt Sal has a caravan in Clacton that she allows Phil Mitchell to use as long as he pays her.


Sal Martin first appeared in March 1996, for sister Peggy Mitchell's birthday party.


In January 1997, Sal temporary stays with Peggy after leaving her husband but leaves again a few days later. In August, she returns again for her nephew, Grant Mitchell's wedding to Tiffany Raymond as Peggy's stand-in. In December, Sal turns up at the Vic, having left her husband yet again. She immediately asks Peggy and Grant why Tiffany hasn't had another baby. Grant takes offence, mainly because he is keen for another child himself. Sal takes Grant's daughter, Courtney Mitchell, off for a walk. She leaves the pram unattended outside the shop when she goes in to buy something. When she comes out, it's gone. She screams and gets all the market traders to search for the baby. Tiffany is told and can't believe she was stupid enough to leave a baby alone and unwatched on the streets in London. Then, Bianca Jackson comes round the corner pushing the pram, and everyone descends on her and Sal accuses her of stealing Tiffany's baby, and everyone looks at her suspiciously, knowing she's just got rid of her own baby. She protests that she just took Courtney for a walk since she was crying and no one else was looking after her. Tiffany says that Sal is never to be let near the baby again as she is far too irresponsible to look after her after leaving her alone in the street. Tiffany grows increasingly bitter towards Sal and her bickering on the care of Courtney.

In 2001, there's a party in the Vic for Peggy and Harry Slater before they leave for Minorca. Barry Evans acts as the MC and pays tribute to Peggy with a film of her wedding and surprise guest of Sal. In 2002, she returned for her great-niece, Louise Mitchell's naming party. In 2003, Sal attends Jamie Mitchell's funeral. In 2004, Sal returned for niece, Sam Mitchell's wedding to Andy Hunter.

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Peggy and Aunt Sal Argument - EastEnders (19 August 2010)

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Her final memorial appearance was in July 2007, for her nephew, Phil Mitchell's wedding to Stella Crawford. She still appeared in the Square on numerous occasions, when big things happened, such as weddings or funerals. During a family lunch in 2010 she chastised Peggy for considering her extended relatives as "family", due to Peggy's close family members either not being around at the time or were in deep trouble. This included Phil's drug addiction, Grant living in Portugal with Courtney, and Ben being locked up in prison for assault. An angry Peggy sent Sal packing for her remarks.

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Sal supported Peggy in 2016 when she was diagnosed with cancer again. Following Peggy's death, Sal attended the funeral in July 2016. Sal continued making visits to the square over the next few months, with her final visit being in January 2017 for Ronnie and Roxy's funeral.

At Christmas 2023, Sal sends a Christmas card to Billy Mitchell, Honey Mitchell and their children saying, "To Billy and the rest" which leaves Honey wondering why Sal can't be bothered to remember any of their names.

On 10 January 2024, the Mitchell family learn of the news of Sal's passing. Sam is quick to wonder who will get her caravan.

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